3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic

3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
July 25th, 2019
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At BAMF Media, we do things differently.
We built our own in-house tools to extract those who engage with posts. If you’re looking to do the same, know that it’s relatively inexpensive to outsource via Upwork or Freelancer, especially if you’re only asking for a script.

1. Target the Most Segmented Audiences

In the picture below, we extract everyone who comments on an influencer’s post to get their most active audience. This will return their email and profile information including job title, company size, company name, industry, and LinkedIn URL.
, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
We can also do it with people who liked the influencer’s status or published article such as the one below.
, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
We can scrape up to 10,000 Likers!
, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
Now we can take the following lists and filter them by job title and any other criteria that relate to our target market. For example, this allows us to have a list of the most active founders following LinkedIn influencers.
From here, we auto-connect to them on LinkedIn with personalized messaging using our custom tool (only costs $200 to outsource a script). Now we’re auto-connecting with most active individuals in our target market on LinkedIn.
In the example below, we did this for a recent giveaway to message everyone who commented on this post.
, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
You don’t always need custom scraping and auto-connecting tools. A tool readily available, Linked Helper, auto-connects to individuals on LinkedIn with personalized messaging using Sales Navigator search criteria.
, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
Using the keyword and title function in Sales Navigator you can target almost anyone on LinkedIn that pertains to your demographic. However, using this tactic won’t guarantee that they’re active Commenters or Likers.

2. The Multiplication Effect

Have an employee or a co-founder?
Then you need to copy this formula for them. Your LinkedIn profile provides you a retargeting audience of up to 30,000 individuals and an opportunity to send a personalized message to all of them – entirely automated.
If you get an employee and a co-founder to join, then you’ve tripled those numbers.
For a quick refresher, you get your retargeting audience from exporting your connections on LinkedIn via Settings:
, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
Then you upload them into Facebook as a custom audience.
Talk about scaling fast.
If you produce content regularly, you’ll often see a 10/10 relevance score on the ads you run.
It works with messaging, too.
If you have a Sales Navigator account and three LinkedIn profiles to run automation on, then you can send 2,000 personalized messages/day.

3.  Send Them Immediate Value

Want to send LinkedIn messages at scale?
How about emailing everyone who commented on or liked a particular post?
Then you need a call-to-action that converts.

1. Showcase Your Knowledge with an E-Book

If the audience is specific enough, you can send them to an immediate opt-in for a relevant ebook. Make sure what you’re giving them is jam-packed with value, and the landing page has been rigorously tested with CRO (conversion rate optimization).
Here’s an example landing page using Messenger:

, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic

It’s netted me over 5,000 subscribers.

2. Provide them Support with a Community

Send them to a Facebook Group. There’s a low barrier to entry to joining, and you can collect a lot of their information when they try to access to better understand what they want. Facebook provides all groups a survey feature for new requests.
, 3 Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
Using this tactic, you’ll expand your thought leadership audience on Facebook fast. If you send up to 2,000 messages/day, you’ll add thousands of new members every week. If you’re using a comment or like extractor, then those people getting added will be a target influencer’s most active audience.

Time to Rock ‘n’ Roll with Precise Targeting

Now that you know how to conquer LinkedIn with precise targeting, it’s time to implement. You can use these tactics across your sales team – taking over your entire demographic in a month or two.
It’s that powerful.
To make it easier, I’m giving away the LinkedIn Auto-Connector Tool in a couple of weeks. It’s packaged as part of our Product Hunt launch for our ultimate playbook on LinkedIn growth hacking (it’s free).
Are you ready?
If so, stay tuned and get notified by joining our Facebook Community here: https://facebook.com/groups/hackgrowth

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