5 LinkedIn Tips for 2022: What’s Been Bringing Growth Lately!

5 LinkedIn Tips for 2022: What’s Been Bringing Growth Lately!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 17th, 2022
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Every now and then we like to take a step back at BAMF and do a complete audit of growth hacks that we’ve been testing, experimenting, and growing with.

We check out what’s been working, drop those that aren’t, and double down on those that have been bringing in the most growth.

This midyear, we wanted to share the best tips we’ve had all year.

1. New Ways of Crafting LinkedIn Headlines

There are different ways of crafting a LinkedIn headline.

If you’ve been following our updated guides, we generally launch a new one every time something changes.

And lately, we’ve noticed a trend in growth-oriented LinkedIn headlines.

LinkedIn Tips for 2022

We still follow the four or five-layer method, where you start with what you, follow up with two or three pieces of social credibility, add your contact details, and end it with something fun.

However, this time, we’ve completed revamped the headlines that we use to “literally” tell people what we “could do” for them, instead of just telling them what we do.

Are you a growth hacker?

Don’t just put that in the first part of your LinkedIn headline.

Instead of “Growth Hacker | … | …. | … | funniest person on the planet”


“I Help Startups get to 7-digit growth | … | …. | … | funniest person on the planet”

Do you see what we did there?

Telling people what you do for a living is the traditional way of doing things, it’s passive.

But, if you literally tell people what you “could” do for them, they read your job description in a more active way and automatically imagine how this would help their organization.

This is great because it allows them to automatically resonate with you, without pushing content in their feeds or reaching out to them.

This simple phrasing has led me to bring in a lot of passive leads over the first half of the year.

2. Keep Your Cover Image Updated

Another thing that irks me out is people who stick with cover images that work.

That isn’t a sign of being a growth hacker.

A growth hacker is someone who goes after change for the better.

Someone who doesn’t stop wanting the best for their project.

And, the same applies to your cover photo.

In all honestly, I loved the cover photo I was rocking before I changed it out this year. However, if I had decided to keep it, I would have been passive about the way I was bringing in leads.

linkedin tips for 2022, 5 LinkedIn Tips for 2022: What’s Been Bringing Growth Lately!

If you use former client badges as social cred with your cover image, then you’re probably due for a cover image refresh to take into account the new people that you’ve been helping.

Here’s another thing.

Fresh cover photos also help build trust.

They are indicative of profile owners who are active on the platform and are constantly in the process of improving their craft.

If you’re working in growth marketing, these optical factors matter.

They help propel you forward and build your integrity with prospects.

3. Always Being Online with the LinkedIn Away Messages

One of the best features of LinkedIn this year is the LinkedIn Away Message function.

Here’s how to use the LinkedIn Away Messages

It’s this nifty little auto responder that messages people back if they reach out to you and you’re not around.

You’re given 300 characters and the option to use LinkedIn formatting and even links.

However, nobody said you couldn’t use it for other things.

One of the ways you can use it is to increase engagement in your passive campaigns by immediately getting back to your prospect even when you’re asleep, away, or not paying attention to the platform in general.

You can add a meeting link, give people resources, or just say hi and tell them to wait for you to reach out.

In fact, you could just set it to “away” the whole time and just use it to filter your messages.

But, that’s not all.

linkedin tips for 2022, 5 LinkedIn Tips for 2022: What’s Been Bringing Growth Lately!

A LinkedIn autoresponder also serves as a qualification tool as they’ll be able to subtly tell people who are not qualified that they might not be suitable for your services and nudge those who really want to book a meeting.

We always advise that you add a resource link.


It allows you to give out value even when you’re not around!

4. LinkedIn Newsletters

If you’re not following our newsletter on LinkedIn then you’re missing out.

(Click on this link to follow our BAMF LinkedIn newsletter today!)

However, you’re probably missing out even more if you’re not launching your own newsletter.

LinkedIn publishing has made it easier for anyone who’s interested in growing their brand and building their voice to have a platform to do so in the biggest professional social media network in the world.

Here’s how to create your own LinkedIn Newsletter

The difference between an email and a LinkedIn newsletter?

These ones are built as articles and you have the potential of getting a lot of engagement if you leverage them properly. If you think about it, they’re pretty much treated as social posts and that increases their shareability.

5. LinkedIn Creator Analytics

This is a new feature that you should definitely test out.

However, it only works if you have LinkedIn Premium.

If you’re working hard to grow as an influencer, this new tool helps you leverage influencer-specific data to make sure that you’re getting the job done.

You get access to content performance metrics and not to mention top engagement demographics – particularly useful for B2B.

The kicker?

You can export all the data so you visualize it and run it yourself!

Check out our guide on LinkedIn Creator Analytics here!

Takeaways on LinkedIn Tips for 2022

Audits are critical if you want to grow your organization.

That’s why we take these breaks in the middle of the year to assess our progress and see which of the tools and hacks we internally test have worked the best for us.

This is how we have continued to build our audience.

And, more importantly.

This is how we have continued to provide value.

At the end of the day, the folks here at BAMF want you to share value with you. We know that the more you grow, the more you help others in their own journeys as well.

As per usual,

Stay Golden.

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