5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
May 21st, 2019
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Want smart growth hacking tools that actually make your job easier?

Don’t waste your time on sites that haven’t been updated in years or programs that cost more than they deliver.

Here are 5 tried-and-true tools to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Table of Contents:

  1. Pave AI
  2. NeverBounce
  3. Whatruns
  4. Botletter
  5. Dareboost
  6. Mixmax
  7. SimilarWeb
  8. vidIQ
  9. Mailbiz.co
  10. TinyPNG
  11. Fomo
  12. Loom
  13. Optimizely
  14. Zapier
  15. Braintree


1.Pave AI

Make data-driven decisions to increase your ROI with Pave AI. It is considered among the best tools to increase ROI.

Pave AI turns your Google Analytics data into usable insights, showing you which strategies are working for you and which aren’t.

Their algorithms look at over 16 millions possible combinations across every marketing channel to find the most relevant insights.

5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

Your report is personalized to your goals, whether you’re aiming for more eyes on your blog or more sales on your e-commerce site.

It takes seconds to set up and will completely change how you approach your website’s metrics. So add it in your tools list.


2. Never Bounce

The worst part about sending email blasts?

Finding out that most of them never reached their target.

Never Bounce makes sure that your email campaigns actually go to their intended recipients by verifying the email addresses beforehand.

You can upload your entire mailing list and Never Bounce will give you a clean list of active email addresses.

5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

Their dashboard shows you which addresses are safe to send to and which are a definite no-go, checking each address up to 75 times to make sure no duds fall through the cracks.

Results are broken into 5 simple categories, with over 25 advanced metrics behind them to ensure your email gets as many eyes on it as possible.

If they don’t get your bounce rate below 3%, they’ll refund you the difference.

3. Whatruns

Another favorite from my tools list. Whatruns has one job: telling you what technology any website uses.

That’s anything from how they track their visitors to their WordPress plugins to the CDN they’re hosted on.

Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

You can even set notifications for a website, so you’ll always know when they add something new or drop an old feature.

Best part?

You aren’t dropping thousands of dollars on this Chrome extension.

It’s totally free.

Seriously. All of your competitor’s tricks of the trade can be right at your fingertips for nothing. You can’t tell me this one isn’t worth a try.

4. Botletter

If you’ve shifted from email to Facebook Messenger, then Botletter should be at the top of your list. Only a few tools are as good as Botletter.

They boast a super easy setup process: connect to your company’s Facebook page, set your greeting message, and you’re golden. You can then schedule more messages to go out on whatever timeframe you want.

5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

Don’t worry — going through Botletter won’t make your content look canned. Their customizable template allows you to add in whatever you’d like to catch your readers’ eyes.

You can even filter your subscribers out by everything from subscription date to gender, so your messages can be tailored to your audience.

And when all is said and done, they’ll show you the numbers for every Messenger campaign — click-through rate, open rate, even the details per subscriber.

They say their open rate averages at 80% — for numbers like that, Botletter is worth giving a go.

5. Dareboost

A good website is more than just good copy. Dareboost is one of the best tools that I have come across recently.

It has to run well, too.

Dareboost provides a full breakdown of your website’s performance, showing you both where you’re weakest and what you can do to improve.

It’ll also constantly monitor your website for loading time and quality issues, so you can rest easy knowing your website is running at its prime.

5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

And if you want, you can even compare your website to your competitor’s to make sure that your load times aren’t driving customers to their site, not yours.

They’ll give you your first report for free, so you can take a peek at how your website is doing to try it out.

6. Mixmax

Mixmax is one of the most powerful applications that you can use to supercharge your email experience.

It comes with several features such as the ability to check if someone reads your email, one-click, scheduling, and the ability to build automation features whenever you need them for technical sales processes.

What does this mean for your organization?

Mixmax allows you to create custom methods for lead nurturing that can take your business to the next level.

Let’s say your customer checks your email and expresses interest, you can immediately bind that with an email. It handles the sequences of your emails so you don’t need to send individualized ones.


Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

But, there’s more.

Mixmax can also store your email templates so that there’s no more looking for individual emails whenever you need them and it even has insights for you to look at.

It comes with a chrome extension and a version that you can try out for free.

There are also a number of integrations that you can use such as those with Salesforce.

7. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a market and website intelligence platform that displays relevant information about any website at the push of a button.

You can use it to pull up important statistics, benchmark your own website, and even check out relevant trends in order for you to position your content.

It is the growth marketer’s go-to application when they want a quick overview of a website.

Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

The beauty of SimilarWeb is that it presents the information quickly to the user. It isn’t as clunky as the rest of the tools that we’re used to using when analyzing websites. It has a great website traffic analysis tool that anyone can use.

It even comes with a Chrome extension that you can check out

8. vidIQ

This particular application is marketed as a tool that will help you get more views. However, the best thing about vidIQ is that it gives you relevant statistics on the videos that you are posting online.

As a growth hacker, you need to be able to analyze the insights that you have in order to create better content.

It has keyword tools, you can compare views, and check out what’s trending.


9. Mailbiz.co

Part of your job as a growth marketer is to build targeted email lists that you can harness to drive leads into your business.

Mailbiz is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to extract emails from places such as Facebook Groups or Pages.

This is useful if you want to create lists for retargeting, penetrate your competitors’ groups, or just grab the emails of members of a group.

All you have to do is copy the URI of the group you want to extract emails from and wait for a few minutes. It’s really that simple.


10. TinyPNG

We’re all well-aware that compressing pictures can result in the loss of quality, but how can you compress a heavy picture and still retain its quality for use online?

Enter, TinyPNG.

This free tool can convert any JPG or PNG that you have for use online. It can shrink the file size, but still preserve the quality.

Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

It uses a drag-and-drop feature that you can use on their site itself. Although the free version is limited to batches of 20 images at 5 MB each, you can get the paid version which should give you some more leeway.

Tools like this are important if you have to send heavy files through email and if you want to make sure that your website loads faster even though you’re using content-rich pages.

Photos can get heavy and you will still need to shrink them one way or another.

11. Fomo

Fomo is a great tool because it plays on the psychological concept of missing out.

It is marketed as a social proof marketing platform because it provides real-time statistics to your website visitors when they are on your platform.

It works by creating automated, personalized messages that are displayed on your website whenever a visitor is on it.

Here’s what.

Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

Social proof works because it creates credibility and FOMO has been proven to motivate people to make a decision.

12. Loom

Loom has revolutionized the way people take screen recordings.

At the push of a button, you can initiate a screen recording with audio and even with a tiny video of your face if you want to, it automatically uploads the video to the cloud when you’re done and you can send out the video via a link.

Here’s what.

You’re going to be filming a lot of your screen if you’re giving out instructions to your team, explaining difficult content or even creating content for your leads.

Screen recording has allowed for a new form of actionable content, as much as we love screenshots they can get clunky for a few purposes.

Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

Loom makes screen recording such an easy process that it’s one of the applications that has revolutionized how we take videos of our work.

But, there’s more.

You can even track who’s viewed your video, have a platform for people to comment on the clip, and even edit whatever you need to show the end-user.

And, it does it all for free.

13. Optimizely

At the heart of every growth hacking campaign is a proper testing procedure for everything that you do.

One tool that’s been part of a lot of growth hacker’s lists is Optimizely. It can test a wide variety of channels using the A/B method and multivariates.

It forgoes anything that has to do with code and you can get things done with just a couple of clicks.

It can test your websites, mobile apps and even ones developed for your television. It is one powerful testing facility.

Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

Remember this.

Great campaigns are made from constantly tweaking and tweaking until you get the best results.


14. Zapier

We all have our favorite applications, but you know what can amplify their use even further? If you get them to integrate.

This is why Zapier is one of the best things to ever happen to all of us.

Zapier allows seamless integration between two different applications by automating procedures between them. Say you want to grab a particular document from another platform or automatically send an email to a person that’s added to your CRM, while three other things are being done at the same time. You can just create a zap and it will automatically do everything for you.

Tools, 5 Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Use

The application has been saving a lot of organizations so much time with the connections that they bring,

Here’s why we love it.

It eliminates the need for us to use specialized software for us to get something done, you can just create a zap that integrates two different apps together.


15. Braintree

At the end of the day, you still need to get paid, and Braintree from PayPal helps get the job done. What’s great about Braintree is the ease of use that we’ve experienced with it.

It makes payments as seamless as possible so you can enable social selling or create different ways for your customers to pay while at the same time making the process as easy as you can for them.

Getting the payments through is an important part of closing a sale and you want to make this process as easy as possible, especially if you are running an ecommerce platform.


While these tools can totally revolutionize how you run your business, don’t get bogged down with apps and metrics you don’t need.

Take advantage of those free trials to make sure these tools can actually become part of your work flow and not just another subscription to pay for.

Pick the tools you need and let them do the grunt work, so you can focus on the parts of your job that can’t be automated.

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