60 Growth Tips You Need to Know

60 Growth Tips You Need to Know

written by Houston Golden
February 25th, 2017
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Growth tips are always useful, aren’t they? Let us see!

Growth Tip #1 – Site Speed

A one second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Growth Tip #2 – Use Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions can increase click-through and conversion rates. It lets you put more text in your ads.

Growth Tip #3 – Event Targeting

Use Twitter’s event targeting algorithms. It gives advertisers the ability to serve event-related ad content to people.

Growth Tip #4 – Every Touch Point

For Saas Companies, put a referral link in your monthly invoice.

Growth Tip #5 – YouTube Videos in Quora Posts

This will drive more views, backlinks, and a better Google placement ranking. Ensure you link to your Quora post in your YouTube video description.

Growth Tip #6 – Recognition, not Recall

In your design, use recognition instead of recall. People might tend to think better when given cues or hints, as opposed to being asked to free associate.

Growth Tip #7 – Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Chat with your website visitors via Facebook Messenger. The advantage is that the majority of your users already have a Facebook account.

Growth Tip #8 – Expectation Email

For new subscribers, it’s important to let them know what they can expect out of you. Set these expectations in a welcome email.

Growth Tip #9 – Question Ad Copy

Try rephrasing your ad copy as a leading question to give your customers something to respond to. i.e. “Want more customers?”.

Growth Tip #10 – Pre-filled Forms

Pre-filling form fields with educated guesses remove the number of work users has to do. This is a common technique for helping users move through forms faster.

Growth Tip #11 – Benefit Buttons

Instead of going with simple task-based button descriptions like ‘Register’, try going with something that highlights the benefit of signing up to visitors.

Growth Tip #12 – Webinars to Paid Customers

Try offering webinars to paying customers only. This has the effect of increasing retention from existing paying customers by providing extra value for free.

Growth Tip #13 – Don’t Use $1 Trials

By asking for a Credit Card up front, you will get fewer prospects into your free trial with no guarantee of converting more paying customers.

Growth Tip #14 – Don’t Show the Discount First

Set a cookie on the first visit and if they return to pricing page a second (or greater) time, show them the discount on the page.

Growth Tip #15 – Send the Discount When Leaving

If you have their email address, automate an exit intent Tweet or email from the CEO with a discount offer rather than using an exit-intent popup.

Growth Tip #16 – Retarget with a Discount Offer

It’s better to do discount-specific retargeting after at least the second visit. On the second visit, kill the original retargeting cookie and set a new “discount” one.

Growth Tip #17 – Send Emails after Sign Up

Any personal emails that you want to appear to be, well, personal, should be sent during YOUR business hours.

Growth Tip #18 – The Success Gap

There is often a gap between the functional completion of your product and the customer’s Desired Outcome. I call this the Success Gap. https://sixteenventures.com/success-gap

Growth Tip #19 – Word of Mouth Follow-Up

You: How’d you hear about us?

Them: A friend told me.

You: Awesome, I want to know who your friend is so I can send them a thank you gift, but first… what’d they told you?

Now shut up and listen.

Growth Tip #20 – Tired of Testing Button Colors

How about testing your pricing plan from most expensive to least expensive?

It’s a simple hack that sometimes increases conversion rates.

Growth Tip #21 – Retarget

Retarget your YouTube channel viewers using Adwords.

Growth Tip #22 – Export Facebook

Export your Facebook Group Members using Gryptics or Mass Planner.

Growth Tip #23 – Keyword Search

Keyword search to export a list of relevant Fan Pages and Facebook Groups – Using Mass Planner.

Growth Tip #24 – Mass Planner

Use Mass Planner to auto wish your friends Happy Birthday on Facebook.

Growth Tip #25 – Email Hunter

Use Email Hunter to get emails from LinkedIn, then use MixMax to funnel them into a Facebook Group.

Growth Tip #26

Use your email to build a retargeting list.

Growth Tip #27

Use https://glockapps.com/

Growth Tip #28

Create industry case studies by sending out a survey to your customers. Turn the resulting stats into an infographic (outsource using Upwork) for guest posting.

Growth Tip #29

To find product/market fit, ask people whether they are looking for a solution, not whether they have a problem. Then ask how they are looking for that solution.

Growth Tip #30

Use Mass Planner to extract a competitor’s Instagram following.

Growth Tip #31

Use Mass Planner to extract a competitor’s Twitter following.

Growth Tip #32

Break up your individual keywords into ad groups for a better cost-per-conversion.

Growth Tip #33

Use Mass Planner to auto send Facebook messages to news friends to people in a Facebook Group or a list of Facebook profile URLs.

Growth Tip #34

Use the software Pluck to find Tweets based on different parameters easily. Then, it grabs the person’s email with a high deliverability rate.

Growth Tip #35

Focus on removing friction around the three most common pain points – money, time, and social validation.

Growth Tip #36

Use https://kickbox.io/

Growth Tip #37

Creating keywords around a product’s feature, not the product. “Instagram marketing” vs. “Instagram Stories”.

Growth Tip #38

Use a Slack community for subscription products as an easy way to increase retention, referrals, and segmentation.

Growth Tip #39

Create a habit of opening your email by being consistent with what time and day they’re sent.

Growth Tip #40

Use a testimonial and logo strip close to your buy button to drastically increase conversions.

Growth Tip #41

Use ClickMeter to insert Facebook retargeting pixels in 3rd party content you share.

Growth Tip #42

Use MixMax to create email sequences and send automated follow-ups based on opens and replies.

Growth Tip #43

Ask people to retweet an embedded Tweet on your thank you pages.

Growth Tip #44

Use SimilarWeb to see where sources competitors get their traffic.

Growth Tip #45

Use the same headshot photo across social channels so it’s easy to find you.

Growth Tip #46

Try GIFs in emails to increase response rate.

Growth Tip #47

Test emoticons in subject lines for a higher open rate.

Growth Tip #48

Use the viral coefficient software by Nichevertising.

Growth Tip #49

Check email open rates with people who use the Facebook login to start your free trial. Their emails could be old.

Growth Tip #50

Use a benefit on your CTA button for a higher conversion rate.

Growth Tip #51

Send automated messages on LinkedIn.

Growth Tip #52

Use support messaging such as Drift to increase your conversion rates by upwards to 20%.

Growth Tip #53

Great landing pages tend to convert across channels. Don’t create your marketing materials from scratch. Re-use what works.

Growth Tip #54

Rank on Google using Facebook Fan Page Notes.

Growth Tip #55

Use the software Fomo to increase your conversion rate by upwards to 20 percent.

Growth Tip #56

Remove all pictures from your emails for a higher deliverability and response rate.

Growth Tip #57

Timing is everything. Find the social signals that interest people in wanting to buy your product.

Growth Tip #58

Send the same sales email out to your non-opens the next day to increase conversion rates.

Growth Tip #59

Use the app Snappy to quickly send gifts to your clients.

Growth Tip #60

Eliminating navigation links on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 100%.

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