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We offer a 100% done-for-you solution to turn you into a prolific content creator and lead generation machine without you doing any of the hard work. Sit back and let us elevate your personal brand to build trust with key decision-makers companies you want to land as clients... and they'll be reaching out to work with you.
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BAMF is a different type of LinkedIn Marketing Agency.

You are at the center of everything we do at BAMF. Your stories, your mission. Forget spending endless hours trying to figure out how to get leads on autopilot using LinkedIn. Let our proven process of viral content and outreach bring in results you only dreamt of.

We've been writing viral content and generating leads out of our Venice Beach office since 2017.
Who is BAMF the perfect fit for?
B2B SaaS Founders
We share your empowering founder stories with a wider audience on LinkedIn to find people who are interested in working with you.
Sales Leaders
Grow your sales pipeline like never before with qualified prospects that have interacted with your content and know they want to work with you.
Agencies & Consultants
Forget trying to find qualified leads on Facebook. We write engaging and insightful content that makes business owners reach out to work with you.
How our LinkedIn Marketing works.
We ghost write viral content for your profile.
We've been going viral on LinkedIn since 2017. Our unique, catchy content gains millions of views on LinkedIn every month.
linkedin marketing services
We connect you to relevant prospects.
We do authentic outreach and messaging to relevant prospects who have interacted with your content.
linkedin marketing agency
We flood your calendar with qualified leads.
Once we reach out, we message prospects for you to reel them into booking a call on your calendar.
Four Pillars of Linkedin growth

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can make a world of difference. We’ll position you as an industry leader with a polished presence so you can present yourself in the best light (and attract qualified ready-to-convert leads).

LinkedIn Lead Generation

We’ll build your ideal audience with authentic conversations at scale. Every day, your profile will automagically (yes, it’s magic) send out at least 100 targeted and personalized messages to pre-screened prospects.

LinkedIn Thought Leadership

Your upgraded LinkedIn profile will start posting insightful content three times a week. We craft every post to position you as an industry influencer and attract inbound leads. We aim to get you at least 50,000 organic views each month.

Done-For-You LinkedIn Appointment Setting

Our team of growth managers and messaging specialists use the proprietary BAMF LinkedIn Management CRM system to track and respond to all viable leads with pre-approved messaging — you can jump in and take over any time.
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Our Clients Love Us

BAMF Media boosts and manages social media presence through custom-crafted content and that builds authority and increases sales pipeline.

Prince Ea

Viral Content Creator at Viral Impact Studios

Without BAMF, 2020 would have ended on a bad note. Thanks to their content and appointment setting, my calendar was flooded with hot sales leads for AweSM.

Thanks so much BAMF!

Petter-Erik Nyvoll

CEO at AweSM

As soon as they started work, the results were phenomenal! The engagement on the content, the messages, the new contacts coming through were all sales drivers for my company to grow and scale.

Jack Pinkoski

CEO at Pink Marketing

I'd highly recommend BAMF to anyone looking to take their LinkedIn Marketing to the next level!

Arif Harbott

CTO at AlixPartners

We partnered with BAMF 4 months ago to grow our brand from nothing. They increased our business contacts, our media & press contacts. Since then we have grown to a full-fledged company.

Jeff Houkal

Founder & CEO of Invincibowl

BAMF has helped me to elevate my personal brand on LinkedIn and generate massive reach and engagement with my content. In the last two months my content has gotten 200,000 views, and in the last two weeks, 100,000 views! To anyone on the fence about working with BAMF, I highly recommend you work with them.

Sharon van Donkelaar

CMO at Expandi

Houston has a very unique expertise. He has mastered lead generation, and uses unique and innovative techniques to do this.

Would highly recommend him, if you need a lead generation / marketing guru.

Ron Miller

Chairman of the Board, StartEngine

BAMF is a small but powerful team.

When I needed a full-service agency to launch my new brand, BEAR, and blow our crowdfunding campaign out of the water-- one of my advisors recommend I get in touch with Houston.

Max Baumann

Founder & CEO, JustChill, BEAR, & Base Makers

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bamf bibleThe LinkedIn Bible Collection

Written Guides to LinkedIn Success

Learn all of our internal processes that we use every day to grow our clients' audience and help them land massive deals while barely lifting a finger. Prepare yourself to start closing massive deals.
linkedin marketing solutions
The Legendary
LinkedIn Bible

The Ultimate Written LinkedIn Training System

Learn the step by step process we follow inside our renowned LinkedIn Influencer program. Available in both eBook & Paperback formats!
People Love Our Books

Such great content!!

I'm from Brazil and so happy for get this content and share with marketers from here.

Pedro Italo

Chief Marketing Officer at Distrackin

Much gratitude for the creator for this immense value.

Being a novice in linkedin it will really help me. Highly recommended!

Thanks for being so good in such a tough time. #Respect


Software Engineer & A.I. Consultant

One of the best collection of all the growth strategies. Highly recommended to all the B2B Growth hackers and business owners.


We at TexAu, have already started building Automation workflows based on this book (and the collection!), it will make implementation of all these strategies a breeze 💨

Vikesh Tiwari

Founder at TexAu & Software Engineer at Slack

Pretty big... I know the author, so it must be good!

I still have to read most though, it's a lot and called bible for that reason I think!


Founder at Client On Demand

It shows the easiest and most powerful way to do marketing through LinkedIn.

Tejas Ahire

Summer Intern at Amazon

Pretty impressive set of resources on LinkedIn. Busloads of tips, tricks and marketing techniques. 

Anything, in fact, you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Definitely the stuff you need to read to get your business going.

Very generously offered for low price, so it’s available to anyone who needs to tune up their success on the LinkedIn network.


Web Development Consultant & Top10 ProductHunter

This is awesome and right on time, while I am working on my LinkedIn growth strategy!

Thanks, looking forward to start executing.

Stefan Koritar

Innovation Strategy Consultant & Regional Director at Startup Grind

This is unbelievable. How can someone give all of this value?!

When I first saw this, I was like, ahh, "It's just going to be one of those offers where I have to watch a sales webinar for an hour, which is also a sales pitch to a course that can "cure you of any illness you have"

But Houston gave it all away - the TRUTH - and the content in it isn't what you usually see for this price.

BAMF is the best thing that happened and with this bible in my pocket, I'm going to kill it on LinkedIn and share with other people who want to grow on LinkedIn as well. 

Thank you so much for all the value!

Meenank Minnu

Social Media Manager at PitchGround & Content Creator at Techonation

I have never something so in-depth and so clear about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was so confusing for me, got it at the right time.

Rohit Thakur

Co-Founder & Head of Sales at 3Apples IT Consulting

Came here after you reshared Christopher Decker's video on LI.

Looking to super charge my client acquisition after I got furloughed from my airline Day Job. This certainly came at a very good time.

And also BAMF is back!!!!!

Yoofi Annan

Sales Funnel Automations &. Digital Marketing Consultant

Thank you, just got the books!

🙌🙌🙌 Nice job!

Olga Mykhoparkina

Chief Marketing Officer at BetterProposals & Chanty

Have been looking for how to get the best strategies to grow my brand on LinkedIn and after just going through some pages of the first book, I AM SUPER IMPRESSED.

Thank you very much for this. It's definitely a life-saver.

Jesse Ogbomedah

User Experience Instructor

This came at a perfect time for me! So excited to grab this book and get into Linkedin!

I've always avoided Linkedin because I never knew where to start but I have officially found the perfect place to start!

Neel Sarode

Founder at Template Builder & Conversion Designer

BAMF has been legendary in the world of LinkedIn growth-hacking and here they come back again.

You will not have a better source of LinkedIn knowledge anywhere. Thanks guys!

Nader Aboulhoson

Growth Marketer at Seedstars

Damn! BAMF are back in ACTION ✊💥

I keep the LinkedIn bible bookmarked and reference to it throughout my role as a social media manager! It's super valuable.

Incredibly excited to get my hands on this entire collection. Congrats, Houston!

Noah Green

Founder & CEO at KOAH Digital

I've always struggled trying to figure out LinkedIn.

Instagram, Twitter, even Facebook are fairly straight forward, but I never really grasped how best to approach LinkedIn. 

Can't wait to get through these books and start putting it all to work!

Chris Adkins

Founder at Imagine Beyond and Senior Software Developer at GFS

It's really Sounded as Bible, the moment I started reading.

The connection templates are amazing to use and each step by step is explained.

I recommend this to all business owners who are looking to get leads.

Krishnakumar Satrasala

Communication Coach at TTK

This bible is awesome! Looking to up my LinkedIn game this year and this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Julian Ivann

Partnerships Lead at Flockjay (YC W19)

Congrats on the book launch, Houston!

And many thanks on sharing such great insights!

Julia Trulley

Marketing & Communications Manager at Founders Foundation

Thank you for sharing this amazing product ❤️

Julia Navorynska

Social Media Solutions for Hospitality at Rategain & BCV

I can't wait to dig in further!

I've just started reading and there's so much valuable information.

Joshua Stout

Regional Renewals Specialist at Globalscape, Inc.

What a great resource from one of the top LinkedIn strategists out there. Thank you for putting this out there.

Anyone looking to grow their presence, generate revenue, and connect with like-minded folks needs to grab this while they can.

Jorge Estrada

Director of Business Development at Jolt Consulting Group

Got it and skimmed through it.

Definitely a superb value! 

Thank you for this.

Joe Xavier

VP of Engineering at Grammarly

Amazing templates and strategies from the best of the best on LinkedIn!

Jack Paxton

Co-Founder at RGrowth (Vyper & Hyax) & Top Growth Marketing Agency

Super Insightful! Love what I'm learning in this book.

Hanna Ma

Senior Consultant at Neustar, Inc.




These books are amazing!
I mean it’s the best content about LinkedIn aggregated into 1 place!

Ilya Azovtsev

Growth Marketer at Lemlist & Founder of LinkedIn Growth Hackers Group

I'm so happy to support this project! The team over BAMF are legendary in the world of social media and LinkedIn growth hacking

My friend, Houston Golden just launched the new BAMF LinkedIn Bible 5 Book series— and it's insane value! These guys are literally everything you need to know about social media.

Don't waste your time. Just click the link to get it. I don't promote LITERALLY anything. This is the first time... But I have to say, just do it. GO DO IT. Get the book right now. You will not regret it.

Christopher Decker

Founder at Salescast & CMO at Monster VOIP

I am a newbie with LinkedIn, I am so happy to get some help from professionals like Houston, who is giving away tips for practically nothing.

I am much indebted to such great people.

Jagadeesh Gandla

Accelerator Programme Manager at EIT Health & Co-Founder DareToStart.org

Amazing, you always give so much value ❤️❤️❤️

Gianmarco Bovini

Founder & CEO - The Hungry Friends

Congrats on the book launch, Houston– great job with such an impressive collection of resources! 

Thanks again for sharing your content 😉

Elen Udovichenko

Content Marketing Manager at Reply.io

Great and powerful hacks to improve authority and content in LinkedIn and also in business.

Explained, why its called the Bible, its a holy grail material

Eduardo Koch

COO & Co-founder of Sales Hackers

You gotta get this. Highly recommended. 💪

Nemanja Zivkovic

CEO of Funky Marketing

At time of this corona when I was searching a way to find more business this book came as a helping hand for me.....

Dhruv Grover

Founder at D digify

This is the LinkedIn resource that we all need to come out this pandemic with flying colors.

I was speaking with a client last week about these books from BAMF as the go-to and easy to understand resource to help him pivot and grow his business.

I am still surprised that these books are being offered for such a low price because they are so rich with relevant LinkedIn growth hacks.

Christopher Tolbert

Project Manager at Lambda School

I was looking for something to help me get going on marketing for my new business...and think I just hit the jackpot.
After briefly looking through these books, I see that this is what I need since I am a novice about how to grow a following on LinkedIn.
I'm pretty sure some of the steps in these books can be easily used on other social media sites.

Christine Cholakis

Procurement Officer at Bsisteel Limited

Really is awesome what Houston has put together here and is offering to the community. I haven't really focused on LinkedIn marketing to date, but I'm feeling motivated to dig into this immense resource and finally make my presence felt there.

Houston put something together that's really special... and then his dad got COVID-19 and he had to push back the launch. He's coming from a good place and wanting to support makers success on LinkedIn. 

Glad he's able to share these resources with this community! 💯

Chris Messina

Product designer, technologist, and inventor of the #hashtag. 🏆 #1 Product Hunter!

Really impressive collection of tactics... 

Mahalo Nui, Houston!

Brian Rabben

Special Projects at Headspace & Mr.🐺 Of Growth.

The amount of value in this collection is insane, just leafed through them..

Thanks so much for putting this out!

Bing Samson

Federal Employee at Tripler Army Medical Center

I was able to get early access to this (thanks Houston!) and can definitely vouch that it’s legit. I’ve never encountered any of team that understands what content works on LinkedIn as deeply as BAMF.

In short - download this, read it, put it into practice. You won’t regret it.

Austin Mullins

Founder of Conversion Creatives

I’ve purchased many courses about LinkedIn in the past for hundreds of $$$$. I gotta say this Bible beat them all! Wow 😲

They are just amazing and so functional and so well done with plenty of ultra valuable insights! 


Antony Blitz

Web Content Co-ordinator at Ticketek

Incredible stuff. Detailed and extensive.

Giving it away for this price...

Absolute madness.

Anand Marar

Director of Marketing & Sales at EMPL

The value that the BAMF team and Houston Golden has been offering to the Growth hacking community is unparalleled. 

I am truly grateful for this incredible book of knowledge that has everything you need to make it big on LinkedIn.

Thank you again, Houston, for this and everything that you've provided us in all these years🙏 BAMF is BACK!!

Rahul Gogi

Founder of HustleD

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We've systemized our exact growth process and turned it into a service that transforms our clients into influencers and growth machines.

Houston Golden

Founder of BAMF

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