Acquire High-Ticket Clients on LinkedIn

Acquire High-Ticket Clients on LinkedIn

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 20th, 2019
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How to acquire high-value customers on LinkedIn by jumping in the communication chain? Let us learn!

Step 1

Build up a list of potential customers on LinkedIn by using tools like

Depending on your end goal the list could be focused on influencers, company owners or simply people who are key to your success.

Step 2

Filter out the ones you want to focus on the most and start following their Pulse feeds.

This becomes tricky when you have hundreds of contacts and you already have the “Follow” function turned on, so make sure to create an excel table with your targets and check them regularly or automate the whole checking thing with a script.

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Step 3

Spy on the type of content your potential clients are sharing. It is easy to spot patterns. If the subject is into tech trends, take a note of the ones they commented on or generally take note of the content they interacted with by sharing a point of view or potentially engaging in a longer conversation. This can be easily spotted on their Pulse feed.

Step 4

Prepare your “interesting news” link to share with your potential customer. By now you already know the type of news or links they simply can’t resist clicking on.

Step 5

Wrap the “interesting news” link into a link with your message and call to action.

Make sure the sniply call to action is relevant to your potential customer and related to the article you shared with them so it looks as though you are helping out and surprisingly giving a link with a hidden bonus they didn’t even expect.

Step 6

If you are 100% sure you have a hot lead, you can use to integrate live chat into your Sniply enhanced “iteresting news” link and by the time your customer finishes reading the helpful information you will hopefully catch their attention with the popup chat and all the goodies and solutions you have to offer.

The beauty of it is once you have your “finger” on the Pulse feed of your prospect it will be super easy to reply or comment on their post or chain of comments on LinkedIn or any other social channel with links they can’t refuse to click on. This is what Zuckerberg is doing with all us on Facebook but on autopilot. He knows what we love and he showes more of that down our throats, making a few $ on the side. On the other hand we get to be impressed how useful Fb is and how “smart” we become in return. We basically get hooked on the thing in the end.

On linkedin the prospect will get hooked on you and your “expertise”. But in fact you will just put your prospect in a different kind of mini information echo chamber making it easier to push your own agenda with the Sniply hack. That’s the power of this tactic.

Happy hustling!

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