Automated Posting & Scheduling with Buffer and Grum

Automated Posting & Scheduling with Buffer and Grum

written by Houston Golden
May 9th, 2017
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Do you regularly produce content for different social channels? Are you in need of Automated Posting & Scheduling? If yes, then you should be using auto-posting and scheduling tools. You could use Monday morning to schedule out all your posts for the week and Friday afternoon to analyze the stats. Automated Posting is quite convenient nowadays! If you receive most of your leads through content creation whether text, image or video, then it’s important to optimize your time distributing it. The less time you spend on posting content, the more you can create content resulting in more engagement, leads, and customers. The top two tools for posting content include Buffer and Grum. Buffer auto-posts content to Facebook (profile, fan pages, and groups), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. The one downside is it only lets you set a reminder for Instagram posts. Grum is the complement to Buffer because it works with Instagram allowing you to schedule and publish using a desktop. With Buffer, you can schedule across almost all channels, but there’s one slight issue. Buffer retains its branding on your Facebook posts. Notice the text in the image below reading, “Buffer,” located by the post’s date. I’m a stickler when it comes to people on Facebook knowing I automate my post scheduling. I think it takes away the authenticity from my posts. So, even though I knew people use it successfully with Facebook, I avoid incorporating it into that social media platform. BAMF Automated Posting Buffer and Grum Article Image Buffer’s easy sharing comes with great analytics. In Buffer, each connected account has its own settings for personalized shortening and tracking. For example, if you share a link on Twitter and Facebook, then each time someone clicks the link, you’ll have a separate analytics graph and Google Analytics report by social channel. For analytics, Buffer enables you to see click-through rates, content engagement (likes, shares, re-pins, and mentions), and compare metrics side-by-side. The side-by-side comparison can help you understand when your content performs best and whether you should be posting more. BAMF Automated Posting Buffer and Grum Article Image

The Chrome Extension

One of my favorite features of Buffer is their Chrome extension. The Buffer Chrome extension helps you re-purpose content you find on the internet and create content on the fly. It’s perfect for the many gold nuggets of content you find while surfing the web. BAMF Automated Posting Buffer and Grum Article Image  You’re all set to begin publishing on different platforms except Instagram. So, what tool do you use to up your Instagram game? Grum. It’s far from complex because it only helps you schedule and publish Instagram posts. Still, it’s the only web-based tool which does so. This tool is especially helpful if you’re running more than one Instagram account or posting every day.

BAMF Automated Posting Buffer and Grum Article Image

With Grum and Buffer, auto-posting and scheduling posts have never been easier. These two tools alone can save you from the many tedious hours of sharing content every week. If you want more time creating epic content to get traction, then distribute it better. Saving time is one of the best growth tactics people don’t capitalize enough on. If there are tools to automate repetitive tasks which don’t require creativity, then use them.  Auto-posting and scheduling are two of the best ways to give you more time to test growth tactics and improve your product.

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