Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach For Event Signups & Engagement

Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach For Event Signups & Engagement

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
February 23rd, 2019
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Why LinkedIn Automation?

Imagine if you viewed 500 targeted profiles/day to encourage people to view yours.

And what if you could be hyper-specific with targeting enabling you only to interact with employees, customers, and evangelists of competitors?

Without any work, you’d gain new connections, business introductions, and inbound leads. With LinkedIn automation, you can do just that.

Optimizing Your Profile

LinkedIn automation also lets you send messages to recipients at scale.

In turn, you can reach thousands of potential prospects with barely touching your keyboard. Before you decide to add LinkedIn automation to your growth list, you must have an optimized profile for responses.

In my profile below, I have a professional headshot balancing a look of intrigue and inspiration, a picture of me speaking, and a headline with three strong titles.

LinkedIn, Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach For Event Signups & Engagement

Next, I focus on creating an excellent personal summary. It dives into my history of failures and successes. This helps build emotional rapport with the reader.

I end the intro with a strong call to action to get in touch with me. For example, “Tired of Intercom? Then message me about how I can implement a better CRM system for you with Autopilot.”

Once you have your summary down, you need endorsements. The fastest way to get endorsements is just to ask others. I’d suggest asking two hundred to three hundred people in your network for endorsements.

You can send them a message similar to the screenshot below:

BAMF Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach Article Image

When you’ve optimized your profile, it’s almost time to start automating profile viewing and messaging.

To ensure you don’t receive warning messages from LinkedIn because of too much activity, you need to purchase a Sales Navigator account or LinkedIn Recruiter account.

These upgrades will allow you to view hundreds of profiles a day while staying under LinkedIn’s radar.


Next, download Dux Soup ($15/month) to begin auto-viewing profiles.

The paid version has support for Sales Navigator and Recruiter, enables you to download visited profile-data as a CSV, re-visit based on previously downloaded CSV, have unlimited visits/day, and have unlimited tagging.

When you download Dux Soup, click on options to configure your settings as seen on the right-hand side.

BAMF Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach Article Image

When you have your desired settings in place, then use your LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter to conduct a search query. From here, click the Dux Soup Chrome extension to begin extracting data.

Keep in mind you can only extract one page (25 results) at a time.

BAMF Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach Article Image

If you want to capitalize on more of your existing network, then you’ll get better results with GPZ LinkedIN Tools ($49). GPZ LinkedIn Tools is for automated message sending, auto connecting, and auto viewing.

The interface is very intuitive enabling you to set up a campaign within minutes. In this example, we use the Auto Message Sender campaign.

BAMF Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach Article Image

From here, we configure the New Connection Messenger feature to send messages to specific people based on the URL corresponding to an Advanced People Search.

Now, you can send hundreds of messages every day to people in your network. Maybe you’re launching on Product Hunt or holding a conference.

BAMF Automating Your LinkedIn Outreach Article Image

Here’s an example message you could send out to get people to attend your event::

[first name],

I want to reach out because we’re connected, and I noticed you work in [i.e. growth marketing] in [i.e. San Francisco]. I thought you could help me for 3 seconds.

I’m excited to announce that the [name of event] in [i.e. San Francisco]. It’s been featured in [i.e. Forbes, Entrepreneur] as the next [i.e. Dreamforce].

The event starts in two days! The speakers include:

  1. [Big name #1]
  2. [Big name #2]
  3. [Big name #3]

Please take 3 seconds to let me know what you think about the [event]:

You can find more details and register here: [landing page URL]

Thank you so much for your time.”

A Few Last Notes

If you have over ten thousand connections, this automated messaging tactic could send over one thousand people to your landing page. And it only takes a minute to start running.

But be careful not to overuse this tactic when asking your connections to take action; otherwise, you’ll come off as a taker. Also, to avoid getting flagged by your recipients, ensure to use personalized copy based on your targeting (i.e. job title, company name, company size, industry experience, location, age, and gender) .

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