5 B2B LinkedIn Outreach Templates That You Need To Use!

5 B2B LinkedIn Outreach Templates That You Need To Use!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
February 12th, 2021
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Crafting that first message is difficult.

Trust me, I know.

I was once in your shoes.

But, after you get the hang of it, it soon becomes relatively easier to reach out to people with ease.

In this guide, I want to help you out. I’ll equip you with some of the most powerful B2B LinkedIn outreach templates that we at BAMF have used to help organizations grow to their fullest potential.

We can’t include every single template that we’ve used here, but here’s where you can find all of them. 

Personalized Messages or Personalized Templates?

If you’ve been following BAMF for some time, you’ll know how much I stress that the best thing that you can fo for any campaign is to take the personal route.


Because people like it when you give them attention.

When given the choice to automate for a small group of people or to write personally crafted messages, I’ll always advise the personal approach.

It shows them that you took your time to reach out to them, to learn more about them, and that you’re both sincere and professional with your actions.

However, if you do need hep starting out or if you’re creating large campaigns that will require you to reach out to hundreds of people, then templates are a good alternative.

Here’s what.

When we say template, we don’t mean you copy-paste an entire template word-for-word.

There are ways to personalize a template, adding a first name, a link to work that they’re known for, or mentioning a common denominator like industry can do wonders for your campaign.

The Anatomy of a Great B2B LinkedIn Outreach Template

There is no “one size fits all” template.

A great B2B LinkedIn outreach template might be applicable to a couple of industries, but there are still plenty of modifications that you should to make it your own.

Let’s take a closer look at the general anatomy of a template:

  • Salutation – Basically, this is how you say “hi” to your prospect. At BAMF, we keep it simple and just use the word “hi” followed by the prospect’s first name. Now, this won’t work in every industry. There are still some industries where this frowned upon.
  • Reason for the message – Successful templates should tell a prospect why they’re being contacted in one line or less. Long-winded explanations don’t convert well. Get straight to the meat of things, and don’t over explain, you can always do that via a meeting.
  • Call-to-action – How do you want to continue the conversation? I avoid any CTA that doesn’t entail a personal follow-up afterwards. Things like a Calendly link or asking when the prospect is available next are all great ways to end a message.

Before I show you the B2B LinkedIn outreach templates that you can use, I want to encourage you apply your own modifications to the templates liberally.

You want to claim these templates as your own and make them as personalized as you can for the needs of your organization.

B2B Outreach Templates That You Can Use

Innovative Industry Leaders Quick Chat

Step 1:

Hey {first_name},

I’m growing my network with innovative leaders in the {your_industry} space. Hope we can learn from each other. – {my_first_name}

Step 2:

Hi {first_name},

Thanks for connecting with me! Glad to have another innovative leader in my network.

A bit about {my_company}: we’re {your_unique_value_prop}.

Our industry partners include {your_top_three_notable_clients_or_ customers}.

If you’re interested, I’d love to explore the opportunity of partnering with you and {company_name}.

Are you available for a quick chat?

You know why I love this template so much?

It’s because it’s very simple.

You immediately tell them what you’re doing, it’s professional, and you put yourself at the same level as them.

This makes them curious enough to check out who you are and if you’ve optimized your profile correctly, get them through the funnel.

Industry Specific Decision Makers With A Mutual Connection

Stage 1:

Hey {first_name}, just saw your profile because of a mutual connection we have and I gotta say that I love what you’re doing at {company_ name}! I’d love to add you to my network. – {my_first_name}

Stage 2:

Hey {first_name}, we recently helped a food and beverage company raise more than $200K in sales, +720% above the company’s goal.

I created a case study that shows how we did it and I believe it’s relevant for you and {company_name}. Would you like a copy?

For Stage 1, don’t just tell them that you love what they’re doing, tell them how it’s helped you and get into a specific or two.

This makes it a ittle bit more personal.

And, we all know the personal touch makes all the difference.

A variation of Stage 2 is to ask them if they want to check out the “audit” that you did for their particular company. When they say, “yes”, you can quickly list down the pain points that they have or solutions that you think they should be implementing.

Slam that into a PDF and send it over.

A lot of marketing and software companies do this because it’s pretty much an instant quote on the services that you do and it shows them that you give out value for free.

Also, it helps qualify if these people are interested in what you have to offer.

Insert Personal Assistant To Take Over Conversation

Hey, this is Ana, {my_first_name}’s social media manager. {my_first_ name} is currently laser focussed on supporting {their_current_ clients} to achieve their goals, and I’d love to help you find a time to have a conversation with him.

Use this link and make sure you fill out the form to reach his calendar. See you on the other side! https://bit.ly/yourconsultationform

This is a power move.

You don’t even need to have an assistant, you can type it yourself!

We like this because it positions you as someone who takes their time seriously but still wants to provide value for the prospect.

The prospect in turn gets curious about why you would want to do that.

You amp up your reputation and you get a prospect in the funnel.

Pretty neat.

The Fundraising Template

Hi {first_name},

I hope you’re having a good week so far. My company, {my_company_ and_bio} is looking for investors to embark on our journey.

After {my_company_success} we are now looking to close our first round of funding.

After looking through Linkedln, I thought I would message you to understand if this opportunity is relevant?

Please let me know and we can discuss further if you’d like to be part of an innovative project in {your_industry}.

Thanks for your time, {my_first_name}

We have a Stage 2 for this particular template that you can check out in the Linked Bible. However, I would highly suggest that you reply directly to possible partners especially if an angel investor suddenly reaches out.

You want to try to get them on the phone as quick as possible so that you can strike while the iron is hot.

Connecting To Industry Influencers For PR Campaign & Product Reviews

Hey {first_name}, I saw you were in the {your_Industry} space and local to {your_city} (me too!), so I wanted to reach out to share our new {your_product}.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Hope to chat soon. Cheers – {my_first_name}

Another way to phrase this is to compliment them and talk about a piece of work that they’ve done in the past.

In this way, you get to set yourself apart from the rest.

But, here’s what.

You don’t want to just tell them about that great article that they wrote ages ago.

Everyone does that.

Tell them about how it’s helped you grow your business even further.

Once you do this, it signals that you actually read their stuff and they’ll be even more interested to hear from you.


These templates are just a guide and as much as possible we want you to keep your outreach as organic as you can.

However, if you’re looking for a place to start then grab these templates and customize them to make them your own.

Remember, this.

Personalization is key to outreach.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a customized template or a single message.

The more you make it about your prospects, the more it will resonate with them.

Talk about them before you talk about yourself.

It’s one of my golden rules.

If you’re looking for our full set up templates plus examples and even more notes. Please check out the LinkedIn Bible here!

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