Claus Villumsen's
Case Study

Client Company: KodeBaze
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The Numbers

856% Increase in Views in Just 3 Months
lift in content views
total content views
connection acceptance rate

The Challenge

Claus came to BAMF with a mission of expanding his software outsourcing business, KodeBaze. At the end of 2020, KodeBaze’s sales funnel started to slip, leading Claus to work with us and start expanding his lead funnel using LinkedIn outreach. Claus was nervous about finding leads for his niche industry, but we assured him we’d be able to help.

The Results

For Claus, onboarding and getting started as quickly as possible to see ROI was a must. We got started right away and had his stories ready to post on his profile within a week of starting with us. Immediately Claus was able to grow his audience with our emotionally connecting, viral content, amassing over 200,000 views in just a few months working with us. During this time we reached out to ideal prospects that have interacted with his content to grow his sales pipeline and help him land new deals moving forward in 2021.

Unlock the power of LinkedIn and take your business to new heights with BAMF. Our proven strategies for creating engaging content and building meaningful connections will help you become a LinkedIn Influencer.

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Standing out with Profile Optimization

A well-crafted LinkedIn Profile can make a world of a difference. We'll position you as an industry leader with a polished presnce so you can present yourself in the best light and attract qualified, ready-to-convert leads.

Content that Attracts Potential Clients

Our content uses attention-grabbing, emotional keywords that are sure to bring thousands of eyes to your profile and business. Your stories will provide an emotional connection that your readers will releate and empathize with as we reach out and start meaningful conversations with them.


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Outbound Prospecting to Spark Conversations

Acceptance Rate
Reply Rate

Transforming LinkedIn Interactions into Qualified Leads

In the realm of LinkedIn marketing, we stand out from the rest. Our approach goes beyond mere profile optimizations and frequent content posting. We excel at initiating authentic conversations that catch the attention of potential clients. Once connected, we strike value propositions that leave a lasting impact. With our expertise, we ensure your calendar is filled with hot leads who are genuinely interested and eager to engage with your offerings.

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