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Creating Brand Awareness Using Social Media

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Written by Houston
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
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Hello people, how are you? I am doing great and I hope the same for you! So do you want to know some cool stuff for creating brand awareness using social media? If you consider a single product, for example, bottled mineral water, there are loads of brands. Most of them provide good quality, most of them are into cut-throat marketing and every one of them aim to be in the first position. Thus, it is important to create brand awareness. You don't want someone telling you, that they have never heard of your brand name before!

Creating brand awareness is important for beginners as well as existing brands. Nowadays, everything is online and social media offers the best marketing platform. So let us discuss, how to create brand awareness using social media!

Sharing is Caring

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We are taught "Sharing is Caring". Yes, I believe it is true. In terms of brand awareness, sharing on social media is caring for your brand. Share your product/service as much as you can. Then, encourage your friends and followers to share it.

In short, spread the word. The advantage of social media sharing is that it is free! Share as much as you can. It is the quickest possible way of engaging with the audience.

Contest for a Contest

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Introducing your product or spreading the word, is no less than a contest. Do you love to win? Who doesn't! Similarly, the audience loves to win. To make your brand famous, please host online contests. Challenge the followers and others.

In this way, you are actually activating your followers. Once they are active, your brand is active.

Offer Good Quality Content

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Everyone needs something new. They are tired of the same old marketing strategies. For example, comparing your brand product with some other brand. Most of them know, it is all scripted! Rather, go positive. Create engaging content, try relating it with the real world problems, and communicate with the audience.

The content should be informative, useful, and entertaining. It will help you create loyal customers.

Interact, As Questions, Offer Free Demo

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Nowadays, the customers ask questions. They compare everything online. It is always good to interact with the customers or audiences. In this way, you will come to know about your own brand. What customers think about your brand. How can you improve their experience? Additionally, you should ask them questions.

Also, you can participate in online discussions through online forums, Quora, etc. The moment we read "Free", we start loving it. Offering Free Demo's is another good strategy, it buys you more time to convince the audience.

Consult a Growth Hacking Agency

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Growth hacking agency is loaded with employees who are meant for creating brand awareness. They provide you with leads, they approach them in numerous ways, they use programming tools to gather leads, etc. In short, a growth hacking agency exactly knows what and how to do it?


With time, the brands change, the people change, and the demand for the product changes. Out of all this, only one thing is permanent, the change itself. So "change" is a must and it isn't in your hands. Creating brand awareness strategies also change with time. Who knows, after 10 years, the above practices might not exist! For now, these things will help you a lot!. So, implement it and spread the word.

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