The Creatomic Agency Model For Your Business Needs

The Creatomic Agency Model For Your Business Needs

written by Houston Golden
July 29th, 2017
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I’m giving away my Agency model. So you can use and abuse it. Building an agency is extremely difficult. Don’t let the assholes in those Facebook ads promising you an easy 7-figure agency fool you, it’s tough, and it’s exhausting and it’s not as simple as knowing the One Weird Trick That Brings In Clients. I want to give away the model that I built for Creatomic as an agency.

Why am I doing this?
  1. It’s going to make it easier for you to understand how your business needs to function to bring in clients, which — in turn — will make it easier for you to actually build ARR.
  2. It’s going to prove to the people reading this how good I am, which is going to make them want to apply to work with Creatomic and get my help scaling and growing and marketing their businesses. If this is you, and you’re committed to growth, you can do that right here!

So the model is based on the AAW factor. Yeah, it means cute and adorable but it also means business.

  1. Attraction
  2. Acquisition
  3. WIN

BAMF The Creatomic Agency Model Article Image BAMF The Creatomic Agency Model Article Image

People are Attracted through the following channels:
  • Medium (the blog and my guest blogging for a whole bunch of different publications)
  • LinkedIn outreach (talking to founders one on one and not mass messaging people, running a bot that views around 250 LinkedIn profiles per day, releasing repurposed content from other platforms)
  • Partnerships built with software companies and content influencers
  • Cold outreach/prospecting campaigns at scale
  • The Creatomic facebook group, MindHackers (currently at 1200 members and growing)

BAMF The Creatomic Agency Model Article Image

They then go through a qualifying form and book in a $1 consultation. At that point – they are added to Zoho CRM.

This is pretty straightforward. The form is built in Google forms and hosted on Google Sites.Here’s what the form asks:

  • What are you selling?
  • How are you pricing that?
  • What is your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)?
  • How are you currently getting customers?
  • If I told you to go out and get 5 customers in one week, what would you do?
  • What is your Big Promise that will make anyone want to buy your product or service?
  • What marketing services are you interested in? The $1500 per month package or the $5000 per month package? Note…this question does give a little more info than that on the form ????
Here’s the Google Sites landing page. Guys, this shit is free for Google Apps users.

I used to spend so much money on Instapage and other landing page stuff and you know what? Not anymore. I use Google Sites and it’s not the sexiest thing in the world but it gets the job done. BAMF The Creatomic Agency Model Article Image


I said at the start that you need to make sure your CRM/Project Management app/ Invoicing software has a Slack integration. Well, that’s the truth.  I have a CRM channel where my VAs and I can keep track of and add and manage all leads that come in via Zoho CRM slackbot. Also, I have the Zoho project management slackbot in every client channel to manage projects. I have the Zoho Books integration to let me know where my invoices are at. This makes it all so much more scaleable and manageable. The booking happens through Book Like A Boss. In the $1 consultation, I’ll provide my initial advice and strategy based on a set question flow that I’m not going to share here because I gotta keep some secrets ????. I’ll then sell people on either a $1500 package (THE SETH package) or the $5000 package (THE GARY package.)

The $1500 package is called The Seth Package. It is pretty straightforward. It’s the consulting package.

Clients Get:

  • Access to a Slack channel with constant and unlimited support from myself, my team and guest marketers/growth hackers
  • 2 strategy sessions per month
  • Feedback and reviews on any content
  • A marketing plan that they can follow
  • Analysis/reporting every 2 weeks.
NOTE. The $1500 Per Month Plan Is Nice Revenue. BUT. It has ONE VERY SPECIFIC GOAL…
  • My goal when I work with anyone in the $1500 per month plan is to get them to the point where they’re bringing in enough revenue that they want the 5k plan and are ready to pay for it.
  • THe $5K package is the WIN for me. It’s the end goal. Anything else is secondary.
The $5000 package is called The Gary Package. It is a little more awesome.
  • It’s the Slack channel
  • Plus 4 strategy sessions
  • We’ll write and distribute 4 blog posts
  • We’ll run 4 weekly growth hacks
  • 1 cold outreach prospecting campaign
  • 2 EDM campaigns
  • Generate/market 1 lead magnet.

Once they have chosen a package, I ping my VA on Slack to invoice the client. We set up a recurring invoice in Zoho Books.

  • The client is then added to the Creatomic Slack on a dedicated Slack channel for their business, that will be monitored by myself and my VA. We use the Zoho x Slack integration for project management so we basically don’t have to leave the Slack channel.
  • We have a template of a Zoho project that is set up and ready to be duplicated for each client, and includes a Submit List that tells the client exactly what we need access to — CMS, Analytics etc.

EVERYTHING happens in Slack. It’s my retention secret weapon. Clients don’t just customer support on Slack. They get a pipeline of all my best blog posts. They get an exclusive resource every single month. Further, they get guest growth hackers and marketers who will come on and do an AMA every month. Also, they get to participate in a forum with other clients.

Ya wanna know my favorite thing about this?

No. Client. Emails. To. Respond To. ??

  • Strategy sessions are booked in using Book Like A Boss and there’s an automating Zoho task that gets posted into the Slack channel to notify the client that it’s time to book in another session.
  • There’s an automated task for each package telling us when to choose and execute a growth hack from the Creatomic database I’ve built up of over 700 growth hacks.
  • It also notifies us when it’s time to create and launch the blog posts, EDM campaigns and cold prospecting campaigns.
  • Google Analytics + our social monitoring software is automated to send us a report from each client at the appropriate time so that we can create our report using the templates we’ve already set up and lined up.
  • The strategy is designed by myself or one of the growth hackers/marketers in my network.
  • The work is done by the freelancers from my startup who are badass and awesome.
  • The work is coordinated by my VA who can book the work on the platform and review it.
  • All content is reviewed by my editors right here in Sydney who have done content and editing for all my clients for years before it is given to a client.

That’s the entire agency model. Not too bad right? This is how you build a scaleable, functional, no-bullshit agency that does not fuck around. This is how you build a service business that is not going to turn your hair prematurely grey. Any questions? Hit me up. But more importantly, want me to grow your own agency? …Then apply to work with Creatomic!

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