Crowdsource Content for Instagram

Crowdsource Content for Instagram

written by Houston Golden
May 15th, 2017
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How to crowdsource content from Instagram for reposting from your desktop at scale:

It is important to crowdsource content from Instagram. We feature between 4-8 people a day on our IG account and have always struggled with downloading & reposting their images. Of course, we credit them all! But it’s hard to the process at scale as IG doesn’t let you just download images.
Here’s the process we’re using:
1) Adjust the spreadsheet below for your needs (copy paste your own hashtags & quotes & text in the formula)
2) Go to & search for popular hashtags or users you want to feature
3) Download the images you want. Copy paste the username @XY into the column username as you go (make sure you save the images in the right order and don’t skip a line)
4) Copy paste the original captions into the “text” column – you can edit it later
5) Open or any other scheduling tool you use. Schedule out post by post just combining the right downloaded image with the caption in “text to schedule”
Happy scheduling!
Eva & Juan
PS: If you have input on how to improve the process please let me know in the comments. We can polish it up together!

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