Do It The Facebook Group Traction Way!

Do It The Facebook Group Traction Way!

written by Houston Golden
February 26th, 2017
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Are You Using Facebook Groups for Content Traction??

People spend an average of 50 minutes every day on Facebook!

But with Facebook Fan Page posts receiving less reach than ever, companies are desperately looking for another Facebook channel to reach these people.

Did you know many B2B and B2C companies have started using Facebook Groups to increase retention, generate organic leads, and encourage referrals?

A few of these companies include the Facebook marketing software, AdEspresso, one of the top retail agencies in the U.S., CPC Strategy, and my personal group, Marketers & Founders. AdEspresso and CPC Strategy post regularly and work hard to engage their community in conversation. My Facebook Group posts regularly receive 40+ likes and 15+ comments. Here’s an example:

Facebook Group, Do It The Facebook Group Traction Way!

And here’s another.

Facebook Group, Do It The Facebook Group Traction Way!

Facebook Groups give companies a place to share content that’s relevant to a specific audience. Only a small percentage of my Facebook friends care about my thoughts on digital marketing. Instead of flooding their News Feed with content not aligned with their interests, I can post it in my company’s group comprised of people who love digital marketing.

Remember people buy from who they know, like, and trust. If you use Facebook Groups for relationship building, you can drive a significant amount of traffic and sales from the connections you make.

Also, you can use groups to uncover your community’s pain points, understand their language – what phrases they use when talking about your products, competitors, fears, and struggles. Even with all these benefits, it’s hard to use Facebook Groups unless you have data.

The Grytics

Grytics will help you manage your Facebook Group’s analytics regarding members, likes, comments, and best-performing posts. You can easily export this data, too. It also has a sleek interface and can pinpoint the exact areas where your group needs improvement from content to management.

And Grytics provides you details about your most engaged group members. Here are a couple of interface screenshots:

BAMF Facebook Group Traction Article Image

You can also export people based on how active they are in your Facebook Group. If you want to remove everyone who doesn’t participate, then you can quickly get a list of all their profiles. On the other hand, if you want to reward your best participants, then you can get that list, too.

BAMF Facebook Group Traction Article Image
With this analytics, it’s easier to make the argument for investing in Facebook Groups.

A few other features of Facebook Groups to take advantage of include Files, Events, and Polls. With Files, you can safely store important information such as member contact info, PDFs, and files from Dropbox. Events can help you funnel people to online webinars, conferences, or even local Meetups. Polls will help you get feedback faster on new product features or content ideas.

There is no expense for starting a Facebook Group. Share content with an engaged community. It’s a no-brainer to include this strategy as a test in your growth list.

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