Elevate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Account

Elevate LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Account

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 28th, 2018
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Need to elevate your social media accounts?

After LinkedIn acquired Lynda, it soon released Elevate. It is a stand-alone app from LinkedIn. With Elevate, you make your employees work! Elevate is often known as the Employee Advocacy Tool. First of all, it lets you discover content that is relevant to your industry. The purpose of Elevate as per LinkedIn is “Helping companies empower their employees to share content”.

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What does it do?

First of all, LinkedIn Elevate is a tool that isn’t widely used. The reason is that its approach is quite narrow in terms of clients. It is not an open tool. For example, the employees of a particular company can use it for sharing the content. But you need to be a part of that company! So let us understand the functionalities of Elevate, like what does Elevate do!

Number 1: It offers content curation

LinkedIn Elevate recommends stories and blogs. The recommendation is done based on an algorithm. In general, it can be assumed that the algorithm might be recommending content based on the influencers you follow! Also, it must be analyzing your job title, industry, experiences, etc. Elevate accesses LinkedIn Pulse as well as Newsle.

Number 2: Social sharing at ease

The content can easily be shared on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Number 3: Statistics

Elevate measures the impact of your shared content. Like it allows the employee and the company to view the results like the number of shares, comments, etc.

Features As Per The Type Of Users

As mentioned, Elevate has an enclosed approach. It will always feel that you are accessing some top-secret with Elevate. So Elevate has different privileges as per the user type.


The Employees can share & suggest content. For example, company A has posted an article or news feed. The employees of company A can share it and suggest it. The admin will receive reports of what was shared, how much was shared, and what was the reach of it?


The curators can share & suggest content. In addition to this, they can also view analytics. So analysis like how broadcasts and shares are performing, the demographics, tracking analytics for the content, etc are available to the curators.


The admins can manage employees, view analytics, and also manage topics. So the admin could invite the employee to join the Elevate account and share the content. Admin can view the analytics and can also create/edit the content topics.


The good thing about Elevate is that there is also a mobile application available. The application is quick, handy, and easy to use. Overall, if you are managing a company and your employees are accessing social media, Elevate can be quite helpful for sharing content/updates.

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