Get Genuine Followers With Kicksta

Get Genuine Followers With Kicksta

written by Houston Golden
June 28th, 2018
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Instagram is fun, isn’t it?

People post anything and everything. It wasn’t meant for social media marketing. But somehow, Instagram is now a super-hit. Especially for brands and influencers, it is a medium for getting followers and being in touch with them. So there’s this amazing tool known as Kicksta that helps get real followers.

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How Do I Operate Kicksta?

Like most of the online tools, the user has to sign-up on Kicksta. After that, Kicksta prompts for target Instagram accounts. These accounts are the ones from which you desire to attract followers. Now, for all these target accounts, simply like one or two photos. The moment you like the photos, the account holder will receive a notification from Instagram. It informs the account holder that you have liked their photo.

Kicksta targets accounts that are similar to yours or are into the similar domain. For example, if you are promoting your shoe brand, similar other shoe brand accounts will be targeted. So there are high chances that the followers of that shoe brand will also like your account photos because of the common interests. Kicksta likes an approx. of 30, 000 photos/month. This helps in getting an organic reach on your page. Kicksta updates you with a monthly growth report. It also assigns a custom success manager for solving any issues.

A lot of people get confused with the concept of Kicksta. Always remember that Kicksta doesn’t like the target accounts. It likes the followers of those target accounts.


Let us have a quick look at Kicksta Features.

(1) The autopilot feature: In the autopilot mode, the tool will work for you automatically. You can switch over to other important tasks.

(2) Smart Targeting: Kicksta has its own algorithm for finding potential accounts. So you will always get more potential account options.

(3) Strategy Call and success manager: You will receive a complimentary call once you sign-up. The team will give you tricks and tips. Also, the “success manager” will help you attain your Instagram goals.

(4) Precise Data Encryption: Your data undergoes 256-bit SSL encryption.

(5) Reporting: Precise growth reports are e-mailed monthly.

Point to be noted!

Get Genuine Followers With Kicksta Article Image


All the hype is regarding the number of followers. So how many followers could do I get? Is it fixed? No, this isn’t fixed! The number of followers varies from account to account. It depends on the quality of content you post and to whom you post! Kicksta will work for any account that has followers. The tool doesn’t guarantee followers because it is a subjective matter. Some people might look at your account photos, but not like them. So it is totally subjective from person to person.

Kicksta comes up with a 14-day free trial. So try it out for free. Check if it is making a difference or not. It has proved to be a success for many brands and influencers. But as mentioned, it is a subjective matter completely. So try it out!


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