How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter For Growth This Year!

How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter For Growth This Year!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
May 19th, 2022
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If you follow BAMF on LinkedIn, you’ll notice that we also maintain a newsletter.

(Follow it, it’s pretty good.)

It’s one of our alternate forms of content and we use it to provide our followers with growth hacking tips on a weekly basis.

In this guide, we take a look at how to create a LinkedIn newsletter and why you should be leveraging one.

Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Newsletter

It’s Easy to Use

Email newsletters require special software to deploy.

This costs money and takes time to get the hang of.

Do you have a LinkedIn account?

Then, you can easily launch your own LinkedIn newsletter.

It’s really that simple.

Note: you can only have one newsletter per LinkedIn account or page.

Anyone Can Follow You*

On email newsletters, you need to catch people in your funnel before you can get them to subscribe, which is usually a struggle because you either have to work with a list of contacts or get separate mediums to promote it.

LinkedIn newsletters are a little different.

*As long as someone is a LinkedIn member they can click follow if they run into your newsletter on the platform and like it.

But, that’s not all.

Anyone can also comment, engage with, or even share your newsletter if they choose to do so.

You Can Use It To Boost Engagement

A newsletter serves as a different avenue for engagement.

It’s different in style from your posts and the other stuff that you can share on LinkedIn and as a result, it’s its own platform in a sense.

Specially crafted newsletters for different audiences can do a lot to boost your engagement.

In fact, if you create a newsletter within the right niche, you can easily leverage it to bring in additional leads!

How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

Start With Your Main Target Audience

Ask yourself this question?

“Who follows me on LinkedIn?”

Is your audience primarily your prospects? Are they interested in other work that you do? Or, maybe you want something general?

Whatever it is, your LinkedIn newsletter has to provide value to a group of people that follow you.

Here’s what.

If you’ve been building your audience using an ideal customer profile, then this becomes easier since you can use your ICP as a guideline on what you should be posting.

Or else, you can use your newsletter to appeal to a subset of people that follow you.

How to create an ideal customer profile on LinkedIn

Choose If You Want It On Your Page or Profile

Pages or profiles can have LinkedIn newsletters, use whichever has the most traction.

Creating One on LinkedIn

First, you want to log into LinkedIn and head over to

LinkedIn newsletter, How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter For Growth This Year!

On the upper right-hand side, you should see an option to “Create a newsletter”.

LinkedIn newsletter, How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter For Growth This Year!

This should open a popup where you can fill out details about your newsletter.

Add a catchy title, select how often you want to publish, and give it a quick description. Make sure you add some of the keywords you’re looking at hitting here.

Don’t forget your visuals! It’s the first that people see. Add an image, it could be your logo, it could be your profile photo.

LinkedIn newsletter, How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter For Growth This Year!

And, that’s about it.

You can now start creating newsletter articles!

LinkedIn newsletter, How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter For Growth This Year!

Now you want to write your first post.

Make sure you welcome everyone for joining your newsletter and give them something of value.

Tell them what your newsletter is going to be about and why they should join it.

And, then tease them with some upcoming content.

Add a cover image (make sure you follow a recurring theme in your next newsletters).

Once you’re done, hit “Publish”.

Now you’re golden!

Some Newsletter Growth Hacking Tips

Post on Schedule

Consistency is critical with LinkedIn newsletters.

Your followers will want to have a reason to follow you so you need to be consistent with your publishing schedule.

We recommend that you go with the weekly route.

If you feel like this is just too much content for you to do, then try once every two weeks.

We don’t usually recommend posting a newsletter monthly because this might cause your followers to lose interest in what you’re promoting.

Don’t Treat it Like an Email Newsletter

One of the reasons that LinkedIn newsletters have risen in prominence is the fact that they are not formatted like an email newsletter.

Yes, there is less leeway for you to add custom elements, but this is the beauty of the whole format.

It looks like a blog post more than a newsletter, so treat it in the same way.

You want to take on a different voice and not sound sales-y or like you’re trying to make a follow-up.

Want to Add Customization? You can!

A common complaint of LinkedIn newsletters is the lack of customizability. You can’t use elements and you only have what LinkedIn provides, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

You can add videos, links, and even slides to your LinkedIn newsletter.

Yes, it does follow a vertical flow, but this is more than enough to let it stand out.

Make sure you always add visuals to break up your text.

This makes it more readable.


If you have the content to spare and the time to maintain it, creating a LinkedIn newsletter is one of the best things that you can do on the platform.

A LinkedIn newsletter allows you to have a completely different voice on LinkedIn, gives you an avenue to post longer content, and it’s another medium to provide your users with value.

To add to this

And, the kicker?

It’s fairly easy to do! It’s almost as easy as putting up a LinkedIn article.

The secret is maintaining it and posting consistently.

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