How to Create an Offer That Always Works (BAMF Secrets)

How to Create an Offer That Always Works (BAMF Secrets)

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
December 7th, 2021
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What does your offer look like?

Would you buy into your own solutions?

Now, that’s a real million-dollar question that you should be asking yourself every day.

This question is more than just your niche or USP.

If you took a product to market, then you should already have one that you believe in.

We’re talking about the actual written value proposition you’re presenting to your prospects in your posts, ads, and profile.

No matter how good your omnichannel campaigns are, they’re only as good as the value that you’ve hammered down the moment they’re ready to make a decision.

In this quick, we’ll show you how to create an offer that’s just too hard to turn down so you’ll have better marketing copy, CTA, opt-in forms, and everything in between.

You need to read this if you want conversions.

The Magic Formula

The formula for offers that work is simple:

Guarantee + Risk Management + Unique Offer = Win!

For example:

“Get 20 leads in 20 days or your money back with our secret algorithm!”

Sounds easy right?

Kind of, but no.

There are still a lot of considerations for you to take a look at.


One way of designing your offer is to add a guarantee in the beginning.

Think of it as the big premise of your solution.

Will they get more leads, sales, or maybe a quicker way of doing something?

A guarantee is basically your offer to help them out by explaining what you’re going to do for them right in the beginning.

So, why do we start with the guarantee?

how to create an offer, How to Create an Offer That Always Works (BAMF Secrets)


People want to immediately know your solution is going to help them.

If you want to get your prospect’s attention, especially in material that’s designed to convert immediately, you need to tell them how it’s going to help them with their situation straight off the bat.

Now, this guarantee doesn’t have to explicitly say: “5 leads in 5 minutes guaranteed!”, sometimes it can take a more implicit nature such as: “Get 20 templates that have helped 20 companies get leads”.

If you’re using a lot of organic lead generation and nurturing strategies, then implicit is always the best way to go since an explicit guarantee might put people off.

How about breaking the guarantee? Maybe, their industry won’t be able to sustain that many leads in one go, or something might go wrong.

Then, in that case, you can play it a little safe.

There are dozens of ways you can guarantee other aspects of your offer without having to bend over backward to provide for the prospect. Being truthful about their expectations is a guarantee in itself.

Risk Management

Want an offer that prospects just can’t say “no” to?

Then, manage their risk or remove it completely.

how to create an offer, How to Create an Offer That Always Works (BAMF Secrets)

People don’t like risk.

That’s the reason people like things that they can get for free because we’re naturally risk-averse especially with the things that we’ve hard to work hard to get.

Risk management might be a personal topic, but what you can do to guide your prospect through your pipeline is manage their risk for them.

Now there are times where reducing your risk could mean having to increase yours.

For example, if you reduce the amount of money they spend that could weigh heavily on the resources that you have to put out to provide for their needs.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this all the time.

One way of mitigating your and your prospects’ risks is the use of specialized tactics such as freebies and trials.

If you’re selling a software solution, a free trial is one of the best ways to go. You can market your product, increase your userbase and be one of the few providers that are willing to bet their campaigns on how good their product is.

For other services, you can provide discounts that are just too big to ignore, this might pull in a significant drop in profit on the first period, but you can make up for it depending on what services you’re providing.

Unique Offer

This part is all about creating intrigued with what you’re doing.

What’s different about what you’re selling?

Are you using a unique system?

Is your product new?

We’ve already established the guarantee that will help prospects realize the value of your offer, you’ve minimized the risks involved, so now it’s time to paint a picture of how you’re going to do it.

This part of the offer is where you can sweeten the deal and add a little storytelling element that will help you give your offer a little more character.

An example would be:

“Using our in-house automation method”

“With our unique algorithm”

“By creating specialized growth funnels”

Adding these suffix phrases will help add a little more color to your offer.

Where Do These Offers Apply?

These offer structures can apply to ads, your organic content, random social media posts, and even long-form articles that cover the organization.

However, how you use them is critical.

If it’s a post that’s designed to automatically convert a prospect, then you have to be more aggressive with your guarantee, risk management, and unique offer.

Tell them how many actual leads that they’re going to get, sell them the first tranche for free, and make sure that your offer is something that’s not in the market.

For organic posts, you can take a more laid-back approach and create longer offers.

Instead of saying “Let us increase your traffic by 30% or your money back in 30 days using our secret method”, you could instead phrase it like “We’ve helped a lot of companies increase their traffic by 30% using our in-house methods, maybe it’s time we help you with yours. Give us a month to get your site up and running and if we don’t pull it off, we give you your money back!”

Takeaways on How to Create an Offer

Creating an offer that your prospects can’t refuse isn’t rocket science.

There are different combinations of what works, but if nothing seems to be working you can never go wrong with:

Guarantee + Risk Management + Unique Offer

That’s the magic trio.

You can use that in any industry of any business size and run with it.

However, you still need to test out your copy.

This helps you stay flexible and more efficient with your marketing efforts.

That’s the BAMF way!

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