How to Go About Facebook Verification for Growth

How to Go About Facebook Verification for Growth

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 3rd, 2022
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Facebook verification is critical if you want to grow.

Many businesses and influencers have undergone this process to bump their credibility and keep their loyal customers.


It’s a way to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will be exploring what Facebook verification is, the step-by-step process of getting it, and tips to make the application process smooth. 

What is Facebook verification?

It is pretty noisy in the online world.

There are so many businesses popping up, and it can get tricky how to distinguish honest, valuable companies from those that just want to get your dollars or scam you.

That’s where Facebook verification comes in.

It gives you social credit.

That blue checkmark brings confidence to potential prospects and loyal customers, knowing that the page they are on is not maintained by an imposter but is owned by the actual individual or business brand.

Top reasons why you should get verified

Well, wouldn’t you want to protect your identity?

There will always be copycats.

Choosing to undergo the process and earning that verification code sets you apart from copycats. With so many imposters, fans, or trolls online, your content may be used or shared. 

You want to give your prospects the real deal.

It makes you credible

Having a blue checkmark next to your name will make it easier for customers and prospects to know that they hit the original page with the purest and most up-to-date information and content.  

You have the potential to gain more followers and leads

You will want your loyal customers and prospects to hear and know your voice.

This is also just the same as getting insurance to protect your assets. Your asset is the people who follow you and contribute to the whole community you have built. You want to save them by doing all you can to keep them.

Facebook will also bump you higher when a prospect searches online. This means that they can heartily recommend you. This is just another way of saying that your visibility matters, and you have more chances of being seen having passed verification.

Leave your mark

This is beneficial for businesses with a following across multiple social media platforms. The algorithms at work online will most likely bring up your page. Facebook will highlight posts to viewers that they are most likely interested in, like ads.

Step by Step Process for Facebook Verification

First, be clear on the reasons why you want to be verified

You will need to apply for Facebook verification, and just like any other application, you will also undergo a process.

It is long and there is a chance you won’t get it right away.

However, you can always keep trying.

Don’t get verified for the sake of verification, get it to get on the next level.

Second, do a quick audit 

You must be visible to the prospects you would like to connect with.

Do a quick profile audit.

According to Facebook, you need to be the following:

  • Authentic
  • Unique
  • Complete
  • Notable

This means you have a unique voice that is just yours that pulls a significant amount of followers.

And, lastly, just like LinkedIn, it has to be complete.

Meaning that the page or profile you have has to be optimized before you start the process.

Third, go ahead and fill out that online application for verification

It’s time to fill in the paperwork!

Click on this link to start the Facebook verification process

Fourth, establish your identity

Have your identification cards ready to upload. Such documents could be in a passport or driver’s license, for example.

You can also provide information about your business by uploading the article of incorporation, tax filing, and others.

facebook verification, How to Go About Facebook Verification for Growth

Fifth, prove that you are a voice in your industry

You will need to prove that there are people who are following you and that your voice is indeed notable. Identify the industry you are in, whether in entertainment, business, or other, and the country you are operating from. 

Of course, social media is global, but it would be best to highlight the country where you or your page is more widely known – it helps if it’s the same region as where most of your prospects are located.

In line with this step is the requirement to list your sites or other social media accounts where you can be seen. This step proves that you are active and have a following. The following you created was because you engaged with your community and built it up. This alone is an excellent support to your application.

facebook verification, How to Go About Facebook Verification for Growth

Sixth, press that “Send” button after review

You will be notified after some time whether you have passed. There is a waiting period, and you will want to regularly check for any notification from Facebook. This could be anywhere between two days to 45 days. If you are denied, Facebook allows you to reapply after 30 days.

Tips to make the process smoother

With any application, your documents will undergo scrutiny.

Don’t worry.

If the application was rejected the first time, you may want to consider the following that could have potentially hindered your application.

  1. Documents were not clear. You will be asked to upload your identification cards or additional supporting documents like the Articles of Incorporation. Check whether the uploaded documents are in high resolution or if important information can be clearly seen and read.
  2. Complete information. Cross-check to see that you have filled up all the necessary information. On top of that, make sure that it is consistent. Having complete information also means that everything is up to date. Review your email address, websites, biography, and more. 
  3. Professionalize your output. Yes, whether you are applying for your profile or page, remember to keep in mind that numerous people are checking in and wondering about the authenticity of your page. Remove graphic art that is blurred or makes your page look dubious. Review your content to check grammar and spelling. 
  4. Strategize. Setting up websites alone is not enough. Even if you have set up sites or social media profiles, this is already a warning sign if there is no following or engagement. Strategize how you will be able to market and keep the attention of your viewers. 
  5. Be unique. The marketplace online is very noisy with competing niches. It is not enough to find your niche; you also have to focus on standing out. The only way to do that is to be unique and authentic to yourself and your viewers. Do not copy other people’s sales copy or style, but develop your own. This will also differentiate you from the numerous pages and profiles of copy-cats – which is the reason why there is Facebook verification in the first place. 

Take it to the next level

There is nothing to it.

It is very straightforward.

And, this is actually an excellent way to evaluate yourself. Think of it as a preliminary test for minimal requirements. If you don’t pass, you have the opportunity to review contributing factors and fix them. 

The review will help confirm your best strategies and underdeveloped highlight areas. Knowing what to look at will help you determine the following steps to enhance or improve in preparation for your next submission.

In the end, we want to set ourselves up as a legitimate business or influencer. Because we care about reaching out to our viewers, we also want to give them peace of mind that they have access to the authentic you.

We all have that drive to want to be the best in our industry and serve our viewers to our ability. 

So don’t wait to undergo the Facebook verification process.

Crush it and level up. 

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