How to Increase Instagram Likes in 10 Easy Ways

How to Increase Instagram Likes in 10 Easy Ways

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
September 30th, 2022
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Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms today when intending to promote a brand.

The platform is also best known for being fun!

And that’s why it’s powerful.

A majority of social media users find it easier to navigate Instagram.

Its users are also known to be more active compared to other social media platforms. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that a lot of social media users prefer it to so many other existing platforms online. 

In today’s guide, we’ll show you how you can increase Instagram likes and leverage your content.

Why Increase Instagram Likes?

A lot of users have been migrating to Instagram for its quick visuals, which a lot of people consider refreshing as they do not have to watch lengthy videos. It has now transformed into the perfect avenue for microblogging, where people can gain popularity by simply sharing photos and reels. 

Here’s what.

Knowing what you know about Instagram’s potential to connect you with a massive audience, the challenge of getting your content noticed is a primary consideration. Do not post just for the sake of posting. Post content that will establish your product or service as a serious brand that intends to meet a need.

Remember that you are posting to create a strong online presence, create awareness, and connect with your target audience. To be successful at this, you need to know what kind of content your audience likes and come up with something original and attractive. 

Plus, you can leverage it to tell the algorithm that you are relevant!

1. Create engaging contests.

People like to join contests because they know they will win something. A contest can be as easy as asking people to like the post to get a chance to win a prize. This approach has worked for so many brands on Instagram. It has the potential to increase likes phenomenally, especially if the prize is irresistible. 

Normally, you would expect only the competitive ones to respond to this kind of content.

Surprisingly, that has changed over time.

Even the non-competitive ones also participate just for the hang of it.

Apart from simply asking your targets to like in order to qualify, you can also require them to tag three friends in the comment section as a second requirement. This way, you are able to reach more. While there is no guarantee that those who were tagged will join, you have at least aroused their interest. Engaging contests don’t just increase Instagram likes, but they also help with engagement!

2. Come up with distinct and unforgettable captions.

You can never go wrong with catchy and unforgettable captions. People like reading something that they can relate with or that makes them laugh. While there are photos that can speak a thousand words on their own, they stand out more when accompanied by well-constructed captions. Your captions will speak highly of your values, the characteristics of your brand, and what the audience can expect from you in the future. 

Witty captions will help establish your brand identity in the long run. You may also opt to use a slogan that will appear in most, if not all, of your posts. Make it a hashtag so it can easily be traced. 

Increase Instagram Likes, How to Increase Instagram Likes in 10 Easy Ways

3. Check out the strategies of your competitors. 

When on Instagram, it is easy to realize early on that the world will not revolve around you or your brand. This explains why you need to find ways to be noticed and stand out among multiple other users who are trying to do the same thing. Study what your competitors are doing. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How are they engaging their targets? 
  • What kind of content are they creating?
  • How many times a week do they post?
  • Are they getting a lot of reactions or responses from users?
  • How is their engagement doing versus your own?

Being able to ask these questions will help you evaluate how well your content is made. You can learn a lot from simply observing what they do, but combining their best practices can be instrumental in helping you take your brand to the next level.

There is so much that you can learn from comparing the content of your competitors.

You do not have to copy what they are doing. You can choose only what you think would best suit your brand and experiment with combinations until you find the right kind of content that your targets will respond to. 

4. Showcase a variety of content. 

It is advisable to showcase a variety of content on your account. While people will easily fall in love with your consistency as a brand, introducing a different kind of content every now and then will break the monotony and arouse their interest all the more.

Increase Instagram Likes, How to Increase Instagram Likes in 10 Easy Ways

Variety will invite excitement and nothing keeps followers hooked than the idea of excitement. Breaking the monotony can do your brand a lot of good. 

The addition of Instagram stories has allowed content creators to explore other ways of engaging their targets. Being temporary in nature, Instagram stories can be used to post a wide array of content, without flooding your account. 

We find this method one of the best ways to increase Instagram likes.

5. Include the location of your posts. 

When posting from a location outside of your regular sites, such as the headquarters or office, go ahead and include the location of the post to stir up curiosity. When people become curious, they want to see more. When they want to see more, they will wait for your account to post some more from the same location.

Naturally, it would be ideal to post from a location that is new and interesting. When something unfamiliar appears in your new content, your followers will automatically ask the question why. Asking this question will compel them to explore your account further. 

6. Tag the right people.

Instagram is overflowing with influencers, celebrities, and people who have huge followings. Knowing which ones to tag in your posts makes a lot of difference, especially if they start commenting or liking your content.

Chances are, their followers will also take interest in your content and are highly likely to like the post as well. In part, Instagram is all about connecting with the connected users. Use it to your advantage to gain increase Instagram likes. 

7. Know the best times of the day to post your content. 

Do not post your content randomly. It has to be strategically posted at specific times of the day when the usage is high. This means posting when users are likely not busy and possibly scanning their phones.

Choose the ones when your targets are not in the workplace hustling or early in the morning when they are probably rushing out of the house to take their kids to school, do errands, or head for work. During those hours, they will highly likely ignore your post. 

Research the best times of the day to post your content so you can optimize possibilities. If you are promoting food, for instance, would it be better to post at an hour when they will most likely feel hungry or at exactly the time when they are most likely eating? Either way, it is best to know which one would be better to get the most out of your post. 

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8. Come up with a catchy hashtag.

Hashtags are a fun trend on Instagram.

They make content easier to find.

They can also be used to make a collection of, or be part of, photos or videos available on Instagram. Hashtags also have the potential to create special groups inclined towards what you are trying to showcase. The likelihood that you will also attract the followers of those who first liked your post is high. 

By grouping your content with other relevant content you can help increase Instagram likes.

9. Solicit insights and comments from other people.

One of the ultimate forms of engagement with any kind of content is when people start talking about it or to each other in the comments section.

When this happens, it is highly likely that many others will pick up your post. As people comment, they will also have the tendency to tag their friends who may want to see it.

When they do this, this means getting a new lead who may potentially clock the like button as well. Engage your audience by answering their comments. Ask them questions or post a witty remark to encourage more comments. 

10. Do not underestimate the power of a meme. 

If you are not into memes, now is the best time to start liking them to get more engagement for your content. Some people find memes below their taste, but if you look closely they have the potential to convey deep meanings that can make people think or react right away. Whether it is moving people to click the like button, the heart button, or leaving a comment, these kinds of engagements are helpful.

Some Instagram accounts are just all about memes with a wide array of topics. And it cannot be denied that multiple are drawn to them because they are funny. Only use memes, however, if you believe it is a good fit for the profile of your brand. Otherwise, you might as well try another strategy. 

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Takeaways on How to Increase Instagram Likes

IG is powerful.

But being a social media medium, it has to have social interactions.

And, that’s why getting likes is critical.

Not only does it signal to the algorithm that your content is worth being suggested to other people, but it also shows people that you have enough social proof to command their attention.

So, what are you doing to increase Instagram likes lately?

We hope you “liked” our post!

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