How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn …The Right Way

How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn …The Right Way

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 30th, 2022
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LinkedIn might be bringing a lot of passive and active leads into your funnel, but sometimes you still need your prospect to go to your website to experience the full extent of the customer experience that you have to offer.

That’s why it’s also one of the best platforms to pull in traffic to your website.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best ways on how to increase web traffic using LinkedIn and make sure you’re leveraging all those eyeballs taking a look at your profile.

Display Your Website URL in Your LinkedIn Headline

If you’ve created a compelling headline for all your prospects to read then chances are they’re hooked on what you have to offer the moment that they’re done reading.

That’s the beauty of fully optimized LinkedIn headlines.

They pull attention.

One of the best ways to start readily diverting traffic from LinkedIn to your website is by placing your website link on your headline itself.

Now a lot of people will skip this step in favor of adding their link to their LinkedIn summary.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’ve got a short URL then adding it to your headline does make a lot of sense.

How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn, How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn …The Right Way

How to write a LinkedIn headline in 2022

We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with the most actionable headlines on LinkedIn and at the same time we’ve also released four guides. Here’s the latest one.

Disclaimer: if you’ve got a really long URL don’t add it to your headline, it will make your LinkedIn headline text-heavy.

LinkedIn Publications

If you’re publishing blog posts on the regular, then it also makes sense to syndicate a portion of those blog posts to LinkedIn publishing.

It’s understandable that you might not have the bandwidth to have different content on two different platforms.

That’s fine.

There’s a workaround.

You can post a truncated post of your original blog post and then add a link to the rest of the article on your website.

This way, they’re already hooked on your article, and if they think it really adds value, you’ll find that they will want to see the rest of it adding traffic to your site.

Now here’s where it gets critical.

How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn, How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn …The Right Way

You need to make sure that they’ll spend time on your site, so make sure that it’s not just the rest of your article that’s there.

Add proper linking mechanisms and CTAs so that they’ll have fun exploring your site and you have the opportunity to increase their purchase intent.

LinkedIn Posts That Add Value

Do you want to build a name for yourself and deliver so much consistent value that people will “want” to visit your site out of their own volition?

Good, here’s how you do it on LinkedIn.

You add value.

This means you have to post things that bring value to your current audience until they get the urge to look up your profile and find that you have a website.

However, just posting every once in awhile is never enough.

You need to deliver consistent value or else you lose that momentum you are trying to bring.

This means being active on LinkedIn.

It is difficult to get some momentum going in the beginning, but once you do an audit and get a feel for what your audience wants, it becomes easier to write and drive engagement to these posts.

Adding CTAs Leading to Your Website

The most obvious way of driving up traffic to your website is by literally telling people to go and visit your website.

This could be inside your posts, through your LinkedIn profile optimization and even through your LinkedIn publications.

However, this isn’t as easy as telling people to head over to your website in everything that you put out on the platform.

If you do this too often, you end up being spammy and you start to alienate people making them reluctant to visit your website since you’re constantly telling them to.

If you do want people to heads over to your website, give them a real reason to, whether it’s the end of your truncated post on LinkedIn publishing, a webinar you’re hosting or maybe you just want them to take part in something new that you’re hosting there.

Remember on LinkedIn, less is definitely more.

Syndicating Your Website Posts

Here’s a pro-tip.

Don’t just share your blog posts on LinkedIn, make sure you get on Google Analytics to check out what’s bringing in the most traffic and pick those ones to push out to your followers and connections.

Chances are, if they performed well on your website, they will also perform well on LinkedIn.

And, don’t just stop there.

You want to write a great caption for these pieces. Ideally something that will get people to click on them out of interest in the work that you’re doing.

That’s one way to get people in.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a giveaway, have it come from your site itself because this way they’ll have to enter your site in order to take part in whatever it is you’ve offering.

Company Pages

Do you have a company page?

It’s probably one of the things your prospects check out before they head over to your real website.

Chances are they could also be there to look for your website URL.

You can’t miss out on this opportunity to drive traffic to your website so make sure you’ve set up a company page on LinkedIn to take care of these folks.

If you manage multiple brands or have many distinct offerings that are hosted on subdomains or their own special pages, you can even go as far as creating showcase pages for these brands.

Your Summary Section

Our last tip is to make your about me section stand out so much that they would want to get to work with you in a more professional level.

How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn, How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn …The Right Way

This means adding a layer of mystery and CTAs ultimately leading to your website for proper conversions.

Now we have an entire guide that you can check out here:

How to write a LinkedIn summary section that converts.

You need to keep in mind that you’re not only attaching a link to your website, but you’re also building enough credibility in this section for them to want to be interested in products or services that you can cater to.

Takeaways on How to Increase Web Traffic Using LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile, on its own, should be enough to convert your prospects to act on their intent to transact with you, but the truth is, given it’s a social media platform, you won’t be able to run everything on it.

That’s why you also need a mechanism in place to drive some traffic to your website.

In general, you want to make sure that everything that happens in your marketing channels is designed with an omnichannel in mind.

Being able to reach people on one channel and convert them on another is an artform in itself, but using the tips we’ve laid out here, you should be good to go!

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