How To Find Unidentified Warm Leads

How To Find Unidentified Warm Leads

written by Houston Golden
February 25th, 2017
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Let us learn, how to find unidentified warm leads?

I’ll show you how I land one new client every 1 -2 weeks.

In the following guide, I’ll show you the exact steps I’ve taken to identify the normally unidentified leads visiting my website, find their e-mail address and seal the deal!

It has helped me close a lot of clients!

Do you know which companies visit your website?

Nope. Neither did I.

I mean we do have a lot of visitors, but we had no clue whether they were ‘consumers’, high school kids ( who google ‘how do commercials work’), or businesses.

Now I know about a tool inside Google Analytics called ‘NSA Leads’ but the quality sucked and it wasn’t very practical.

Enter > IP enriching tools

Based on IP addresses there is a lot you can learn about your visitors. And luckily there are some tools that can help us.

Basically what I want is an overview of which companies visited my website, which pages they visited and I’d like to be notified daily.

IP Lead tools

Tools that tell you which companies are on your site:

BreakfastLeads (free 14 day trial, $8,29 p/m) | pro’s: simple, complete, detailed info in daily mail, cons: no API, no integrations with other tools) << My choice *

SalesFeed (free 30 day trial, $87 p/m) | pro’s: integraties with HubSpot, Exact. Cons: first tier maxes out on 1500 monthly visits :O

Leadboxer: (free trial, starts at $49 p/m) | pro’s: lead scoring, intergrations with Zapier, . Cons: limit on leads, no daily mail – only weekly.

Haven’t tried: (starting from $59,-) (unclear pricing)

* Full disclosure; I know the owner Tim (shout out to all the Tims), and I’ve helped him make the website more neurmarketing ‘sound’ ;-). But I’m also loving the tool, because it’s the cheapest and most complete I’ve seen.

Step 1. The Magic

Every morning I receive an e-mail with companies that visited my website, with more info:

BAMF How To Find Unidentified Warm Leads Article Image

Step 2. Finding out who to contact

So one major downside is that now I know which company visited us, I don’t know WHO exactly that was. This is where some guesswork comes in, but hey, it’s better than nothing!

(in the Breakfastlead email there’s a handy button directing you to a LinkedIn search on the companies name :D).

Step 3. Guessing their email

I go to LinkedIn and look up the most probable suspect. That’s where I use to guess their e-mail:

BAMF How To Find Unidentified Warm Leads Article Image

More tools 😉

I like best, because it gives you 150 free credits. But some others are:

Find anyone’s email

Some lists:

Step 4. Send a semi-cold mail

Since I’ve visited the profile page to guess their e-mail, I have a nice opening for my e-mail. There are better tutorials for cold emails, so I suggest Google them or look at the one from Houston.

Mine is something like:

Hi [name],

I saw your profile and I couldn’t stop myself from sending a small e-mail with something I hope you’ll find interesting as well!

Step 5. Follow up!

I’ve noticed not everybody replies to my first e-mail :(. But strangely enough, I can get an extra 50% response rate by sending two follow-ups. My favorite tool is MixMax which does a ton more of awesome stuff. But there’s more out there, next page for some tools.

Outreach tools (that’s basically what you want) (rather pricy), but works with more clients than ‘just’ gmail (best bang for your buck, if I might say).

Final thoughts

It all comes down to knowing which companies are interested in you. For some companies, it’s impossible to figure out who it was (for example when PepsiCo visits), but at least it also gives you an idea of your target market.

And as an extra bonus, it gives us some extra confirmation of our business.

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