LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 25th, 2021
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LinkedIn is one of the best B2B channels out there.


Almost every single professional is on it.

And, since it’s a professional social network, making business connections is the norm.

For B2B marketers looking to scale, it’s an absolute gold mine of leads.

In this guide, I want to go over a couple of LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies that you can apply to your lead generation today.

Optimize Your Company Page Like Your Profile Page

At BAMF, we talk a lot about optimizing your profile page to turn it into a passive lead generation machine.

But, you have to do the same thing for your company page.

Optimizing your company page follows almost the same principles as a LinkedIn profile, but it also has its own quirks.

For example, the layout is different, and there is more of an emphasis on the organization than individual skills.

In company page optimization, you have to make sure your prospect knows what you specialize at the moment they walk onto your page.

  • Cover Photo – has to contain CTAs, showcase your products or services, and have catchy marketing copy.
  • About summary – has to be as concise as possible so that people can glance at your page and find out what you do and who you are.

Check out our detailed guide to company page optimization here.

By optimizing your company you can turn it into a landing page for your brand, this allows you to bring in leads without active outreach involved.

And, that’s not all.

The company page also serves as a reference point for people looking for more information on it.

You have to be clear with your contact information and the other details of what you do on the page itself.

Showcase Pages

Think of showcase pages as individual pages for departments, products or brands, that your organization has under its management.

Showcase pages help keep LinkedIn company pages more organized as you can assign a new page every time you launch anything new and still redirect your prospects back to your main page for general information.

The great thing about showcase pages is that they allow you to assign a different message and brand for each of the divisions and products that you have. This allows more personalization for your prospects and increases the surface area of your LinkedIn B2B marketing.

A good example of this is Amazon.

Linkedin B2B Marketing, LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021

Microsoft also does the same thing.

Linkedin B2B Marketing, LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021

Now these companies also use affiliated pages, which are great if you’re a large organization, but you need to ask LinkedIn for help in affiliating pages with each other.

If you’re starting small and scaling up, showcase pages are just as good at the beginning.

Use LinkedIn for Retargeting

Lead nurturing is extremely important in B2B campaigns, especially for longer selling cycles such as B2B healthcare and the like.

Some prospects need a subtle reminder about your brand every now and then, and one way to reach them is through LinkedIn retargeting.

You can use the LinkedIn insight tag (which is just like the Facebook Pixel) to help cookie visitors on your site and automatically retarget them with ads that will help nurture them through the pipeline.

Linkedin B2B Marketing, LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021

What kind of ads should you be using?

We recommend something subtle.

Your prospect is already familiar with you, so give them a little reminder every now and then.

At BAMF, we like a more varied approach, for example, you can pitch via email with a link to your website, cookie them once they’re there, and then send a retargeting ad along the way on LinkedIn.

The possibilities are endless.

What’s important is that you continue your lead nurturing campaign.

Everyone on Your Team Has to Be an Influencer

Yes, you read that right.

On LinkedIn, people seem to get more engagement than company pages.

And, that’s perfectly normal.

It is a social media networking site, albeit a professional one, and people like interacting with other people.

This is why you have to get your team on board as company ambassadors. This means it’s not just the company and founder’s pages that have to be optimized, but every single member of the team.

Having a lot of people representing the company as influencers will increase the surface area of your LinkedIn B2B marketing campaign.

You’ll have more passive landing pages in the form of LinkedIn profiles, there will be a lot more people engaging and sharing company posts, and prospects have a lot more points of contact in the organization.

Also, it helps with company branding and culture.

Teams that are united in promoting a company are seen as more stable and easier to work with.

Make sure your team members share company posts, engage with other prospects, and help in driving your organization’s LinkedIn B2B marketing.

Use LinkedIn as Part of Your Multidimensional Campaign

You have to include LinkedIn as part of your multidimensional campaign.

There’s no way to work around it.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you can use it at any stage of the funnel, it can be your conversation starter, you can pitch on it, you can use it for retargeting, as a source of passive leads, a repository of social proof, and even as close deals on it.

At BAMF, we focus on using LinkedIn in different ways depending on the client and their industry.

Sometimes it’s used as a lead nurturing tool and other times as the main lead generation tool.

Almost all your prospects are going to be on the network, so your presence has to be felt.

Content is EXTREMELY Important

We cannot stress this enough.

The content that you, your company page, and your team release is important.


It’s the basis of people’s perception of who you are and what you do.

Even if you’ve optimized your company profiles to the max, the content that you release shows prospects the voice of the company.

But, that’s not all that content does.

Content also serves as a lead magnet.

It helps generate leads.

Look at these posts that we put out for instance.

Linkedin B2B Marketing, LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021
Linkedin B2B Marketing, LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021

When content is not busy bringing in leads, it helps nurture prospects in the pipeline through strategic messaging and inspiring stories.

Make sure you’re helping promote your company’s content as your own..

Use ABM and Sales Navigator Together for Prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best tools in the market.


Because it natively integrates with the LinkedIn platform.

Its filtering process is so advanced that you have access to options to filter by demographics, characteristics, past employment, and even keywords used in groups.

Linkedin B2B Marketing, LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Win in 2021

It’s the ultimate tool for advanced prospecting especially if you’re using ABM (account-based marketing).

You can take your ideal customer profiles and plug in your filters into Sales Navigator so that you can produce highly segmented leads that you can work on.


LinkedIn B2B marketing is the way forward.

With the largest active professional user base in the world, LinkedIn dominates when it comes to having the most leads available.

Not only can it help scale lead generation, but a lot of people have started relying on LinkedIn as their main source of leads.

Are you integrating LinkedIn B2B marketing in your campaigns?

Let us help you today!

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