LinkedIn Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Size Guide!

LinkedIn Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Size Guide!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
February 26th, 2021
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LinkedIn pictures are wonderful.

They allow you a lot of room to show off your personality and they’re technically free visual real estate that comes with your LinkedIn profile.

But, are you maximizing that space with the right photo dimensions?

In today’s guide, I want to go through LinkedIn image dimensions and other details that will help you take your pictures to the next level.

Why It’s Important To Have The Right LinkedIn Image Dimensions

Have you ever uploaded a photo only to have a part of it cut off?

Or, imagine uploading a photo just to have it come up as a little pixelated.

That’s the problem with the wrong dimensions, the moment you upload something that isn’t the right size, the platform will automatically stretch, compress or crop it so that it will fit.

Now, if you’re a growth hacker that prioritizes maximizing every pixel of space, you want to make sure that your images go up to convert as intended.

Being efficient with what you have is a critical part of aiming for better growth.

And, that includes counting the pixels that you’re using up when accounting for LinkedIn image dimensions.

LinkedIn Profile Picture Dimensions

400 x 400

Your LinkedIn profile picture will come cropped in a circle, usually placed on the bottom left-hand side of your header image.

It’s important to keep this in mind especially if you’re going to use your header image as visual real estate to showcase your products and to host CTAs like what we do at BAMF.

The last thing you want is an important part of your header image cut off by a photo of you.

Here’s what.

You can do yourself a solid and make sure that your face is in the middle of the 400 x 400 photo that you’re going to upload. This helps to prevent your head/hair from being cut off unnecessarily.

Also, consider using a non-distracting backdrop for your profile or removing the background altogether to make sure that you set it apart from the header image.

You can use the Clipping Magic tool to strip backgrounds.

LinkedIn Image Dimensions, LinkedIn Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Size Guide!

We like this tool because it’s pretty easy to use!

LinkedIn Header Image

1584 x 396

Your LinkedIn header image is one of the most of hardest working parts of your profile if you put it to good news.

Due to its size, you can use it to hold CTAs, product announcements, multiple photos, and even contact information.

Its placement is also great since it’s one of the first things that a prospect sees when they visit your profile.

Find out how you can create profile pictures and header images that help you convert!

LinkedIn Image Dimensions, LinkedIn Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Size Guide!

Notice how it was intended for my profile pic to end up in front of the books on my cover photo?

Your profile photo and header image should work together in maximizing the space.

LinkedIn Link/Update Post

1200 x 628

You can create unique graphics for your LinkedIn Link/Update Post.

Here’s what.

Make sure that it’s up to standard so that you can maximize the space and use it as a visual CTA to get prospects to click on it.

LinkedIn Image Dimensions, LinkedIn Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Size Guide!

Remember, these photos also get scaled down when you feature them. So, following the correct Linked image dimensions is a must.

Just like your header image, this is a good place to convert.

LinkedIn Post Image

1200 x 1200

1200 x 628 (Mobile)

If you have to pick, optimize your LinkedIn post images for mobile.


Sure, a lot of your prospects will see your image posts on a larger screen, but the truth is a lot of them are on their phones.

The pixel width is identical and it’s just the height that changes, on desktops, there is more real estate for you to “extend” your post vertically, but on mobile screen space is limited.

Once you optimize an image post for mobile, you can rest assured that it’s also optimized for desktop use.

When in doubt, prioritize mobile.

LinkedIn Video

256 x 144 up to 4096 x 2304

For LinkedIn video, we refer to the resolution of your videos.

However, the best resolution you can use is:

1080 x 1080

Now we could talk about the video more in-depth, but we’ll leave it for another day.

For aspect ratios, you looking at anywhere between 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 4:5, or 2:3.

Personally, the 1:1 and 16:9 rations appeal the most and portrait-type videos aren’t necessarily appealing to prospects.

300 x 300

LinkedIn Company logos act just like a profile picture, but for your company page.

Now the main way that they differ is with cropping size is the shape. LinkedIn profile pictures are cropped in a circle, while company logos are available in 1:1 square sizes.

For company logos, we highly advise that you use a vector of your logo behind a solid colored background.

Don’t cause a zoom because it will clip your logo.

Now, if you find that your logo is too horizontal or vertical in nature, use an alternate logo and place the real “long-form” logo in the company cover photo.

LinkedIn Company Cover Photo

1,536 x 768

Your company cover photo follows the same rules as your LinkedIn profile header image.

Make sure that you use the space because it’s technically free advertising.

LinkedIn Image Dimensions, LinkedIn Image Dimensions: The Ultimate Size Guide!

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Image

1200 x 628

Lastly, we get to sponsored content images, make sure you fill this image up completely to spec.

At this point, you’re shelling out real money and you want to make sure that you don’t waste any space at all.


LinkedIn image dimensions might seem like a trivial thing to worry about for the normal growth hacker, but trust me, I’ve seen many graphics, images, and even campaigns look awful because someone forgot about them.

Getting your images right is an essential part of growth hacking because you want your graphics to convert exactly as they were intended.

It can be a hassle to remind your graphic designer or yourself about the different dimensions available, but it all works to your benefit in the end.

These little details are what can set you apart from the competition and point you in the direction of growth.


It’s the small things that matter.

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