Misa Chien: 34M Impressions, 34M Chances to Inspire [A BAMF Case Study]

Misa Chien: 34M Impressions, 34M Chances to Inspire [A BAMF Case Study]

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
March 8th, 2024
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Misa isn’t your ordinary key opinion leader.

She serves as an inspiration to plenty of women who want to break the glass ceiling.

That’s why her story with BAMF is a memorable one.

Misa Chien, Misa Chien: 34M Impressions, 34M Chances to Inspire [A BAMF Case Study]

To her, it was more than just increasing her reach, it was about inspiring as many people as possible.

To us, it was about ensuring that she was positioning for maximum growth to deliver maximum value to inspire the maximum number of people.

What Was the Problem?

From the moment we met Misa, we knew what she was capable of.

She is a dynamic go-getter who does not let obstacles stop her from getting things done. 

We did not only take her very seriously, but we also had to generate new ideas to take her business to the next level.

At the time, we realized that we needed to equip her with the tools that she needed to elevate her brand to another level.

This would mean building a system that:

  • Would allow her to increase her awareness
  • Nurtures already existing leads in her pipeline
  • Expands her reach with targetted networking
  • Allows targetted outreach

In December of 2023, she hit more than 34 million impressions.

34,815,385 to be exact.

Let’s dive in.

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Who is She?

Misa Chien isn’t your regular entrepreneur.

She is a visionary who understands how to create a brand that will stand out from the rest.

From food trucks to software, she’s established herself breaching 7 figures in revenue – a feat only 2 percent of female entrepreneurs can accomplish.

Having been an entrepreneur since she was 19 years old allowed her to explore the different facets of running a successful business.

This includes understanding the demands of the market, knowing the value of a distinctive product, and its potential to draw in profit. 

To say that nothing escapes Misa’s mind is an understatement. She sees what every entrepreneur ought to see to guarantee success.

However, that’s not all, she’s a speaker and television personality and now she’s currently ranked as the 23rd most viewed woman worldwide on LinkedIn. Misa is where she is today because of her sacrifice to ensure the success of Nom Nom Truck and Fosubo, among others. 

She does not go into any venture blindly. Instead, she studies each potential and finds a way to enhance her ideas through innovations.

This is the reason why her collaboration with BAMF worked splendidly!

Here’s What We Did

Profile Optimization

First things first, we needed to make sure that Misa’s profile was highly visible to her audience.

And to do this was to go beyond our normal tenets of profile optimization.

We needed a different approach.

You see Misa’s profile was more establishing her as a KOL, but rather positioning her as someone inspiring the masses.

We created messaging that communicated her brand and we focused on the value that she could bring instead of products or services that could be sold.

Our intervention guaranteed that she became very visible to anyone, especially to those who are highly likely not to find anything on their search engines. 

By the time we were done, Misa was a sensational hit on LinkedIn.


Once we had the groundwork settled it was now fine time to start expanding her network and this meant connecting with the right people.

Misa’s connection rate went as high as 39%, a feat that would land you VIP status in most digital marketing circles.

To put that into perspective, imagine reaching out to prospects and having around 4 out of every 10 wanting to follow you on LinkedIn.

This also highlighted the profile optimization and the content campaigns we’ve created for her.

Proper Outreach

Now that we had the right foundations in place, a steadily growing network, and proper brand messaging done right, it was time to start doing outreach. We didn’t want anything too sales-y and we were just looking at expanding her brand for her to be able to collaborate with other organizations.

We decided to come up with some custom messaging and lo and behold, we were getting a reply rate of 26 percent.

The Results

After almost a couple of months of working with Misa, the results were in, and even we couldn’t believe our eyes.

It was here that we realized that we were going to go beyond our initial KPIs and many people were going to be reached with Misa’s messaging.

We were going to help Misa take her message across the world and bring inspiration to the lives of many.

Not only did she hit the 34 million impressions mark, but her other stats were also out of this world.

She had brought 754,914 likes to her LinkedIn posts, content was being shared more than 32,000 times and she had amassed an additional 34,000 followers.

Oh, and the engagement rate?

2.35% at the very least.

It might not be much but considering the size of the campaign and the previous stats, this is actually a great batting average.

It was apparent the combination of proper LinkedIn systems and a goal to help others resulted in one of the biggest wins we’ve had.


Our collaboration with Misa is a prime example of what can happen when you combine a solid LinkedIn strategy with a partner’s purpose to provide value to their audience.

It was literally a match made in heaven and it has allowed Misa not only to inspire others in her community but also make a difference in the lives of the people that she has worked with.

Do you want to provide value but don’t know where to start?

Reach out to us today and we’ll help you leverage your messaging to bring in real results.

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