Optimize Facebook Ads For Marketing With Qwaya

Optimize Facebook Ads For Marketing With Qwaya

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 26th, 2018
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Do you want to create meaningful and entertaining facebook ads for your marketing needs?

We all know that social media marketing is an important aspect of marketing nowadays. Facebook, in general, is being used by most of the people. Qwaya is one such amazing tool that helps you optimize Facebook Ads. In short, this tool enhances your Facebook ad campaign experience. Creating, publishing, tracking, optimizing, and organizing Facebook Ads is now easy!

The only thing that makes Qwaya a great Facebook ad campaign tool is that it is quite simple.

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Creating An Ad Campaign

First of all, search Qwaya on Google. Visit the official website and sign-up for free. You may purchase a package and can also opt for a free-trial. Once you sign-up successfully, Qwaya will prompt you to connect your Facebook account. As mentioned, Qwaya is quite simple.

Qwaya offers a dashboard and you don’t need to be an expert for creating an ad campaign. Simply click on the creation menu. Qwaya offers many video templates. The tool offers sample layouts, image ideas, etc. This will help you customize the ad as per your requirement.

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One amazing feature from Qwaya is media population. The picture that you upload becomes a part of the template. You can use the image anytime without uploading it again. The image can be used for other ads as well! Customising the ad template is also easy.

But usually, ad creation is a campaign, right? This means that it doesn’t end with a single ad. You won’t use the same ad again and again. But the same ad can be created with different iterations. Qwaya helps in this as well! There is a feature known as bulk creation. While creating new ads, all the variations for titles, images, etc. are possible. These variations are then combined into ads.

Qwaya, the Bulk Creator

Bulk creation is an amazing feature but it should be used wisely. If you keep adding different titles and images continuously, you will be loaded with ads. For example, 5 titles and 5 images will lead to 25 different ads as per the combinations. It is sensible to create ads manually in the beginning and then switch over to automated ads.

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Qwaya not only helps in bulk creation but also in bulk editing. For example, the same 25 ads with 5 different titles and images will have the same targeting. You can edit all of them at the same instance.

The tool offers you microtargeting at the most basic level. It also tracks the group frequency and exposure respectively. The targeting is all automatic. Qwaya also suggests the targeting range. If the range mentioned by you is broad, Qwaya will suggest to break it down further. For example, the age mentioned by you is between 10 – 30. Qwaya may suggest to break down this target age as per the analysis.

Creating multiple ads is not an issue, but the budget could be an issue! For example, a single ad could cost $5. Facebook won’t consider the variations as a part of the same ad, it will consider it as a completely new ad. So take care of it.

Automation and Qwaya

Qwaya is flexible enough to allow you to set your own automation rules. You could stop ads that aren’t hitting up or are hitting too much! Sometimes, the conversion might get expensive, you will need to stop them. So make your own rules as per the situation.

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Analysis and Qwaya

Analysis with Qwaya is pretty normal because it is not an analytical tool. It helps you create ads. Qwaya offers standard ad performance metrics like click rates, clicks, impressions, ad comparison, etc. But there is something out-of-the-box that Qwaya offers. Yes, it offers a keyword analytics system. Your ads are indexed and the keywords are extracted from them. The performance measurement of your ads will be based on these keywords. So you will be able to figure out the helpful keywords and the ones that are not making a difference.


Qwaya definitely is a wonderful tool. There is no doubt about it. But , Qwaya comes with budget issues! Purchasing a premium, business, or agency account is slightly expensive. But it all depends on your requirement and usage. If these ads are helping you generate revenue, it is worth spending on Qwaya. There are other tools available like AdEspresso, but Qwaya has its own charm of simplicity.

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