People Also Viewed LinkedIn Feature – Turn It Off in 3 Steps!

People Also Viewed LinkedIn Feature – Turn It Off in 3 Steps!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
April 7th, 2021
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Here’s a quick tip that can help with profile optimization.

Do you have your People also viewed LinkedIn option turned on?

Well, it’s probably time to turn it off today.

Just following this small hack can do a lot for your profile, and it’s surprising how many growth hackers leave it on by accident.

Let’s begin.

Why Do You Need to Turn Off the People Also Viewed LinkedIn Feature?

LinkedIn – like any social media platform – values its UX. This is why features such as “People also viewed” are incorporated into the platform to help people navigate one from profile to another.

However, this also serves another purpose.

Keeping people on the platform for an extended amount of time also increases the time that they can show you ads, resulting in more profits for them.

But, this feature can hurt growth hackers like us.

You see, the LinkedIn algorithm is smart, it’s able to give suggestions of people who are similar to yourself. This could include people in the same industry and more often than not, your competitors.

Now, think about it, you wouldn’t have a link to a competitor’s website on your landing page would you?

So, it makes little sense to leave their links on one side of your LinkedIn profile, when your profile serves as your landing page on LinkedIn.

It seems that the only option you have is to get rid of it.

And, LinkedIn has options for you to do that.

Step 1 – Head Over to Your Settings

Head over to your profile options by clicking on the profile button and heading over to “Settings & Privacy”.

people also viewed linkedin, People Also Viewed LinkedIn Feature – Turn It Off in 3 Steps!

Step 2 – Account Preferences

Once you’re on the options page, go to “Account preferences”

people also viewed linkedin, People Also Viewed LinkedIn Feature – Turn It Off in 3 Steps!

Step 3 – Navigate to “General preferences”

Click on “People also viewed”.

people also viewed linkedin, People Also Viewed LinkedIn Feature – Turn It Off in 3 Steps!

Step 4 – Turn it Off!

Move the slider so that it says “No”.

people also viewed

And, there you have it.

You won’t risk showing a potential prospect your competitors any longer!

Plus, your profile will look a tad cleaner since there’s nothing distracting a prospect from their attention on you.

Will It Do Any Damage If I Leave It On?

I’ve heard this argument before.

How about if your profile is so convincing that you’re absolutely sure that people won’t go after anyone else?

Find out how you can be a LinkedIn influencer by checking out our guide here.

Here’s the thing.

You might have the best profile optimizations in the world, but a little insurance can take you a long way.

Think of removing the people also viewed LinkedIn feature as a little insurance on your end.

You might not need to remove it because people will stay on your profile longer, but it’s a good nice to have.

What Can I Do To Make Sure People Don’t Leave My Profile Too Early?

You’ve probably read about proper LinkedIn profile optimization in the past and I’m going to reiterate it again.

Your LinkedIn profile is your landing page on LinkedIn.

It has to be optimized to make sure that prospect who land on it are convinced that they should trust you and do business with you.

But, here’s something else you should keep in mind.

The links that you have on your profile, i.e., your featured links and your experiences section, also have to be good enough that instead of a prospect leaving they’ll want to find out more about you.

This helps you retain the prospect’s attention and by doing this you heighten brand awareness and keep them in your funnel longer.


The people also viewed LinkedIn feature isn’t necessarily a top priority for a lot of growth hackers with some even dismissing it as too small to matter.

But, here’s what.

In lead generation, it’s the little things that count.

Changing a CTA button from blue to red, changing the photo in one of your landing pages, and simply using a different synonym can make all the difference.

When all is said and done, all these little things add up and become part of the bigger feature.

At BAMF, we try to tweak every single little thing.

If it’s going to affect your growth, it doesn’t hurt to try a little harder.

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