Putting Facebook Pixels in Your Branded Links

Putting Facebook Pixels in Your Branded Links

written by Houston Golden
May 10th, 2017
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How often do you share content that goes to a destination you can’t Facebook pixel? There could be thousands of people clicking through on your links without getting added to your Facebook retargeting audience. If you could target all these people with ads, then your cost per a lead and conversion would drop. Ask yourself how much this extra audience is worth to your business model.

The ClickMeter

If you produce content on social, then you need to be using retargeting pixels in your links. How exactly do you put a retargeting pixel in a link? You use the software, ClickMeter. In ClickMeter, you have many different options for enhancing the power of your links including re-directs, setting advanced privacy, changing destinations based on the number of clicks, and even having an expiration date. In this example, you want to select Retargeting. BAMF Putting Facebook Pixels Article Image Once you selected Retargeting, you’ll have the option to insert your pixel. Before you insert the pixel, you need a Facebook Audience. In case you don’t know how to create a Facebook Audience, go to Ads Manager then click on Audience. From there, select Create Audience, then click on Custom Audience. Next, Select Website Traffic to see the picture below. Here, you want to input the same URL you’re using in ClickMeter. BAMF Putting Facebook Pixels Article Image If you haven’t created a Facebook pixel, then go to Pixels under the Ads Manager category, Assets. Once you create a pixel, you can grab the code under Actions where it says View Pixel Code. BAMF Putting Facebook Pixels Article Image Before you insert the pixel into your link in ClickMeter, you want to ensure to brand the link. For example, I own hustle.link/founder and it re-directs to my Facebook Group. According to a Bitly study, branded domain names can increase click-through rates by up to 34% on Twitter. The reason is brand name recognition results in increased trust. I use Rebrandly to create custom domains before I put them into ClickMeter. This way I can share content from others sites using a familiar domain with a pixel in it. BAMF Putting Facebook Pixels Article Image Putting Facebook Pixels in your branded links is an easy step to increasing the size of your retargeting audience while getting more engagement on your content. Even if you decide to implement this tactic later, buy several branded domain names so they don’t get taken by the time you’re finally ready. If you want to leverage your content distribution like a pro, then this is a low-hanging fruit to capitalize on.

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