Scaling Personalize Email Outreach with MixMax and Google Apps

Scaling Personalize Email Outreach with MixMax and Google Apps

written by Houston Golden
May 10th, 2017
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You’re using the best prospecting tools, you have killer email copy, and three hundred emails to send! Let us talk about scaling personalize email outreach. Do you just send these emails out one by one? Of course not! You use a Gmail extension like MixMax. There are many Gmail extensions, but I use Mixmax because it includes almost every feature you need. With Mixmax, you can send close to eight hundred emails/day from your account if you use a Google Apps email address ($5/month); otherwise, it’s only three hundred emails from a regular Gmail account. Mixmax has one of the most intuitive interfaces for outreach CRM products, email tracking, follow-up sequences, and in-email scheduling among a list of many other great features. With a click on Enhance, I can see an array of other features to help better email communication. BAMF Scaling Personalize Email Outreach Article

The Implementation

In-messaging polls was a big improvement from linking out surveys. They’re perfect for short questionnaires. Your recipients don’t even need to reply. Once they click a button, their response is sent directly back to you. Q&A surveys is another great feature. It makes it easy for recipients to focus on responding and when they do, you immediately receive the response via email. It’s perfect for segmenting your leads, understanding your prospect’s pain points, and increasing replies. BAMF Scaling Personalize Email Outreach Article Another highly touted feature is in-app scheduling. With Mixmax, you can set meetings times right in your email without going through the hassle of scheduling in your Google Calendar. In turn, the recipient will have a higher response rate to confirming the time. BAMF Scaling Personalize Email Outreach Article Mixmax’s best feature is sequences. When you receive new leads, you can add them to a follow-up campaign using Stages. Follow-up emails are triggered based on replies, opens, and time intervals. Also, you can re-use any campaign for new leads and remove recipients from scheduled follow-ups. BAMF Scaling Personalize Email Outreach Article For Gmail CRM tools, nothing is quite like Mixmax. It’s the full package when it comes to automating outreach at scale. The software starts at $9/month, and for sequence, it’s $24/month. If you make outbound sales for an early-stage startup, Mixmax will save you countless hours of outreach. The tool will also help make your emails hyper-personalized resulting in high click-through and response rates. For startups looking to get early-stage traction, sending out many targeted emails with a great incentive to engage back is an excellent way to get your initial users and product feedback. Not only that, the tool is extremely useful for maintaining contact with investors and other important people in your network. With email marketing being a critical component of every startup’s success, scaling outreach with personalized emails is a must for your growth tactic list.

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