Schedule Your Posts With eClincher

Schedule Your Posts With eClincher

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 30th, 2018
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Sharing your own content is quite important. The task doesn’t end at just creating content.

You need to share it at the right time. But how will you manage it all? Go on the autopilot mode. eClincher is a tool that helps in social media sharing. It comes up with an easy-to-use dashboard and enables you to go on the auto-pilot mode. The tool helps you locate your content, share it, and schedule it! So if you are working individually, as a small company, or as a big company, this tool will help you schedule your evergreen content.

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eClincher at it’s best

eClincher is a cloud-based app. It comes up with some amazing features. But there is one feature that everybody loves. You can schedule your posts with queues. This feature is especially helpful when you are posting lots of content on different social media channels. From the queue, you can choose to post as per your posting preferences. For example, posting with less or more frequency, stop posting content at a particular date, etc.

How eClincher solved a major problem?

The main concerns while automating content posting is time and working patterns of different platforms. For example, consider that you schedule your posts for LinkedIn. But LinkedIn isn’t just the only channel, right? You need to schedule the same posts or different posts, for different channels, at different times. If you post it at the same time on every channel, you might lose your audience. They might get fed-up. For example, if a person is following you on two social media channels, he/she won’t prefer getting notified for the same content twice, at the same time!

To manage all this efficiently, you may need more screens, more employees, etc. It will also waste your time. This is when eClincher comes to your rescue. You can set-up everything from a single dashboard provided by eCincher. Schedule it once and then just monitor. It saves a lot of time and effort.

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Let us quickly have a look at the features offered by eClincher.

Feature 1: Publishing/Scheduling Posts

Publishing and Scheduling of blog posts, the content could be yours or could be found from the Monitoring window. Social media sites supported: Facebook (Personal, Pages & Groups), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. You can also combine Facebook and Twitter account.

Feature 2: Content recycling, auto-posting, and bulk upload

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Be consistent in sharing, posting, and re-posting your content with this feature. Create content once and use the Auto Post feature. For example, sharing the post once per week, on Facebook. You can opt for the auto-scheduler feature that automatically re-posts the content.

Feature 3: Monitoring & Engagement

You can add your favorite RSS feeds. Once added, you can monitor your business, competitors, etc. With research keywords, you can save your custom search feeds. This will help you stay updated, find new stories, connect with people, etc. eClincher can also be used as an engagement tool. For example, it helps to like, comment, reply, etc. It is like, you have opened multiple social media accounts in one place.

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Feature 4: Everything in the Social Media Inbox

Engage with your audience from all the social media accounts, at one place. You can also color tag your profiles. eClincher also helps you find active influencers in your niche.

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Feature 5: Efficient Tracking, Analysing, And Optimisation

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eClincher can be integrated with Google Analytics. So use all the amazing Google Analytics features with eClincher.

Feature 6: Live Analytics Dashboard & Built-In Design Tools

The Live Analytics Dashboard offers powerful metrics to give you the exact idea of what’s happening. The real-time analytics is certainly helpful. Keep a track of everyone. Tools like Canva help you create beautiful blog posts and eClincher has already integrated it. There are many such useful inbuilt tools.

There are some more features like integration to multiple social media channels (we have already discussed), customer support, and good packages.

Overall, it is a very good social media management tool. It is good for businesses, brands, and individuals. So try it out!


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