Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
July 8th, 2021
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Imagine getting 500K LinkedIn views on a bad month.

And, imagine being able to pull this off in an industry that you wouldn’t call glamorous.

That’s the story of superstar entrepreneur Charles Walton.

Before partnering up with BAMF, he was already bringing in a ton of growth.

But, he knew and we knew that it wasn’t enough.

This is a story of how a shed manufacturer manages to score around half a million Linked views

…on a bad month.

And, how a shed manufacturer turned into a LinkedIn influencer.

Who is Charles?

Charles Walton is the founder and CEO of Kybotech.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

Now Kybotech does a lot of things.

It’s one of the biggest outdoor building manufacturers – think garden sheds, it manages eCommerce ventures, and it even has a wholesaling division.

Charles employs more than 200 people spanning three countries and he runs a pretty large operation.

But, that’s not all.

He’s also an investor and a mentor to other tech startups.

Right off the bat, we knew that he was the thought leader that other LinkedIn influencers would look up to, and there was so much opportunity for him to grow.

The Challenge

Charles Walton should be an influencer.

There is no doubt about it.

Using a combination of determination, innovation, and hard work, he managed to become one of the top entrepreneurs in the country.

He’s already experienced massive growth, but there was so much potential to be tapped.

His story was just jawdropping.

And, it needed to be told.

He already had contacts.

But, he needed to have more.

It was time that we turned him into a LinkedIn influencer.

What Needed to be Done

Charles needed doors to be unlocked.

  1. He needed a profile to convey his influencer status
  2. An outbound campaign to score him leads
  3. And, content that would establish his dominance in his field

We had just the plan to supercharge his growth with us on BAMF.

Here’s What We Did

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Charles Walton is one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs we’ve met.

So the team was naturally shocked when we ran into his profile.

It was alright.

And, that was the problem.

We decided to get creative and jump in on the redesign. He needed a profile that would highlight him and his contributions to the industry. A LinkedIn influencer profile of sorts.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

We didn’t give Charles the normal growth hacking cover image. He didn’t need that because he already had a retail arm. His profile was going to be used for collaborations and as a base for his viral content, so it needed a different approach.

We went with a company group photo to highlight the size of his team and combined that with his branding. A simple vector of his logo and his color scheme made the entire the entire thing pop.

After that, we decided to change his profile photo completely. We got a more recent shot with neutral tones that juxtaposed the styling of the cover photo. We didn’t want him in a suit, we wanted him looking comfortable with whatever he usually puts on to a meeting.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

But, we didn’t just stop at the visual appeal.

The headline needed changing out because we wanted to highlight his achievements as an entrepreneur.

We made sure that his profile was also equipped with an about summary that included contact information above-the-fold, and a bio that slightly hinted at his struggles.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

The “connect” button was also switched out with a “follow” button.

Once we were done, his profile now reflected that of an industry thought leader, and it was also good enough for passive lead generation.

We also did minor tweaks here and there to make sure that his LinkedIn profile was as complete as possible.

Influencer Content

Next, we had to get some of his thoughts out there.

We conducted a couple of interviews with Charles so that we could understand where he was coming from.

Being a serial entrepreneur, he was naturally charismatic and he had a lot of stories of overcoming the odds.

Now all that was left was cataloging all his ideas and creating content that had his voice in it.

We opted to get him at least two posts a week so that he could start to build his following. This allowed for two things:

  1. It nurtured leads that were already his connections and in his funnel.
  2. It helped establish him as a LinkedIn influencer

We wanted content that would resonate with other budding entrepreneurs.

At this point, it didn’t matter what industry he was in.

This is because his stories were truly inspiring.

Once we combined this with the BAMF secret content formula.

It exploded.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

One post brought in more than a million views.

(And, it was a repurposed video!)

He was quickly growing at an unprecedented rate.

Outbound Outreach

Charles also needed industry connections to continue the trajectory of his businesses.

And, that’s where our tailored outreach campaigns came into play.

First of all, we built target personas that matched that audience that he was looking for.

We then went forward and created unique personalized campaigns for each of the personas.

Mapping out the lead generation journey, we were also able to create custom responses that took into account a prospect’s reaction to his outbound campaign.

This led to stellar results – which we will discuss in the next section.


In 2019 alone, we were able to bring in 3.7M LinkedIn views for Charles.

This translated to an uplift of 1,173 percent.

Now, that’s a lot of content views for a company that specialized in manufacturing.

But, through careful planning and creative thought leadership pieces, he was able to secure his place as a thought leader.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

From August, his monthly content views were on the increase, apart from the mild hiccup in November – which still translated into half a million views.

In a span of just four months, he was able to reach an aggregate LinkedIn view count of 3.7 million, which is more than what a lot of thought leaders in his industry would rack up in three years.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

One of the challenges that Charles had was setting up partnerships so this meant he needed his personalized outreach campaign to work.

And, that’s exactly what it did.

The connection acceptance rate was almost half with most messages being replied to 54 percent of the time.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

These messages translated into real sales calls for him.

Within four months he got 55 calls booked, this allowed him to spread his reach and look for additional partners to work with.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)

And, these weren’t just minor players either.

Charles was able to work with large organizations helping him grow his own at the same time.

, Shed Manufacturer & LinkedIn Influencer: Bad Month = 500K Views (Case Study)


It doesn’t matter if you’re a shed manufacturer.

What matters is your story.

You see, people like stories, they relate with the characters and the emotions always resonate with them

That’s what turned Charles into a LinkedIn influencer.

And, that’s what you can use to turn your lead generation around.

At BAMF, we value people and their stories.

That’s why we take our time to get to know people.

The personal connection matters.

And, we want you to have that connection with other people.

Talk to us today.

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