Use Social Discovery Tools to Find Influencers

Use Social Discovery Tools to Find Influencers

written by Houston Golden
April 11th, 2017
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Are you still manually searching to find influencers in your niche?

Enough. If you’re looking to partner with movers and shakers, interact with their content, or simply get their attention, then you need to use tools to automate this process. Audiense enables you to find influencers on Twitter or Instagram in a matter of minutes. By using Audiense’s discovery features, you can filter through all Twitter and Instagram users by many demographics including follower ratio, locality, posting frequency, and bio keywords.

With one search, I can find the top growth marketers living in San Francisco who have Twitter profiles:

BAMF Find Influencers Article Image

With another search, I can find all the top fitness influencers on Instagram:

BAMF Find Influencers Article Image

What happens when you have these targeted influencer profiles? It’s time to use a couple of tools to get their emails. All My Tweets is a free search tool for Twitter that can be used to find emails. To use the tool, plug-in a username, then you’ll receive a page of all the person’s Tweets. Since influencers tend to Tweet out their emails, you can Ctrl+F “email” to find their email. In the example below, I search for the SaaS and venture capital thought leader, Jason Lemkin’s email. Even though I don’t find his email, I find the email of his co-worker. Now I have an opening to get in contact with him. Clutch.

BAMF Find Influencers Article Image

Two other tools you can use include Email Hunter and Clearbit. If you have a list of over several hundred people, then I recommend outsourcing this lead generation process using UpWork.

How does it work? Use Audiense to export the list of influencers, then search for them on LinkedIn by name. When you find their profile, use Email Hunter or Clearbit to get their email, job title, company, and more.

If you’re looking to do co-promotion at scale or find the perfect fit with a specific influencer in your market, these tools will give you a head start. Don’t bulk email or bulk LinkedIn message them. And ensure that you check for fake followers.

When reaching out, A/B test your messaging and use personalised copy to spark conversation. You don’t want to come off as another taker. You want to come off as someone who can provide value. If you can do that, you’re ready to begin influencer marketing.

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