The Sales Voicemail Script Guide: 7 Templates That Convert!

The Sales Voicemail Script Guide: 7 Templates That Convert!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
September 14th, 2021
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Your sales voicemail script is critical.

Think about it.

How many calls actually go through to your prospects?

Most of the time, you go through voicemail first.

Even when they’re signed up on your website, getting them on the phone to set an appointment can be a pain.

That’s where a sales voicemail script comes in handy.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can leverage one of the most humble forms of phone communication to get callbacks, more conversions, and scale your growth …like crazy.

The Anatomy of a Good Sales Voicemail Script

The Beginning 

First of all say “Hi”, you don’t necessarily have to add greetings such as “how are you?” or “how have you been?” because you want to keep your voicemails as short as possible.

If you feel like you need to add a secondary greeting that posed as a question, then rephrase it all together.

For example, instead of “how are you?” you can say, “I hope you’re doing well” or “I didn’t catch you”.

Next, you want to introduce yourself and tell them where you’re calling from

Your first name should be enough at this point.

The Middle

Here’s the part where you can get creative.

The middle is where you tell your prospect why you’re calling and get them to either call you back or set them up for a call back on a future date.

There are plenty of ways to structure this, but you can’t get go wrong with:

simple statement + your next course of action

For example:

“We’re giving out a free month of lead generation! I’ve sent you the details via email and I’ll call you back tomorrow.”

This might be the simplest way to structure the middle of your voicemail, but it’s effective.

Notice that there’s no selling involved in the middle?

You want to avoid that.

Remember a voicemail is a voice message.

Not a sales message.

You’re using it to book some time with your prospect so that you can then see to them.

We’ll show you a couple of templates that we have after this section so that you can see how easy it is to implement different strategies.

The End

Always end your voicemail with your phone number.

Yes, they can call you back in a couple of taps on their phone, but stating your phone number acts as a call-to-action, and it shows your attention to detail.

This also helps if they’ve got a dictation option on, this will automatically transcribe your phone number and give your prospect easy access to you.

Once you’re done with your phone number, make sure you thank them.

Optional: you can repeat your number twice! This really helps with the sense of urgency that you are trying to project.

Remember, your prospects are taking time out of their day to listen to your voice.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 seconds or 30 seconds of their time, it’s still good manners if you ask us.

When saying goodbye make sure that there’s some urgency and excitement to get back to them, this helps set the tone for your next piece of communication with them.

Once you’ve said bye, wait for about half a second and end your recording.

You want to be clear with when you’ve hung up on them.

Here’s how to create sales scripts that don’t suck

Sample Sales Voicemail Scripts You Can Use

1. The Long Basic Script

Hi *prospect’s name*, this is *agent’s name* from *organization’s name*. I’m calling to speak to you about your *your service*

We *what the organizations does in general* by *list down three specific things you do*.

I’ll try reaching you again tomorrow.

Again this is *agent’s name*, you can reach me at *your number*. Thanks. Talk soon.


Hi Bob, this is John from XYZ Growth Agency. I’m calling to speak to you about your lead gen.

We help tech companies like yours increase leads by at least 45 percent by: connecting you with relevant prospects, generating passive leads, and using data to optimize lead capture.

I’ll try reaching you again tomorrow.

Again this is John, you can reach me at 111-1111. Thanks. Talk soon.

This is a simple voicemail message that clearly states who you are, why you’re calling, when’s the next time you’ll call, and adds a CTA at the end.

It’s a short sales voicemail script, but it can help you get through because of its simplicity.

A quick thing to note is that you really have to highlight “how” you do what you do, not “what” you do.

Nobody wants general promises, they want tangible results.

2. The Short Basic Script

Hi *prospect’s first name*, it’s *agent’s name* from *organization name*.  I’m calling to talk to you about our *a tantalizing offer*

I’ll call you back tomorrow and you can reach me at *your number*. Talk to you soon.

This is another basic script that you can use and it works well because it’s short, sweet, and its success is based on how good your offer is.

You can also use this script as a follow-up voicemail if ever you find a prospect that’s difficult to reach.

3. The Appointment Setter’s Script

Hi *prospect name*, this is *agent’s name* from *organization name*

I’m calling because you signed up for more information about *your offer they signed up for*

I will follow up again tomorrow or you can give me a call back on *your number* to schedule your appointment.

Thanks and have a great day!

It helps to send a sales voicemail to a prospect who’s either interested in an offer or who’s requested more information on your landing pages.

Most prospects will be screening their calls so sending them a sales voicemail message prepping them for your next phone call will do a lot in allowing an appointment setting call to come through.

Plus, it also sets the tone for their relationship with your organization since this is technically the first human touchpoint that they have with you.

4. The Secret Caller Script

Hi *prospect first name*, this is *agent’s name*. Call me back when you get this on *your number*.

Do you want to really get someone’s attention?

Use a little mystery.

This is not a sales voicemail script that we recommend you use often, but it helps if you’re finding it difficult to reach someone.

There is a sense of familiarity in the tone, but it doesn’t really tell the prospect why you’re calling, creating curiosity. For all, they know you could be a family member, an old acquaintance, a potential client, or a colleague.

Be warned, there is a high likelihood that the prospect might get annoyed if you’ve got an offer that’s not worth the urgency. So make sure you’ve got something nice up your sleeve!

5. The Not-So-Secret Caller Script

Hi *prospect first name*, this is *agent’s name* from *organization name*. Call me back when you get this on *your number*.

This script is identical to the one above, except you tell the prospect where you’re calling from.

It creates the same sense of mystery, but since it states that you’re from a particular organization, they automatically know that it’s a business call.

Now it’s a coinflip if you’re a potential client or solutions provider.

6. Free Information Script

Hi *prospect’s name*, this is *agent’s name* from *organization name*.

We noticed your organization is *something that the prospect is doing*.

You can actually *technical piece of information that can help them do that thing better*

I think we can help you *something your organization can do*. Let me try hitting you up tomorrow.

Again this is *agent’s name* and you can reach me at *your number*


Hi James, this is Robert from ABC Leads.

We noticed your organization is ramping up its usage of Facebook Ads.

You can actually take this a step further by using custom audiences before you reach out with your cold emails.

I think we can help you increase your conversions. Let me try hitting you up tomorrow.

Again this is Robert and you can reach me at 222-2222.

Sometimes you’ve got to give them something before you sell them anything.

We like this voicemail sales script because it gives value right off the bat.

It shows the prospect that you’ve done your research, you’re a professional, and that you give value.

It doesn’t even have to be about tech, it can be about the new office that they’re putting up or a new product that they have.

And, that goes a long way in convincing people to talk to you.

Regardless, of you get to reach them or not, you’ve established yourself as a brand that knows what it’s talking about and is confident to help people out for free.

7. The Follow-Up Script

Hi *prospect’s name*, this is *agent’s name* from *organization name*.

I’m calling to touch base regarding *the last thing you talked about when you reached out to them*

*Add a better offer or update*

I’ll call you again tomorrow at around *provide a tentative time*

You can reach me at *your number*. Talk to you tomorrow.

Make sure that you send out a follow-up voicemail should your prospect not reply to your first one.

Include a better offer or a company update to get them to actually pay attention this time around.

Also, it would help if this voicemail was shorter than the previous one you sent out.

Sales Voicemail Script Rules

1. Use Your Normal Voice

It might be tempting to record a voicemail with a lot of energy and flair, but it’s not going to help you.

You have to remember that this isn’t a radio commercial, it’s a request for a prospect to accept a phone call from you.

It could work with other prospects, but most prospects won’t react well to it.

Imagine going through normal voicemails when you are suddenly greeted by a voicemail from a hyperactive sales guy who really believes that you should get on a call with him.

Dexters Lab |  OH SAY IT AGAIN IN YOUR NORMAL VOICEMAIL VOICE! "I'LL CALL YOU BACK TOMORROW" | image tagged in dexters lab | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Annoying right?

Plus, how can you take someone seriously if they sound like a radio commercial.

Now it sounds like another one of those sales calls that you have to dodge.

That’s why we advise you to temper your emotions and use your normal voice.

There are ways to sound excited without being too sales-y.

Let your prospect know that you’re excited to meet them in your normal voice. It sounds more professional and it doesn’t make you sound like an annoying salesman in the middle of a prospect’s regular voicemails.

2. Don’t Rush It, Enunciate

Voicemails have to be as clear as possible.

Don’t rush your sales voice mails, make sure you stick to a natural pace so that you leave little room for a prospect to misunderstand what you’re saying.

Make sure you enunciate your words so that your message is clear on the other end of the line.

And, while you’re at it…

3. Make Sure You Record the Voicemail in a Quiet Environment

Quiet and private rooms are a must in any telemarketing or appointment setting operation.

If you or a team member are doing calls all day, make sure you’re equipped with noise-canceling microphones/headsets to minimize background noise.

4. Don’t Record Long Voicemails

Don’t leave long voicemails.

Do you want to listen to someone you don’t really know ramble on for more than 30 seconds?

Of course not.

And, it’s the case with voicemails.

If you have a good sales voicemails script, then you should be done in less than 20 seconds tops.

In fact, we’ve found 10-second voicemails to be the most effective at getting people’s attention.

You pique their attention, tell them what they need to know, and schedule the next time you guys can talk to each other.

There’s no need for you to talk about your entire product portfolio or your company’s plans for your future in the voicemail.

This actually leads us to the next point.

5. Only Say What’s Necessary, Don’t Sell

The goal of a sales voicemail script is to book a phone meeting with your prospect or let them know that you called.

You shouldn’t be selling.

Not only does it turn interested parties away but it also comes off as desperate and unprofessional.

As companies move towards more passive methods of closing deals and more organic lead generation campaigns, a hard sell just won’t cut it anymore.

Here is a list of necessary things that you should include:

  • Your number
  • Your name
  • Who you’re calling from
  • Why you’re calling (if you’re not using the secret caller scripts)
  • When you’re calling back

6. Always Leave a Voicemail

If the prospect doesn’t pick up – which is often the case with appointment setting calls – don’t just hang and call them again the next day.

You still need to leave them a message.

This ensures that you still get to reach them no matter what.

Also, leaving a voicemail helps if a prospect is screening their calls.

7. Personalize

You still have to personalize!

It might be tempting to run off with a generic sales voicemail script with every prospect that doesn’t pick up their phone.

But, no matter how short your message is, there’s always room to personalize.

It could be something as simple as mentioning their first name or even just changing out the way you say goodbye.

There are two main reasons why you should pay attention to this.

First of all, personalized messages always work better in lead generation because people want to feel special, and it helps them resonate well with it.

The second is that it helps your appointment setter, SDR, or marketer break out of a repetitive voicemail rut.

We’ve seen this happen before, when marketers keep saying the same lines over and over again, it soon loses its sincerity. Personalizations help break the monotonous cycle.

If you want to take personalization to the next level take note of their customer profile and tweak using the information you have on them.

sales voicemail script, The Sales Voicemail Script Guide: 7 Templates That Convert!

8. Add Half a Second of Pause Before and After the Recording

This helps you “frame” your messages.

By doing this you make sure that the beginning of the end of your message doesn’t get cut off in the middle of a word you’re saying.

It’s a small tip that can go a long way.

9. A/B Test and Monitor

Remember sales voicemail scripts are also lead generation tools.

And, as growth hackers, it is our responsibility to rigorously test all of our tools.

With short messages, you can have varied results by simply changing out the way you say hi, how many times you repeat your number or the tone that you use.

This will also vary depending on who’s recording the message and the type of industry you’re catering to.

No matter what script you use from our templates, you’ve got to make sure that you test them out for yourself and monitor your results.

That’s the only way you can end up with more efficient campaigns, that convert more and get you more callbacks.

It would help if you can graph the data and get everyone that’s calling to put everything together so you have a bigger data set.


Sales voicemails scripts are an important part of lead generation.

They don’t just help bring in leads.

They are also an extension of how people perceive your brand.

Sales voicemail scripts aren’t just an extension of appointment setting.

They’re also standalone lead generation devices that are an essential part of a growth hacker’s toolkit.

Sometimes they’re all that stands in the way of a conversion.

How are your appointment setting voicemail scripts doing lately?

Let us help you.

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