The Top 8 Best Practices of a Growth Hacking Agency

The Top 8 Best Practices of a Growth Hacking Agency

written by Houston Golden
July 20th, 2018
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Starting a new business is exciting, isn’t it?

Yes, but the business concepts are changing with the digital age. You might not need an office and onsite employees in the future! The digital age has completely changed the marketing side of any business. If you are not online, you don’t exist! In fact, seasoned marketers are also adopting new technologies/concepts. Growth Hacking is one such thing that has taken over the business marketing and is being adopted at a booming rate.

So let us have a look at the top 8 best practices/concepts of a Growth Hacking Agency.

Number 1: Accessibility

The growth hacking agencies are always accessible. With easy accessibility, you get introduced to more users. This further leads to product development. Growth hacking agencies always strive to enhance their connectivity with the masses. For example, Spotify was launched in 2008. They are worth more than $10 billion now. How? With a multi-pronged approach to users through a free platform.

Number 2: Listening

Having a good ear is a must! The companies that read/listen to user comments grow. It is not easy to listen, the feedbacks range from nasty to excellent. But answering calls and responding to comments, create a positive image. As an add-on, one can promote other products/services to the client while responding to queries. For example, if a client isn’t satisfied with product A. Next time, you may request him/her to use product B!

Number 3: Recognizing niche

Growth hacking agencies recognize the niche. No matter what the client says that their products are mainstream, but there is always a niche. Considering a niche and then working towards online marketing is more fruitful as compared to a generalized approach. For example, concentrating on specific insider forums, events, etc.

Number 4: Prospect Nurturing in a Unique Way

It is always a challenge to serve potential clients in the way they want it. The right content at the right time. Growth hacking agencies acquire a good knowledge of the target market, how to promote, tips, and targeting prospects. The campaign is then carried out in a uniquely creative way.

Number 5: Scalability

Scalability gives you the freedom to expand, in the way you want it. Growth hacking companies start small with any campaign. The ones that are successful gain momentum and grow. It leads to higher conversion rates. One should assure that the infrastructure is good enough to accept growth.

Number 6: Updating Content and Presenting it

Guys, trust me on this! The content is usually the same, but it is presented in a different way. Yes, the products/services are introduced in the market, but the frequency is less as compared to the marketing. So the content is updated and presented in different ways until the next thing isn’t introduced in the market!

Number 7: Supporting alternative platforms

I believe that out of many marketing platforms and channels, some are a super hit! While others are doing good and the remaining ones are just sustaining. People get bored with the same platform, same GUI, and the same marketing tactics. So growth hacking agencies keep promoting prominent platforms. So there is always a change from the routine. But this also doesn’t mean that they stop working with the existing ones.

Number 8: Integration

There are many platforms that welcome cross recommendations. Growth hacking agencies usually love this because two sites can benefit from each other’s traffic. This always helps the sites as well as the products. A badge, a button, etc is not a bad idea.


These are just a few good practices that a growth hacking agency implements. But as you know, there is no end to innovation and creativity. Online marketing is always ready for changes. The above discussion is just a tip of the iceberg. For more details on a growth hacking agency, please read our article on “What does a growth hacking agency do?”.


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