Unfollow Twitter Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement

Unfollow Twitter Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement

written by Houston Golden
February 23rd, 2017
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Tired of not reaching your most valuable followers on Twitter? Want to increase your engagement? Here’s how to MASS unfollow your twitter followers in a few easy steps.

Are you following people who don’t interact with your content?

You may have the problem of too many ghost followers. Ghost followers are users on social media platforms who remain inactive or do not engage with your profile.

If you have too many ghost followers, then your active followers may get excluded from seeing your content.

Moreover, your profile looks strange as your number of followers increase, but your engagement stays the same.

Here are the three steps to mass unfollow your inactive Twitter followers to improve your engagement while ensuring that your twitter followers are legitimate and active on the platform.

Step 1: Identify your Ghost Followers

Use Audiense to identify your ghost followers. You can also use this tool to identify your active followers. With their discovery feature (screenshot below), select “Followers” or “Following” under All Community. Next, adjust “Time Since Last Tweet” to reflect either active or inactive users.

Twitter, Unfollow Twitter Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement

I assume everyone who hasn’t Tweeted in one month is inactive. Once the parameters are in place to export inactive users, I click “All Criteria,” then select “Export XLSX.” 

Step 2: Using a Mass Planner Social Media Tool

The secret to mass unfollow your twitter followers easily is to use the right set of social media tools.

While there are many different tools you can use, in our case we’ll use Mass Planner.

It’s a PC-only software that helps a lot with social media automation and other different actions related to the digital space and mass data.

After you sync your Twitter account with Mass Planner, go to the Unfollow tool.

Open your exports XLSX file from Audience.

Copy all usernames of people who are active on Twitter from the “screen_name” column (second column in the Excel sheet).

Now, go back to the Unfollow tool and check the “Use Whitelist” option.

Now, paste all the active follower usernames there and click on ADD USERNAMES.

Twitter, Unfollow Twitter Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement

This could take some time (5 – 30 minutes depending on your account size). There may be a couple of invalid usernames there – probably users that got banned or changed their username.

Step 3: Start the Mass Planner Unfollow Twitter Process Tool

Now when you added all of them to whitelist, check “Unfollow all users” and start the Mass Planner Unfollow tool.

The tool will unfollow all inactive users. This way you’ll be following only those who are interested in your content.

Next, you want to BLOCK people who follow you but don’t interact with your content.

This is manual, but at least you can identify these users. To identify them, use Audiense to find inactive accounts following you by adjusting the parameter “Time Since Last Tweet.”

Now, you want to use a virtual assistant to block everyone who’s not interacting with your profile.

This may be several thousand people, but it’s worth it to increase your engagement.

Twitter, Unfollow Twitter Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement

That’s not the only way to block inactive or low-quality followers.

You can use a tool called Tweepi.

The tools give you five unfollowing and blocking options.

Twitter, Unfollow Twitter Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement

Simply hover over “Follow you” and it will allow you to block them.

You do have block each profile one at a time, but it’s faster than going through actual Twitter profiles.

Twitter, Unfollow Twitter Ghost Followers to Increase Engagement

The number of followers you have is a vanity metric.

Engagement is what results in leads and customers!

With these Twitter engagement tactics, you can ensure you’ll have a highly engaged Twitter profile by unfollowing your least engaged followers and dropping ghost followers.

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