Use Hyper-Local Facebook Marketing for More Conversions and Virality

Use Hyper-Local Facebook Marketing for More Conversions and Virality

written by Houston Golden
April 6th, 2017
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What emotional triggers do you use in your ad copy? Use Hyper-Local Facebook Marketing!

Most marketers focus on the pain point, benefit, and solution while skipping over ad copy tactics that perform exceptionally well. People have a strong affinity towards their city’s name and culture. However, Facebook marketers rarely use these two emotional triggers when writing copy for marketing.

Using hyper-local emotional triggers in your copy not only results in more conversion, but in virality. Here’s an ad I created that went viral resulting in it getting featured in Inc. Magazine.

BAMF Use Hyper-Local Facebook Marketing Image

The irony of this Facebook ad is the target customers in San Francisco primarily include people who work in tech, especially “tech bros” who love going out to events.

Then why does this ad perform well?

“Tech Bro” is a controversial hyper-local label which alone increases shares, likes, and reactions, but it does something else. The copy makes people take the ad less seriously. People realize the company is making fun of the local culture. In turn, they don’t get upset because they work in tech, they become intrigued resulting in a high click-through rate. Moreover, few ads – if any – in your news feed include hyper-local humor, so this ad immediately stands out.

You can even use hyper-local marketing to get an individual company’s attention. Awhile back I applied to work at Facebook. I heard nothing back after several weeks just like ninety-nine percent of people who apply.

I needed a way to stand out.

As a growth marketer, I thought to myself, Josh, you can do better. Be creative. Solve your problem. After all, it’s your job!

Inspired, I thought to myself why not target Facebook employees in Menlo Park? If I were to target all Facebook employees, the chances are it would target too many people who say they work for Facebook, but actually don’t – there’s a surprising number of them. I realized that by using geo-location and a work demographic, my advertisement would be hyper-relevant and hyper-local increasing my odds of getting in front of the right people.

Here are the demographics I used for targeting:

BAMF Use Hyper-Local Facebook Marketing Image

Next, I needed to be creative with my ad. Luckily for me, I’d taken a few pictures with Facebook employees a year previously.

BAMF Use Hyper-Local Facebook Marketing Image

The ad took the Facebook employees to a landing page I created on a Facebook Fan Page. I knew they would appreciate a landing page on Facebook over a website.

The landing page included a video I made at 5 a.m. that morning explaining why I wanted to work at Facebook. I only did one take.

I also included a slideshow of me hanging out at marketing events, a messaging app to get in touch with me, copy outlining past accomplishments, Facebook comment section, and a download button for my resume.

The reason I included different mediums of content is that people prefer to consume in different ways whether video, images, or text. So, it’s best to have all three; moreover, it shows creativity.

In less than an hour, Facebook employees were sharing my portfolio around the company as an example of creativity and hustle. These were a few of the comments I received from them:

BAMF Use Hyper-Local Facebook Marketing Image

The Effect

Within two hours I had several Facebook employees contact me through my messaging app, comment on my landing page, an employee Tweet at me, and a recruiter contact me requesting an immediate interview.

This story may be about hacking Facebook to get into Facebook, but it’s really about the power of hyper-local Facebook marketing. The landing page took me about an hour to set up, and the ad took about fifteen minutes. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be creative and implemented with some hustle.

Sometimes you need to take a counterintuitive approach to get your content noticed. Using hyper-local Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to do so. It’s a low-hanging fruit on your growth list because it only requires a change in audience and copy. From there, you’re ready to experiment.


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