The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
March 4th, 2020
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Want to nurture your leads down the sales funnel via a webinar? We’re here to help select the right webinar platforms. 

Who hasn’t experienced the dread of an unstable internet connection during a call? 

You’ve also probably dealt with audio issues, software bugs and many more when going digital with your clients. 

It’s easy to understand the need for a stable and reliable webinar platform. 

But don’t worry. I’m here and I have your back! ????

I’ve tested the most popular webinar platforms and selected the best ones. 

But first, why are webinars so trendy? 


It’s a busy and exciting time for industry professionals. The WHOLE WORLD is wide open to new opportunities.

The catch? 

You have to invest time in your online presence. ???? 

Building sales funnels, writing blog content, connecting on LinkedIn has become a full-time job for many.

It’s true. ✔

Providing value to many with your experience is a profitable endeavor. But as the tasks start piling up, finding new ways to share your expertise is a must. 

In fact, I have a few great tips on how to build up a LinkedIn community right here!

BUT, HERE comes the webinar! ???? 

A natural evolution of the seminar, webinars are taking over the world by storm. They are a quick and easy way to engage with your leads directly while providing evergreen content for your business. 

19% Conversion Rate in the Highest Rated Webinars

According to the latest webinar stats for 2020, more than 61% of marketers use webinars to promote their content. 

On average, they have experienced a whooping 19% conversion rate. But the stats don’t end there. 

  • Communication webinars received a CTR of 67.05% 
  • 95% of marketers (in an ON24 survey) agreed to webinars being a key tactic for lead generation 
  • Training Webinars received a 44.79% conversion 
  • Education Webinars have an average conversion of 30.79% 
  • Marketing-related Webinars boost a 39.10% conversion rate 

The Benefits Outweigh The Costs (Especially for Webinar Platforms)

The stats are more than obvious. Webinars are not just a fad. They are the next wave in the transformation of digital content. 

It’s similar to how the individuals and businesses that became early adopters of social media benefited the most. 

The next digital marketing transformation is happening right now. You don’t want to miss out! ???? 

The stats are more than obvious, but their webinars have more than one benefit and use. 

  • You can use webinars as internal training and onboarding tools 
  • Webinars are a great way to engage with existing customers and retain their attention 
  • They generate perfect sales lead (amazing for lead nurturing
  • Increased intimacy with your leads 
  • and more … 

But it can be a hassle to choose one of the many webinar platforms. (Some call it the paradox of choice).

Be sure to also check out my 12 tips on becoming a keynote speaker. Most of them work for webinars too!

You still need to consider factors, such as stability, functionality (recording, storage), features (Q&A, scheduling), customer experience and more. 

You already know that we’re here to help you select THE right platform for your specific case, so without further adieu, let’s get started! 

Top 20 Webinar Platforms for 2020 

You know the saying from 10 years back that goes — there’s an app for that? Well in 2020, we can confidently say that there’s a SaaS Platform for ANYTHING. 

It’s true! ????‍♂️ 

In fact, there are more than 29 active webinar platform startups and services. Most of them are founded in the last 2-3 years. 

When I started out with our research, I was set on using strict criteria to compare the top 20 webinar platforms. And I still am. 

I check out and review the following: 

  • Business-side 
    • Ease of Use – We are living in 2020, folks. If a digital tool is not easy to use, you’ll need to calculate whether it’s worth to learn how to use it properly. 
    • Features and Functionality – Is the platform focused on automating your marketing process? Does it provide Q&A, resource tabs? What are the integrations provided by the tool? 
  • Customer-side
    • Registering Experience – What’s the experience of your leads going to be like registering for your webinar? 
    • Attendee Experience – What does the user see- Is the platform easy to load on any PC/Mac/Mobile? 
    • Follow-Up Experience – Are your leads able to be properly nurtured after the webinar, through the platform itself? What are the redirecting options? 

However, I also kept our feet firmly on the ground, understanding that the differences or perceived drawbacks of some platforms might be a blessing in disguise for some specific use cases

That’s why I tried to do our best to review and analyze the best use case scenarios for the top 20 webinar platforms. I’ll try to address the niche-specific cases as I go down the list. 

Let’s jump into the reviews. 

The Top 10 Webinar Platforms for Startups and Individuals in 2020 

I’ll start the list with the best webinar software tools in the game for startups and individuals. 

These are the perfect-case, does-it-all solutions that you need to keep in mind when selecting your platform of choice. 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

One of the most popular webinar tools on the market is GoToWebinar. With a full suite of creator tools, GoToWebinar easily integrates with the biggest and most popular CRM systems. 

This makes it a perfect tool for a digital-first approach. The reporting feature of GoToWebinar allows you to track your attendee data. 

You are easily able to update your branding to make your registration page shine. If you need to change the webinar date or details on the go, GoToWebinar has the option to automatically address all registered participants. 

On the visitor-side, you have the option for adding pools, surveys, up to 5 handouts and YouTube videos, which you can play during your webinar session. 

It’s a definitive webinar tool that’s perfectly easy to use. 

However, the pricing can be on the more expensive side, especially if you are just starting out. Plus, while as you scale, you will be required to pay a premium based on your number of participants. 


  • Setting up your first webinar is a breeze 
  • Has detailed analytics and dashboard to help you manage your webinars 
  • The attendee participation features are quick and easy to setup 


  • While branding-oriented the participant registration and update forms are not highly customizable 
  • The pricing options can be hefty for those who are just starting out 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Another popular webinar tool is EasyWebinar. The tool has a suite of different integrations and does everything that a webinar platform should do. 

One of the best things about EasyWebinar is the fact that its EasyCast system allows you to easily stream your webinars across multiple platforms. 

If you have a following and an audience on YouTube, or just want to share your webinar via Facebook Live, EasyWebinar lets you do this with ease. 

The platform is easy to get into, but it’s obvious that the creators are pushing the boundaries of what webinars can be. 

The backbones of the platform allow you to further automate your webinars and sessions. 

The pricing is fairly competitive, but you’d often have to pay a premium for simple things, such as branding customization. 


  • Has an engaging live chat feature for your viewers 
  • Going between sharing your screen, your webcam feed or a PowerPoint presentation is just a button click away 
  • The platform has a powerful backbone structure, ensuring the stability of your webinars 
  • EasyWebinar has helpful staff and training videos available to help you get started and take full advantage of the features of the platform


  • Custom Branding is only available with higher monthly subscription plans 
  • Using the full suite of features available on EasyWebinar can be a bit daunting at first 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Competing with industry behemoths, ClickMeeting has decided to take a different approach towards its pricing. 

In fact, the tool has an extremely powerful and affordable startup package. The pricing scales up as you go. It’s perfect if you are just starting out. 

The features available on the platform allow you to easily customize the waiting room experience of your customers.

ClickMeeting further goes above and beyond to make it possible to automate, track, schedule and run your webinar events. 

The user interface is fairly intuitive, making the platform fairly obvious for someone who’s used a range of different tools before. 

However, for someone who’s just starting out in the digital space, everything can be just a bit too much. 

Where the platform truly shines is in its ease of automation. With just a few clicks in a dedicated tab, you will be able to automate your follow-up actions, event publishing, Vod Management and more. 


  • Scale as you go Payment options 
  • A full suite of professional webinar features 
  • Customizing your webinar pages and the waiting room is a quick and simple process 
  • Perfect for Follow-Up/Live Webinar task automation 


  • The analytics aren’t as detailed as they can be, but you have your basics ready to go 
  • Storage options are fairly limited in size 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

EverWebinar is touted as the world’s most powerful webinar platform. However, from what I’ve seen, I have to say I’m on the fence about this statement. 

YES, the platform can be considered “the most powerful” in ONE specific case. 

Particularly, the platform is great for automating a flow of previously recorded webinars that you’d want to set up in a funnel flow for your audience. 

If that’s the thing you need, you should look no further than EverWebinar. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a webinar platform to actively engage with your customers and easily record and stream LIVE webinars, EverWebinar might not be the right thing for you. 


  • (Pre-recorded) Webinar Automation at its best! 
  • Great for a funnel campaign with bulk delivery of webinars 
  • Has powerful split-testing features and landing page customization options 
  • A suite of features for those who want to set up their webinars once and get the most value out of them in the future 


  • I’m a bit on the fence about the “live” chat feature that allows you to easily import comments and chats manually (think adding comments yourself, i.e. faking your viewership numbers
  • You’d have to go through a couple of training sessions and webinar setups to get the most out of the platform 

Zoho Webinar 

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Coming from the established video conferencing professionals at Zoho, Zoho Webinar is a decent webinar platform. 

Added as a feature to their existing Zoho Meeting software, Zoho Webinar is one of the cheapest and simplest options on the market. 

Build on the shoulders of live video stability, this platform is great for internal webinars and ad-hoc webinar-based meetings. 

It’s one of the few platforms that I tested that allows you to get from registration to a LIVE webinar session in LITERARY SECONDS. 

In addition, the web-based software on the platform seems to be fairly lightweight. 

All being said, the fact that Zoho Webinar is an extension of Zoho Meeting is obvious. It’s a side product that gets the job done, but isn’t necessarily filled with different features. 


  • The definition of simplicity – get in and out of a webinar session in SECONDS. 
  • Perfect for Internal Webinars 
  • Less process-intensive than other tools (makes it easy to run on any PC/Mac/mobile device) 
  • Easy to use 
  • Pricing options are fairly competitive 


  • It’s a group meeting software wrapped in a “webinar” package 

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons is one of those software tools that just work. In fact, during our review I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the tool. 

It’s a stable platform that’s easy to get into and has an intuitive user interface. You are able to setup a company (or a brand) page in seconds, enter the information about your webinar and just hit the “Start” button. 

The branding options allow you to easily customize the platform to fit your branding. The added E-Mail funnel automation makes it simple to set up pre-registration and follow-up email automation. 

The customer experience is also fairly engaged, with a chat and a Q&A option. 

The drawback? The analytics and data you get from your webinars is as simple as attendee/registration and average attendance rate. 


  • Has a dedicated company page and extremely intuitive interface 
  • Fairly Decent Platform Integrations 
  • Powerful E-Mail Funnel Automation 
  • It’s the small things – the URL of your webinar looks just right. 
  • Highly affordable pricing 


  • Extremely Limited Analytics and Webinar Attendee Data 
  • Limited landing page options 
  • The quality of the recorded webinars isn’t as great as the original 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

WebinarNinja is one of the most powerful all-in-one webinar solutions available on the market today. 

It’s everything you can ask for in a webinar platform. Automations? High-Converting Landing Pages? Engaging Attendee Experiences? WebinarNinja has it all. 

It’s one of the most trusted platforms on the market for a reason. 

Establishing themselves as the true leaders of the webinar, WebinarNinja also has a unique feature called the Webinar Finder

It allows you to promote your webinar to a wider audience. 

The pricing of the platform is also fairly competitive. 

The platform also doesn’t stop at the live webinar feature. You are further able to create webinar series, a hybrid that includes both recorded and live videos, and on-demand webinars.  

It’s a perfect tool for those who truly want to step up their webinar game. 


  • Turning Webinars into a true Digital Experience 
  • Amazing Attendee Experience 
  • The landing page customization is tailored for conversions 
  • The suite of integrations is one of the biggest ones you can find on a webinar platform 
  • Snappy User Interface 


  • Being able to use all of the features on the platform does take a while to get used to 
  • Automations are powerful, but not as easy to setup and use 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

BigMaker is one of the biggest and most powerful webinar platforms in the world. It’s in an in-between zone where they market to startups and individuals, yet seem to be mostly an enterprise solution. 

Trusted by companies such as Microsoft, Panasonic, HootSuite, the United Nations and PBS, you can truly rest assured that you are in safe hands. 

This of course does come with its own downsides. 

The positive is a fully capable webinar platform with white label support and dozens of integrations and features. 

The downside is that you are looking at an expensive price tag for an array of features that might not fit your use case scenario. 


  • Trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world 
  • Perfect for non-profits and educational purposes 
  • Powerful White-Label service support 


  • Did I mention that some platforms are difficult to use? Well, BIG MAKER requires more than a few training sessions and setup hours for you to be truly able to kickstart your webinar 
  • While it offers smaller and more affordable plans, it’s mostly tailored for big companies and corporations. 

Webinar Jam 

Webinar Platforms Example

Webinar Jam is a webinar platform from the creators of EverWebinar that is focused on live webinars. 

It’s an extremely powerful tool, but it has similar weaknesses to its on-demand webinar sibling. 

The user interface is almost one-to-one with the addition of a few options for the live tab. 

Everything on the platform is fairly intuitive. You are able to submit your own landing page designs or choose one from a variety of high-converting pages. 

The notifications and integrations are also relatively feature-filled and straightforward to use. 

Overall, Webinar Jam is one of the best platforms for webinar marketing available. However, it’s still a platform build primarily for marketers and a digital-first crowd. 


  • Highly customizable webinar registration pages 
  • Powerful analytics and integrations 
  • Fairly decent attendee experience and engagement 


  • The user-interface is not as intuitive 
  •  Pricing options are limited to yearly plans only 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Demio is a perfect webinar platform build specifically for webinar marketing. 

It allows you to set-up your webinars in a similar manner to WebinarNinja (live, on-demand, hybrid or automated). 

The tool is fairly powerful and comes from a growing startup company. It has a great attendee experience both on PC/Mac and mobile. 

The only major downside is that it’s attendee count maxes out at 500. 


  • Extremely powerful tool from a growing startup 
  • A Webinar platform built for marketing 
  • Trusted by over a dozen innovative businesses, including AppSumo, Drip, ActiveCampaign and Qvalia 


  • Team use of the software is fairly limited (sub-users are only limited to 3 in the highest paid tier) 
  • Fairly limited integration options 

The 5 Enterprise Webinar Platforms of 2020 

Some webinar platforms are built from the ground-up to serve an enterprise customer base. Whether for education, NGOs or big companies, these are the top 5 Enterprise webinar platforms of 2020. 

Cisco Webex Events 

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Cisco Webex Events is an extension of the already powerful Cisco Webex online conference software. 

The platform is best suited for one-time events and digital webinar conferences for a bigger audience. 

It’s everything you would expect from an enterprise tool when it comes to convenience and stability. 

However, it’s fairly limited in its webinar marketing features. 


  • Best-suited for one-time events 
  • A visually enticing environment for the attendees 
  • Stable and Reliable software that gets the job done 


  • As an enterprise-first solution and with everything customizable, you’d have to go through a lot of hassle get things just right 
  • Fairly limited marketing features 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

If there’s one tool that can be called a true industry-leader in webinar technology, it’s ON24

Build from the ground up to be a dedicated enterprise solution, ON24 has a suite of webinar and webcast products that simply can’t compare to others. 

From interactive and detailed content insights and intelligence to a engagement-first approach to the delivery of video content, ON24 has everything you might need from a webinar digital experience platform. 


  • A suite of powerful enterprise tool for webcasting 
  • An engagement-first video experience approach 
  • Powerful interactive intelligence and data to help you optimize your marketing efforts


  • Extremely difficult software to master 
  • Requires a full hands-on approach to use its full potential 

Adobe Connect 

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Adobe Connect is a highly powerful webinar tool that is tailored for enterprise use. 

It’s positioned as a hybrid between a virtual classroom software and a webinar manager for enterprise businesses. 

Adobe Connect has all the power to help you build fully-featured digital learning experiences. 


  • A full suite of features and add-ons 
  • Additional experience benefits, such as a presenter backstage area 


  • Lack of a dial-in service or a dedicated private chat option  

GoToTraining by LogMeIn 

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Created by the providers of remote-access software bohemet LogMeIn, GoToTraining is a dedicated webinar platform for online training. 

If you want to use webinars as a primary source of education. 

It’s perfect for online training within your company. It’s also a great tool for educators. 

It’s use is extremely limited and niche compared to other all-in-one webinar marketing platforms, but it’s the best at what it does. 


  • The best option for company training webinars 
  • A great tool for educational and training webinars 


  • Specific Niche tools with fairly limited features and functionality 

BlueJeans Events 

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

BlueJeans Events is a standalone video hosting software that allows you to create highly interactive webinars at the enterprise level. 

Part of BlueJeans suite of video conferencing software tool, BlueJeans events is a highly-powerful software focused on webinars with a small attendee count. 

The platform is specifically built for one-time meetings and webinars. It’s built with the primary purpose of online conferences at a smaller scale. 


  • Has a full set of presentation and video conferencing features 
  • Stable and secure software at an enterprise level 


  • Fairly limited in customer experience and marketing features 
  • Has a maximum number of 100 to 150 attendees per webinar  

The 5 Alternative Webinar Platforms of 2020 

There are a limited number of webinar platforms available on the market today. 

These are the “it needs tweaking, but it works for me” solutions that can help you shine. 

They primarily serve as an alternative to your usual webinar software, but are tools you can still use for webinars in specific scenarios. 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

If you’re in the digital marketing space, you’ve probably heard of or used Zoom at some point in time. 

A video conferencing solution, Zoom has free to use and paid options. It’s extremely limited in webinar capabilities, but it’s definitely a better choice compared to Google HangOuts. 

With Zoom, you can even import your email contact list, right into the invitation panel.

Don’t know how to build your email list? I have a few tips ready to go!


  • Provides you with a personal meeting link 
  • Password-protected meetings 
  • Ability to manage the engagement of the users as the host (muting people, etc.) 


  • A video-conferencing solution that’s not necessarily tailored for webinar use 
  • Paid plans allow for up to 100 participants on a call 

Skype for Business

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

Another useful video conferencing and IM tool that can become your to-go-to webinar service is Skype for Business

Skype for Business allows you to schedule a meeting that’s similar to a webinar with up to 250 attendees. 


  • Can host a meeting for up to 250 attendees
  • Can manage the access of the participants in the call  


  • It’s an IM and business communication/video conferencing tool first 

ezTalks Webinar 

webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

A relatively new player in the webinar space, ezTalks Webinar is attempting to be a disruptive webinar platform. 

With a mobile-first approach and an array of features, it’s built on top of the already successful ezTalks conferencing solution. 


  • A new disruptive web conferencing startup 
  • Built to serve the purpose of webinar marketing 
  • Offers paid webinars 


  • Relatively difficult to get the hang of 
  • As a new service, it comes with its limitations and bugs 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

joinMe is a video conferencing tool that is built with ease and simplicity in mind. 

It provides you with the opportunity to quickly go live and share your link with attendees in a quick and rapid manner. 

It’s not a perfect webinar option, as it’s limited to 50 attendees, but if it fits your funnel well and if you need a quick and rapid tool for a webinar-based meeting, joinMe might be a good choice. 

Especially if you have a few high-ticket LinkedIn Clients, this platform might be the right choice to build a webinar and connect directly with them.


  • Affordable and extremely easy to use 


  • Limited to 50 attendees 
  • Has a limited number of webinar-first features 


webinar platforms, The 20 Best Webinar Platforms for 2020: Reviews, Pros and Cons

WorkCast is a powerful webinar platform that can help you in the creation of big virtual events and provides an amazing user experience. 


  • Easy setup and integration 
  • Helpful Customer Support Team 
  • Embedded webinars and a full suite of features 


  • A constantly improving platform means you’ll have to deal with a bug or two in the process 


Well, that pretty much rounds up the list of the biggest webinar platforms for 2020. I hope you found it useful. 

And if you don’t know how to drive leads to your webinar, check out this simple LinkedIn Hack to Drive traffic to your posts.

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