What your customers don’t like?

What your customers don’t like?

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
August 14th, 2018
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How do you come to know that a marketing campaign is successful? Who decides it?

I think the decision lies in the hands of customers. They are the ones who experience your product/service. Also, they are the ones who face, bare, enjoy, like, or dislike the marketing campaigns.

All of us know that an online marketing campaign is a necessity nowadays. Why? It is the quickest and the most reliable means of marketing. Cost-effective or not, depends on the type of campaign and the scope of the campaign. In short, online marketing is a must. Everybody is doing it and the target is “customer”. Now if all of them are doing it, just imagine the condition of the customer. In fact, all of us are customers of different companies. But when it comes to marketing, most of us forget our own experience as a customer or the target audience. So let us discuss what your customers don’t like!

Number 1: They don’t like hammering

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None of us like constant hammering. First of all, customers get a feeling that “are we dumb?” Is it necessary to give this constant hammering of products and services? Stop these emails and also stop sharing the same stuff on social media. Customers are like: “We will buy it when we need it”. Yes, if there is a new product or service, one should certainly inform. But other than that, there is no such need. It is harassment!

On top of this, customers are fed up with repetitive marketing. They like innovative advertisements and marketing. The ones that are small, entertaining, and educating about the product/service.

Number 2: They don’t like it when you don’t know them!

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Knowing your customers as well as audiences is very important. Your company might be offering many products and services. But that doesn’t mean, all of them need everything. Additionally, it also depends on the location of customers. For example, a customer in India might not need a heater manufactured by your company. But he/she might need an air conditioner. If your company is manufacturing both, please promote air conditioners for them.

Use marketing tools in an efficient way. Apart from that, you can hire a good growth hacking agency to find out potential audiences. They will find out the target audience, the ones that are interested in a specific type of product. So please know the needs of your customers, know them!

Number 3: When you don’t listen to your customers!

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Listening is an art and one should gain expertise in it when it comes to online marketing. Why? Customers don’t just complain, they also teach. Their feedbacks lead to product development. When you don’t answer the queries, it looks really bad! Everyone is on social media and your company as well.

A lot of customers put up their feedbacks on social media, answer them and win over it. Also, participate in online discussions. Be active on sites like Quora, ask and answer questions. The customers should know that you are around, you will answer their queries, and will also make changes if necessary.

The above are just a few points that I believe are important. There could be more such points. It depends on the type of company, the number of products/services, the location of your company, and the scope of the company. And, it’s not a good time to be personal! So please give a thought to everything. Wish you Good Luck!

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