What is a High Ticket Closer? Do You “Really” Need One?

What is a High Ticket Closer? Do You “Really” Need One?

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
October 1st, 2021
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There are a lot of highly specialized jobs in sales and marketing.

It used to be that the most specialized person on the team was the one in charge of PPC or SEO, but as sales progressed more specializations started popping up.

One job that’s making the rounds is a “high ticket closer”.

So, is it just a new fad or is it someone your organization can’t live without?

In this article, we take a look at what exactly high ticket closers are; if you need them in your organization, and what makes them different from your regular closer.

What’s a High Ticket Closer?

Think of a high ticket closer like a “master negotiator”.

Someone you rely on to make sure you get the deal.

Got a solution that you want to sell for $10,000? 

Then you’re probably going to want to take a look at hiring high ticket closer.

One of the biggest defining factors of a high ticket closer to regular closers is the value of the solution.

High ticket closers deal with high-priced solutions and services.

Here’s the other difference.

A high ticket closer relies on leads coming through a pre-sales call approach.

This means there’s a lot of value attributed to brand awareness, retargeting campaigns, organic connections, LinkedIn marketing, and passive lead generation.

Why do they do this?

In three words: because it works.

People don’t like being targeted and hard sold on solutions, no matter how much they’re needed.

They’re probably exposed to hard sells everywhere from their desktops to the supermarket.

The best way to sell has always been to take a softer and organic approach that aims to build long-term connections that are built on trust and rapport.

High ticket closers are also well-versed in specific industries.

They automatically know how to deal with different ideal customer profiles, and have a deep technical understanding of the solutions that they sell.

For example, a high ticket digital marketing closer won’t just know how to deal with different prospect personas, but they’ll also be able to dissect the prospect’s business and how specific solutions fit in.

These are the same strategies that we use over at BAMF for all of our clients.

We choose to build real relationships using proper nurturing. This doesn’t just have the net effect of higher conversions but also a chance for organizations to increase the number of leaves they have coming in.

Lead qualification methods and frameworks you need to know today!

Who Hires High Ticket Closers?

Apart from B2B companies being the most obvious choice, they also cater to influencers, digital marketers, and other thought leaders selling high-quality, expensive solutions.

For instance, influencers that also market their own solutions need high ticket closers that understand their products and can act as their double when taking sales discovery calls and the like. They will also be dealing with a lot more custom solutions at higher prices, so their expertise will be needed.

We’ve also seen high ticket closers work in B2C for high-ticket items that require someone who’s both great at working with a particular target customer profile combined with specialized knowledge on a product.

Look at it this way, if you have a premium product that’s priced over $3,000, then it’s probably time to look at hiring a high ticket closer.

Can a High Ticket Closer Function on Their Own?

Not really.

High ticket closers usually function as part of a specialized sales team.

To make sure that your dad generation is running at high efficiency, you’ll have a mix of marketing people running campaigns, appointment setters doing lead qualification, and the high ticket closer who does a lot of the coordination with the rest of the team.

But, here’s what.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve got to go out and hire yourself a whole new team or add to your existing lineup.

You can pair up an appointment setter with a high ticket closer or they can be paired up with a general marketing teammate.

A high-ticket closer is a specialized position that works better if they don’t have to run around doing other tasks.

However, you’ll find that most high ticket closers are pretty adept at doing a lot of things.

So, What’s a Regular Closer Then?

“Closer” is a blanket term for people that you send out to make sure that a deal goes through.

They are usually the last people on the lead generation team that deals with a prospect before they become a client and get assigned concierge or a customer service rep of their own.

A high-ticket closer will probably have more specialized experience in one particular industry than be a generalist.

But, this isn’t often the case.

There are a lot of high ticket closers that are specialists in multiple industries because it’s highly likely that they got firsthand experience in other fields.

When Should I Hire One?

Hiring a ticket closer is no joke.

It costs money and they’re rarely out of a job.

However, high ticket closers are seriously worth considering if you find yourself:

  • facing low conversion rates with your current closers after switching out strategies and scripts.
  • launching a new product that’s expensive and highly technical.
  • switching to a fully organic campaign that relies on high ticket closers to make sure that leads also “naturally convert”
  • expanding to a new industry that requires a specialist marketer.

These scenarios are highly likely no matter which step you’re in your business, so they’re definitely worth the consideration.

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Hiring a High Ticket Closer

If you thought hiring a great closer was hard.

Then, hiring a high-ticket closer is even more difficult.

You can use the classical approach of using word-of-mouth to find your next closer, and if you have the budget, you can ask a headhunter for help.

However, there are still a couple of tricks that you can use.

First off, a lot of high-ticket closers might not even label themselves as such. So, try to broaden your search to regular closers.

However, make sure you look for the following characteristics.

  • Technical knowledge in the specific industry you’re targeting
  • Experience

This should narrow down your search.

Second, you’ve got normal freelance job platforms to search in such as Upwork. We would strongly advise places that only specialize in short, project-based work like Fiverr.

You want someone who can stay in your team for a while…especially if they are really good at what you do.

Since we specialize in LinkedIn marketing, there are a lot of great closers on LinkedIn and you just have to flush them out.

Remember our guides on proper LinkedIn searches?

We strongly advise that you check out their experiences section, you’ll fund a lot of insight at the work that they do there.

Pick a couple that you can work with and send them a message.

Lastly, always put out an interesting offer.

High ticket closers can be expensive to hire because they deal with expensive deals.

They’ll cost more than your average closer, and you’ll probably have to offer incentives such as commissions and an increasing base pay rate.

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If you have a technical solution or a high-value proposition, you need a high-ticket closer.

These leads are hard to come by and you need someone who knows what they’re doing to make sure that you win.

It might be tempting to be your own closer or just get anyone.

But, you can’t do that.

Especially at the very end of your funnel.

If you’re considering getting a high-ticket closer.

That’s pretty much one of the biggest telltale signs that you need one.

So, take action and do something about your conversions today!

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