Zest Chrome Extension: Great for Content Marketing?

Zest Chrome Extension: Great for Content Marketing?

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
July 14th, 2020
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Sifting through poor quality content is annoying.

And, what makes things worse is that we depend on great content to come up with good ideas and keep ourselves updated.

That’s why running into Zest is probably the best thing to happen to our browsers for a while.

Screenshot of the Zest Chrome Extension

In this article, we take a look at how Zest has been revolutionizing the way we at BAMF consume our most preferred content, and why you need to get on their extension today.

What is Zest?

Zest is a content curation platform that’s embedded into your Chrome browser.

All you have to do is open a new tab and you have access to the Zest platform.

You can perform curated content searches using keywords of your own choosing and the platform automatically curates everything for you.

The best part?

The articles are chosen based on picks by other professional digital marketers who are part of the Zest community.

It’s like a Google search, but with real professionals checking out what you’re about to read. They filter out all the articles that aren’t worth your time.

Think about it, how many minutes do you spend each day going through articles that aren’t worth it?

It’s one of the best chrome extensions we’ve ever tried. (and we’ve tried a few)

Zest saves you a lot of time, by only providing you with articles that have already been preapproved by a community of likeminded individuals.

Why Do We Love Zest So Much?

Zest makes thing really easy for everyone on our team.

Here’s what.

There are a lot of useless articles online and sometimes we find that we spend many hours a month going through so many things that can’t help us. 

More often than not, a quick Google search on topic can be a rabbit hole of information that we rarely even want to explore.

It’s been doing wonders for content marketing. We don’t have to keep going through tens of articles on topics that are irrelevant, we just stick in the keywords we’re interested in and presto, we’ve got great information at our fingertips.

After getting the content team hooked on it for content ideas and inspiration for branding, we decided that we needed everyone on the platform.

Not only was it saving time, but also it was helping people focus, too. Every time a client needed content ideas, we could rely on Zest to get the ball rolling for us. It was like Googling with a proofreader removing things that weren’t worth it.

We’ve been using it for research and research digests; too, it’s helped us keep ourselves focused on the things that require our attention.

The way they tag the articles and offer you a quick description instead of sales-y meta description makes reading and absorbing information organized. Gone are our days of sifting through metas that don’t even make sense on Google.

We also appreciate the way they’ve kindly put in how many minutes it will take to consume an article. It makes managing your time easier.

The application is simple, clean and it helps you save a lot of time. It’s intuitive and it just gives you what you need on a daily basis. There’s pretty much nothing not to love.

The Flip Side

The service isn’t perfect, but we believe that it’s still not at its peak. Once it gets a significant number of people on the platform, we think it has the potential to turn into a content explorer for just about anybody who’s interested in any topic.

This is great news for people who are into content heavy positions.

Zest’s Other Features

The other great thing about Zest is that it isn’t limited to just blog posts and articles from real professionals. You also have the option to filter the content you’re getting on your search feed. There are options for audio and video content, too.

This is great if you fancy listening or watching something.

You can sort the options that you have via popularity, so you know whats trending at a click of a button.

And, if you’re on the move, they’ve got the service for your smartphone as well.

You Can Join the Community!

Zest relies on a community to provide services for its users and it comes with a useful button on its interface where you can suggest valuable resources that you come across online.

Think about it as giving back to the community.

Getting Zest

Go to Zest.is and click to download the extension.

, Zest Chrome Extension: Great for Content Marketing?

It will take you to the Chrome Store where you can it “Add to Chrome.”

, Zest Chrome Extension: Great for Content Marketing?

And, presto, open a new tab and you’re good to go.

, Zest Chrome Extension: Great for Content Marketing?


It doesn’t matter what industry  you’re in and what position you’re occupying. Zest is just one of the best things to happen to your internet browser for quite some time now.

It helps people focus, sifts through all the noise, and we love how many hours it’s been saving our team over at BAMF. We think it might be the productivity tool that we never thought we wanted so badly.

So go ahead and do yourself a big favor this week.

Install Zest on your browser and thank us later.

What do you think about chrome extensions such as Zest? Have you tried using some before? What stops you from using more chrome extensions? Share in the comments below!

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