15 Sales Call Templates: Real Growth Hacker Scripts!

15 Sales Call Templates: Real Growth Hacker Scripts!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
January 13th, 2022
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We love sales calls.

You can use them for prospecting, warming up leads, nurturing, and lead generation.

But, there’s one problem with them.

They’re hard to pull off because each prospect is different.

In this guide, we’ll show you the 15 sales call templates that you can use to start generating warm leads.

We’ve got a lot of opportunities covered in these 15 scripts so you have 15 different ways of bringing in growth.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Standard Outreach Script

The standard outreach script is your bread and butter for your sales calls.

However, it’s not as simple as finding someone’s number and hitting them up with an offer.

It requires some time and planning.

First of all, you want to find out about the person you’re talking to.

  • What are their challenges?
  • Are their pain points the same as the industry?
  • What is their position in the industry?
  • What type of corporate culture do they have?
  • Is their market share growing or shrinking? Etc.

Once you have access to this information, you can only start your call.

You want to personalize each script – even a little bit – for each person you are trying to reach.

I would even suggest sending them a cold email about your offer first and, optionally, doing a little retargeting on Facebook, so they’re familiar with your brand.

This gives you some common ground to work with.


Hi, *name of prospect* this is *your name* with. How’s it going?

*Small pause and allow them to speak, if they want to, if not, keep going*

We specialize in *what you do* using *your unique process*.

(If you sent them an email, mention it at this point)

I’m sure you’ll want to hear about how we can both grow; it will only take less than a minute.

*Tell them more about what you do and how it will help them, make it short but enticing.*

I’m sure you have a couple of questions about this.

*Answer their questions and get them excited*

Okay, I don’t want to take more of your time. Why don’t we set up an appointment on either *give them two dates to pick from*.

Okay, sounds great; let’s go over it in more detail then.

Thanks *name of prospect*; I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

2. Gatekeeper Script

The gatekeeper might annoy you – you might have a gatekeeper, too, you know – but they’re necessary for organizations.

Instead of viewing them as an obstacle, try to target them the same you would like their boss.

Usually, gatekeepers have the designation of secretary, executive assistant, office manager, admin, etc. You need to win them over to your side, whatever they’re called.

When handing a gatekeeper, remember that:

  • They’re also busy with other tasks
  • It’s their job to screen phone calls and usually deny sales calls
  • You should stay as friendly as possible


(Note: if the gatekeeper does not introduce themselves, make sure you find out what their name is.)

Hi there, I’m calling for *name of the prospect*. My name is *name of caller* from *company name*.

*If asked what the call is about*

I wanted to follow up on an email that I sent to *name of prospect* on *date you sent the email* regarding *the service that you provided*

*if the prospect is unavailable*

Thank you, *name of gatekeeper*, can I leave a voice message for *name of prospect*?

*if allowed to leave a voicemail end with…*

Thank you, again, *name of gatekeeper* you’ve been really helpful, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

There is a chance that your prospect won’t get back to you, so make sure you follow the gatekeeper with a different script the next time you call them again.

3. Promotional Script

People love saving money – even if sometimes it’s just an illusion – so what better way to hit up a prospect than with a quick promotion.

It’s best to partner this up with just a little FOMO to make the prospect want to sign up for the offer.

Make sure that your offer something that gives your prospect real value.

But, here’s what.

You don’t have to convert them right away.

That’s not always the best approach.

If you try to get them to convert right away, you risk pushing them too hard; you can always book for a sales call afterward.

If they do want to be converted, then you can go on right ahead with a discovery call, but if they seem a little reluctant, you can hold off with the sales call for another time.


Hi *name of prospect*, this is *your name* with *company name*.

We work with teams like yours, and we want to help you get *list down two to three benefits that you can immediately give them*

The reason I’m calling is we’re offering *state the offer* and it will only be available until *when the offer expires*

We’d love to get you on a quick demo with one of our associates if you’re free on either *provide different time slots*.

*if they reply positively*

Thanks, that’s great; I’ll send you an email with all the details. Do you mind if I have it? *Get their email address* Thanks for your time, *name of prospect* looking forward to working with you very soon!

*if they have any objection*

That’s alright. I totally understand where you’re coming from *If you have an excellent answer to one of their objections, then go for it, or if not, move to…* I hope it’s alright if I send you an email to follow up on this tomorrow. *get their email*

Thank you so much for your time *name of prospect* I’ll keep in touch!*

*if they say they’re not interested*

Thank you so much for your time *name of prospect*

Do let me know if ever you’re interested in our solutions. Do you mind me putting you on our mailing list for quick updates? *Try to get their email, if not*

I’ll keep in touch! Bye!

4. Voicemail First, Call Later Script

We’ve learned a great technique to drop a voicemail first before you call your prospect.

This makes them less reluctant to talk to you, and it primes them up for a good opening.

Now, you don’t just have to limit it to voicemail; you can send a voicemail along with an email, too, if you want.

This is all dependent on how you’re running your sales cadence.


Hi *name of prospect* this is *your name* with *company name*. How are you doing today?

I left you a voicemail a couple of days regarding *state what your voicemail was about*

I wanted to see if you had a quick minute.

I’d love to show you how *your value proposition* can bring you *the results they should expect*.

Let’s schedule a call on either *provide them with two prospective dates and make them choose*

It was great hearing from you, *name of prospect*, really excited for our call on *date they picked*.


5. Singl…

We’ve kept the 11 other sales templates in our secret guide that you can get through this link!

sales call templates, 15 Sales Call Templates: Real Growth Hacker Scripts!


There are different ways to approach sales calls.

However, you still need to be able to customize each one for you own needs.

That’s what’s important.

This is why we’ve left you with a lot of room to tweak our sales call templates for your campaigns.

Once you’ve tweaked your desired template, it’s time to bring home your leads.

Remember these aren’t ordinary templates, they’re designed for you to set up your phone outreach from scratch.

Let us know how it works out!

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