Automate Your Site Growth With Sumo

Automate Your Site Growth With Sumo

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 27th, 2018
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Why Automate Your Site?

With a limited amount of time and higher goals, generating website traffic could be a difficult task! One needs to stay focused and work smart. Also, you need to take care of the budget. So let us talk about a free tool that could help you automate your site growth. Sumo can be considered as a combination of tools that help boost up website traffic, signups, and shares. It was known as SumoMe.

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Sumo is quite useful for bloggers and affiliate marketers. It helps make money online! There are almost no technical hassles with Sumo. As mentioned, Sumo is a combination of different tools and is compatible with WordPress. So let us have a look at what Sumo has to offer!

The Sumo Tools

Sumo has more than 600,000 active users and this number is growing. From heat maps to analytics, list building to social sharing, Sumo has a lot to offer! Any guesses, how much? Please have a look at the image below:

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(1) List Builder: This is one of the most used tools from Sumo. It allows you to make trendy animated email popups for capturing leads.

(2) Welcome Mat: This tool helps you create a tempting welcome screen for your blog. The opt-in form is an add-on that converts more visitors.

(3) Smart Bar: This will help you get more clicks on a call to action or capture emails. It displays a smart bar at the top of the site.

(4) Scroll Box: It is an optional box that pops up at the bottom of the screen. It will come along with scroll down.

(5) Share: Beautiful and easily visible sharing buttons. These buttons will be exactly located under the post title for easy sharing.

(6) Image Sharer: Images can now be shared directly on the social media with the help of this tool.

(7) Highlighter: Highlight the important parts of your post with Highlighter. These can also be shared on social media.

(8) Google Analytics: One of the most important tools for analysis of your website performance.

(9) Content Analysis: This tool will tell you how your audience is engaging with the content. It will provide precise analysis.

(10) Heat Maps: I am sure that some of the areas on your website would be getting more clicks as compared to the others. The heat maps would identify those areas.

(11) Contact Form: This tool creates attractive, easy to use, and hassle-free contact forms. It helps you generate more email messages.

Site Growth With Sumo

Let us have a close look at the Sumo tools that purely help in website traffic growth.

List Builder

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The list builder tool allows you to create amazing pop-ups. These pop-ups are not just attractive but are also professional. The list builder comes up with features that allow you to :

(1) Time your pop-ups.

(2) Customize the pop-ups are per your requirements like color, fonts, etc.

(3) Seamlessly render it on any size screen.

(4) Opt for Go Pro (Paid) version for advanced functionalities like drag & drop builder, A/B testing, pre-designed templates, etc.

Welcome Mat

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This tool helps you display a full-screen call to action for site visitors. This encourages them to subscribe from the beginning itself. The prompting is gentle, doesn’t feel pushy.

The tool will help increase conversion rates. It can be customized completely and works well on all mobile devices. The Pro version allows you to change the background to an image, GIF, etc. All sumo branding is removed as well.

Scroll Box

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Say goodbye to “pushy” pop-ups with scroll box. The tool helps build an email list in a genuine way. One can simply ask site visitors to sign-up after going through the post or scrolling down content.

The tool comes up with features like defining trigger points, customizing scroll box positions, and subscription box creation. The Pro version offers advanced targeting rules, templates, brand removal options, etc.

Smart Bar

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The smart bar helps in reminding the site visitors to subscribe. It also encourages visitors to further explore the website, share it, etc. It helps gain followers and grows the email list. The Pro Version offers 15 types of templates, friendly display rules, etc.

Overall, Sumo offers every type of marketing tool needed for driving traffic. On the other side, it also takes care of the site visitors by not bombing them with sign-up requests, etc. The way of approach is quite gentle. Start using it for free, try all the tools, and then go for the Pro version as per your need.



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