Why Should You Buy an Instagram Profile

Why Should You Buy an Instagram Profile

written by Houston Golden
April 8th, 2017
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What I learned by buying a fitness Instagram Profile or Account with over 24,000 daily engagements :
  1. Instagram engagement is a pay-to-play market.

You want to get interactions from influencers for any serious growth, and you need to pay for it. The difference is sometimes 4 – 10x more engagements and follower growth.

  1. Get into the inner circle.

If you want explosive growth, then you need influencers to interact with your content. There’s no way around it.

  1. If you can land partnerships and know how to drive quality traffic from Instagram, you can turn a quick profit.

For example, you can buy a fitness Instagram account for $6,000, then partner with a nutrition company for $2,500/month. Think of your account as a rental property.

  1. It’s difficult to find a good Instagram account to buy and agency to work with.

You’re looking for an agency that has the relationships with other Instagram influencer accounts and a proven track record of growing accounts from scratch to over a million followers.

  1. If you want the Instagram account to represent your personal or company brand, ensure you can create relevant, high-quality content. Then make the transition over an extended period.

If you make the change too fast or use bad content, you can lose half your engagement. I would find someone who has done this before to guide you.

  1. Buying an Instagram account provides a much higher R.O.I. than automating one.

Enough said.

  1. Niche down to find high R.O.I partnerships.

You can’t just represent fitness overall.
Is it a CrossFit account?
Vegan nutrition account?
Get specific.

  1. Be consistent.

For high follower accounts, post several times daily to hit all the time zones.

  1. Buy accounts if you want a part of your lifestyle to be free.

Want to fly for free? Buy a travel account.
In need of free supplements and training? Buy a fitness account
Want to meet famous entrepreneurs? Buy an inspirational quote account, then offer to take pictures of them to use for it.]]>

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