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Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees with LinkedIn Profiles

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Written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
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Growth Hack No Longer Exists! Let us understand it in terms of Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees.

Wish you had the entire email list of event attendees for an upcoming conference? How about the emails of everyone in a Facebook Group comprised of your competitor’s customers? You’d be considered a growth marketing magician. The process uses several tools, but it’s almost entirely automated. It starts in Mass Planner ($20/month) with the Contact Members module.
Note: Mass Planner works only on PC. You need a VPS for Mac.
Here you can export the Facebook profile URLs from Facebook Groups and Events. Simply take the URL to the event or group and put it into Extract Members. Before you start extracting, increase the scroll rate to accompany the number of people you’re extracting.
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
Now, you want to export these people into an Excel file. Click “Select All,” then click “Export Selected.” Now, you want to send this Excel file to UpWork so that they can find the corresponding LinkedIn profiles. To cross-reference hundreds of Facebook profiles with LinkedIn profiles it costs approximately $45 - $70 for every 500 profiles.
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
For the UpWork job posting, you want to give them an example Google Sheet output with several rows of data. This way, you can ensure they know what data they need to collect. So, what data do you need from their LinkedIn profiles?

  1. Name
  2. LinkedIn profile URL
  3. Company name
  4. Company domain

For your UpWorker (person hired through UpWork) to have the ability to scan through hundreds of profiles without LinkedIn stopping you, you want to purchase a LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter account. This will give you the ability to scan upwards to 800 profiles/day.
Now, when I say “You,” I mean the person who you hire from UpWork because they’ll be doing this part. Once your UpWorker has cross-referenced all the Facebook profiles and filled out the entire Google Sheet, use the Hunter and Clearbit Google Sheet add-on to find their emails and work info.
To save you money, see what emails you can generate using the Hunter add-on. You should average around 40% of their emails from Hunter. To get emails for the rest of the people, you want to process them through Clearbit. Clearbit returns close to 90% of emails, but it’s more expensive (you can see why). Both tools will return data that includes job title, company size, and company industry.
If you want more data, then it will be a bit more expensive. You can use Full Contact’s or Clearbit’s social discovery features to return social profiles including Quora, Twitter, Angellist, and more.
What happens when you have this data? You start outbound campaigns.

Here are several ideas:

  1. Inform people that you’ll be at the same event they’re attending adding a note about how you should meet up.
  2. Outbound outreach to your competitor’s customers with more personalized messaging noting what product or service they’re currently using.
  3. Send invites for a conference pre-party at your company’s headquarters.

By knowing they’re in a Facebook Group or attending an event, you have a touchpoint of intent giving you room for more messaging personalization. Cross-referencing Facebook profiles with LinkedIn profiles at scale is an effective way to ensure your lead list never runs low. This is a more advanced growth tactic, so if it’s on your list, ensure you know your desired result before you employ it.

How to use Clearbit, Hunter.io, and Toofr

Hunter is an excellent tool for finding email addresses from LinkedIn in a short period. I’ve used this tool to collect over 30,000 email addresses of prospects and scale my outbound outreach to three hundred emails/day. You can do this too! Start by creating a new list, naming it, then downloading the Hunter Chrome extension.
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
After you download the Chrome extension, login to LinkedIn and begin people searching. I suggest purchasing LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter to ensure you can pull many email addresses without LinkedIn banning you. To pull email address using Hunter, put a check next to the name of the person or above in the Hunter box on the top right. The top-right box will select everyone from that page as seen below:
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
Once you’ve selected the people who you want email addresses from, then click “Find email addresses & save leads.” This will extract all the emails from your selected prospects and put them into your Hunter lead list.
The emails Hunter provides you do not have the best deliverability rate. I suggest validating these emails using Hunter’s bulk validation feature. This way you can upload hundreds of emails and validate them within minutes. Even after validating these emails, expect between 5% - 10% to bounce. And if you’re on a tight budget, know that Hunter allows up to 150 email extractions or validations for free/month.
Hunter syncs with Google Sheets, so if you have a list of people’s names along with either their company name or domain, then you can find their emails in bulk as seen below:
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image

How does Clearbit compare to Hunter?

Clearbit has the highest deliverability rate when extracting emails among the three tools listed. But a higher deliverability rate comes with a higher price. Clearbit prospecting feature costs more than five times as much as Hunter. However, if you have a small or specific target audience, then the price may be well worth it. The tool also comes with a similar Google Sheet add-on to Hunter where it can process thousands of data points to turn them into emails.
One of the other main differentials of Clearbit is it’s Clearbit Connect Gmail extension. This extension enables you to search for employees within a company. In the example below, I’m about to send a message, but I don’t have the person’s email, so I click the Clearbit logo next to formatting options on my email. Then, I see a search pop-up where I can type in any company name. In this example, I use “Zynga.”
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
After I type in “Zynga,” I see an interface to refine my search by name or job position. I type in “marketing” to retrieve everyone who works in marketing for Zynga.
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
Since I only want to email one person, I select Alex Zhao.
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
In less than a second, I have his email and social profiles. The best part is Clearbit Connect allows me to do this 40 times every month for free. Moreover, the tool similar to Full Contact’s Gmail extension reveals social profile information of the contact who are already in your database. Not only does it give you better fresh prospecting by providing new emails, but it enriches your Gmail contacts for free.

What if you’re looking to balance cost and value?

Toofr is an excellent tool for finding and validating emails in bulk. However, there’s a catch: they give you better emails the more you pay per/month. In fact, they check twice as many email patterns at their highest price point. So, if you’re processing 40,000 - 50,000 profiles/month which warrants their higher tier pricing, then Toofr is the perfect tool to extract emails.
BAMF Cross-Reference Facebook Group Members & Event Attendees Article Image
Most of the time, you’ll use Hunter and Clearbit unless you’re processing huge data sheets.
Are you ready to take your outbound prospecting skills to the next level? Within an hour, you can have thousands of highly-targeted leads to reach out to with value propositions. Or, if you’re a founder of a bootstrapped startup, take advantage of the limited free email searches these tools provide you. Either way, email extraction and validation at scale are low-hanging fruits on your growth tactic list. Take advantage of it early whether to test messaging or even schedule product demos.

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