How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding

How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding

written by Houston Golden
July 29th, 2017
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Trust Me! Launching your first Facebook Chatbot without coding is exciting!!!


 1: Writing FB Ad Copy Optimized for Post Engagement 2: Writing Chatbot Message Optimized for CTA Goal 3: Launching FB Dark Post As Ad for Chatbot 4: Launching Basic Chatbot Ad with MsgHero 5: Measure Results, Iterate, Optimize


1. A Facebook Page and Ads Manager Account 2.A Paid Account on


Strategize: Come up with strategy that makes sense for your client, or audience, in terms of the messaging around optimizing your dark post for comment engagement Incentivize: Try to use an incentive if you can, such as offering special Promo/Discount codes for people who comment on your post

  • Tap into People’s Emotions – incentivize tagging friends

Write FB Ad Copy:

  • Best Option: “Tag 2 Friends Below”

Works best to create a viral effect in the comments section

  • Second Best Option: “Comment ‘THIS’ below.”

Works best by tying in your CTA and providing super easy instructions to your audience that requires zero brain power. People don’t want to think, so just tell them exactly what to say below, and you’ll get the best results. BAMF How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding Article Image


Once you’ve got the copy of your dark post figured out, you’ll want to optimize your chatbot’s autoresponder text. This is the message that gets sent to everyone who comments on your dark post. Personalize: Use people’s First Names and personalize the message to relate to the post they just engaged with so they know why they are getting it and happy to receive whatever offer you are giving them. Trackability: Use UTM taxonomy, such as “utm_campaign=fb_chatbot_1” to track the traffic coming from your chatbot messages CTA within Google Analytics. Use to make your trackable links shorter and not messy looking inside the FB message. will also provide some nice analytics for you to cross-reference with GA for accuracy. FB UX Compliance: Be sure to be explicit that people who comment on your Ad understand and expect they are going to receive a message in order to respect Facebook’s UX compliance. This comment to messenger growth hack might not last long… Use Emojis, Images, & GIFs to increase engagement with your FB Message. Emojis are awesome. Nuf said. Images/GIFs can be utilized to offer more memorable promos and easier to read promo codes that are also more easily read by the cashier at physical locations BAMF How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding Article Image


Unpublished Page posts are often used for creating News Feed ads that do not show up on your Page.

To create an unpublished Page post:
  • Go to Power Editor.
  • Click Power Editor at the top of the page and select All Tools from the menu.
  • Under Create and Manage select Page Post.
  • If you manage multiple Pages, select the Page you want to create an unpublished post for from the top left drop-down menu.
  • Click the blue Create Post button.
  • In the dialog box, choose the type of post you want to create and enter the info you want to include in your post.
  • Select This post will only be used as an ad if you only want to use this post as an ad, or select This post will be published on the Page if you want this post to appear on your Page.
  • Click Create Post. Keep in mind this post isn’t published yet. It’s saved in the list of your posts. If you publish the post on your Page, you’ll have the option to only show the post to specific languages and locations.
  • Once you’re ready to use the post, check the box next to it and select one of the options in the Actions drop-down.

BAMF How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding Article Image

  • Find “Optimization for Ad Delivery.” and select “Post Engagement”
  • Below, see “When You Get Charged” and select “Post Engagement”

BOOM! Now, you have an Unpublished Dark Post Ad that’s Optimized for Post Engagement to the fullest! BAMF How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding Article Image


  • Create an Account on and Connect Your Facebook Account
  • For MSGHero to work with a Facebook ad, it needs to be a FB post. This can be an unpublished/hidden/dark post or an unhidden post. As long as it’s a post, it will work.

Once you have a MsgHero account, go to the “Setup” page to get started building your new FB Chatbot campaign!

  • Under the “Setup” page, (, select your Facebook page and you’ll see a list of your posts show up below automatically.
  • If you don’t see your post, or want to be more precise, then click on “Advanced Filters” button, and use the “Search by Post ID” field.
  • Go to Preview Your Facebook Post and find your specific Post ID for your Ad in the URL of the Post

BAMF How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding Article Image

  • Here are the final steps to take your new chatbot live!


  • Feel free to ignore optional settings, or configure to your liking:
    • Add more – to add longer messages broken into multiple messages
    • Message Delay – to add a delay for you message after someone comments
    • Anti-duplication – avoid sending same message to same person twice
    • Keyword Exclusions & Inclusion – exclude or include specific keywords for your bot to respond to, i.e. if you exclude “hate” the bot will not respond to people who use that word in their comment and vice-a-versa


  • Click “Apply” to take your new chatbot live!

Now, watch the comments roll in and chatbot messages blast out… BAMF How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding Article Image BAMF How to Launch Your First Facebook Chatbot without Coding Article Image Check For Mistakes, Iterate, Try New Things, Learn, Optimize, Measure & Repeat In The Next Guide, We Will Add More Layers of Chatbot Complexity Using Conditional Logic and Question & Answer Flows

“Chatbots are the new email.”



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