LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
March 25th, 2022
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LinkedIn Pages can get you traction.

But there’s a problem.

They’re not as powerful as an influencer’s profile.

That’s why LinkedIn has constantly been trying to overhaul LinkedIn Pages to make them more powerful in reaching out to your brand’s audience.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how LinkedIn boost for pages work and how growth hackers can use this feature to get their content in front of the right eyeballs.

Let’s begin!

What is LinkedIn Boost?

LinkedIn boost works by allowing you to promote any post on your LinkedIn page by clicking on the “boost” button. In a single click – plus a couple of options for granular targeting – you get access to options that will allow you to put your post or article in front of more people.

This gives you the ability to take any post that you have and maximize its reach.

Now LinkedIn boost isn’t a magic bullet.

Just because you

How to Use LinkedIn Boost?

First of all, you want to navigate to the post that you want to boost on your page.

Make sure you are a super or content admin so that you have the proper permissions to make significant changes to your page.

After that, you want to either create a new post or navigate to an existing one that you want to work on.

When you scroll to the immediate bottom of the post, you’ll find a button that will say “Boost”. Click on that button.

linkedin boost

This will open a brand new page, that will give you granular settings that you can use to customize the way you advertise your post.

Pay attention to this part.

This is probably the most critical step since it determines how efficient you are with your targeting and ad spend.

You want to adjust these settings to make sure that your post only appears to people within your target ideal customer profile.

Here’s how to create an ideal customer profile!

First of all, pick out an objective. You can increase awareness or increase views – in this case – since we’re using a video post as an example.

Your next option is to select an audience.

There are four main options:

  1. Profile based
  2. Interest based
  3. LinkedIn Audience template
  4. Saved audience

Here’s what.

Depending on what option you choose, the options below will also change.

linkedin boost, LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

If you chose a profile based audience, you get access to a LOT of options to tweak your audience characteristics.

You don’t just get industry picks, you get options on specific job titles plus functions.

Also, there’s the nifty exclude function if you want to take things to the next level.

linkedin boost, LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

Interest based audiences work differently, too.

You get access to locations that you want to target, combined with groups that your audience is in.

LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to expand your network using this option with its “Automatic Audience Expansion” which is a kind of like “Lookalike audience”s on Facebook.

Again, there’s a start and end date along with a lifetime budget that you can set.

linkedin boost, LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

Lastly, there’s the “LinkedIn Audience template”, this uses audiences that LinkedIn has curated and it’s pretty effective if you don’t want to spend so much time tweaking your targeting options.

They give you a list of templates curated by the platform itself.

Often, we don’t use these templates in favor of more granular settings with custom audiences.

linkedin boost, LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

They also have an option for you to view the parameters of the full targeting for this audience. Read these parameters first before starting your campaign so you know what you’re getting into.

linkedin boost, LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

Lastly, we get to “Saved audience” which are audiences that you have in the past if you’ve done ads on LinkedIn. They’re great if you’ve already determined your ICPs from prior campaigns because it makes

linkedin boost, LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

To the upper right-hand side, you have access to Forecasted Results, which gives you a preview of what your campaign will look like every time you tweak the settings that you have.

This might not be the most accurate assumption of how people will react to your content, but it gives you enough information on what to expect. If you’ve got content that resonates with your ideal customer profile, then expect this number to go up.

You can also check out your “Preview” to see what it will look like on different platforms. We highly suggest that you focus on mobile as this will yield most of your results.

linkedin boost, LinkedIn Boost: How Does it Work? Can I Use it For Leverage?

Can I A/B Test With LinkedIn Boosted Posts?

There is no native functionality baked within LinkedIn boosted posts, but what you can do is run two iterations of your post using the same targeting features.

Now, if you find that you’re locked in with the content that you want to boost, you can take this a step further by tweaking your audience a little further.

At BAMF, we always advice growth hackers to monitor and track.

And part of tracking is testing different ways to make your campaign better.

Should I Boost LinkedIn Posts?

Most growth hackers understand that on LinkedIn, it;s easier to get traction using a personal profile.

Personal profiles have an air of trust, they’re from real people and prospects like that vibe.

Company LinkedIn pages can gain traction, too, but it can be a little more difficult to get the crank going. Boosting posts from time-to-time, can help get exposure and market your brand instead of your persona.

However, before you choose what to boost, make sure you pick a post that’s relevant to your niche.

If you can, repurpose one of your older posts that have gained virality or traction in the past.

This helps you be more cost-effective with your marketing and ensures you’re not wasting any resources.


The LinkedIn page boost option is an underrated tool that can supercharge your page’s exposure.

It helps elevate your content, up brand awareness, and increase your reach.

However, the only problem is that you need a consistent plan with your company page for it grow.

Based on the trends we’re seeing, it’s always significantly easier to elevate your personal LinkedIn rather than your company page.

But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up on your page either.

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