The Magic Of Trigger Forms

The Magic Of Trigger Forms

written by Houston Golden
February 23rd, 2017
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Many companies use long forms on their site. Are you one of them? It is time for Trigger Forms!

The problem is visitors don’t want to fill out long forms. It takes too much energy and feels like they’re applying for a job.

Praxis, an education company, lowered their barrier to entry for filling out forms. Their old application was one long page, and they learned that people were sitting on the page for months before completing an application.

Derek Magill, the VP of Marketing for Praxis, noted:

“Most startups I see that have any form have some variant of this problem.”

Rather than let the problem continue, they decided to test a new type of application. They’d divided the application into two parts. Part one would capture their personal info:

Trigger Form Image

The form doesn’t feel intimidating, but Praxis still needs more info to ensure they’re a quality candidate. So, when you hit submit, you get re-directed to a longer form with your personal information already filled out.

Because the user has already invested in the process by submitting some of their information, they’re encouraged to fill out the rest which includes more than eight additional questions.

This process allows them to bucket their applicants:

  1. People who filled out only the personal information
  2. People who filled out the entire form

For people who fill out the entire form, the Praxis staff gives them an immediate call and follow-up email. Filling out eight extra fields shows a strong intent to be a part of the program.

Using this trigger-form tactic, Praxis has saved themselves numerous hours when attempting to convert prospects into students. Think about the forms on your site. How much time could you be saving?

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