The most common SEO mistakes

The most common SEO mistakes

written by Houston Golden
August 15th, 2018
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Hey there, do you believe that making mistakes is good?

I think so! If you ask this to any old person, he/she will say that “we learn by making mistakes”. Ah yes, it is true, until we don’t repeat it. But making mistakes in “SEO” is not good. If you make mistakes in SEO, you will repent, for sure!  When you screw up your website SEO strategy, you actually sabotage your bottom line.

The basics and the basis of SEO should be strong and crystal clear. For example, I know companies that are still loaded up with Google penalties. Since when are they loaded up? At least two or more years! So never screw up with your SEO strategy. There is no experimentation on your actual domain. So what are the major SEO mistakes? Let us have a look at them.

Number 1: Keyword Offending

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Keyword offending is the most heinous crime in terms of SEO, especially in 2018. Earlier, the concept was that everything revolves around keywords. But nowadays, the keyword is only one part of SEO. Problems like keyword stuffing, using the wrong keywords, optimizing one keyword, etc need to be considered. Keyword stuffing relates to loading up the article with the same keyword. Using the wrong keyword means to input a keyword without studying it. For example, not considering the target audience or using a keyword that has the least chances of getting scored.

Optimizing with just a single keyword or phrase is bad. Target the keyword, but phrase it in different ways. Also, take care of the keyword permutations. Don’t create a new landing page for each keyword. Google gives a penalty for permutation pages.

Number 2: Neglecting the Content Quality

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Producing high-content is a must. For organically and truly ranking up your website, you need plagiarism free quality content. The content should be compelling as well. The website visitors should find it valuable and worth their time. They should learn something new and interesting from the content. “Scraped content” is the worst! Google can find it out easily. The other thing is “Thin content”. It means that the type of content that the readers feel useless. For example, there are many websites that claim to provide a lot of information on some particular topic. But when you visit the page, you feel they are simply misleading or providing useless content.

Such pages face a high bounce content. Google measures this by the number of times, “back button” is clicked. It is considered as a bounce. If there are a lot of bounces, it means that the website offers nothing.

Number 3: Ignoring the working of the website

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Do you like slow websites? Do you like websites that are not mobile-friendly? Do you like insecure websites? None of us like such websites. I would like to tell you that the website that rank top on Google is the ones that are fast, mobile-friendly, and secure. With all this comes the user experience. Trust me, if you don’t think about the user experience, your website is not going to rank. The best way to find out all this is to access your website from a mobile phone, check the speed, and also check the security.

In 2015, Google released its mobile search quality guidelines. From 2017, Google began labeling unsecured sites. On top of all this, if your website doesn’t load quickly under three seconds, it is in trouble. The website schema helps Google categorize the website in a better way.

So what is the solution? SEO audit is the solution for all this. It will give you a clear picture of the website health. The SEO audit includes searching for Robots.txt, searching for site errors, determining the index status, checking the sitemaps and page speed, etc. If you aren’t confident at all this, approach the experts. Happy SEO, happy ranking!

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