SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
July 16th, 2021
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Is your niche difficult?

I get you.

But, believe me when I say that there is no such thing as an impossible niche.

With the right strategy, you can bring in the right types of leads …consistently.

In this guide, we take a look at how we helped Claus with his SaaS lead generation, and how Kodebaze is now all set up for tremendous growth.

Who is Claus?

Claus Villumsen is the CTO and co-founder of Kodebaze, a software outsourcing agency that helped clients develop their software and test it.

They employ consultants and developers that help other companies take their software to the next level through outsourcing.

Claus is also a pro, he’s spent more than two decades managing software processes so he knew his trade well.

SaaS lead generation, SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

To put it simply, Claus was familiar with helping people scale their software programs.

But this time, it was Kodebaze that needed to scale.

Here’s The Challenge

The pandemic was a painful time for everyone, and even software developers started experiencing sales slumps.

When sales started slipping in 2020, Claus knew something had to be done.

This is when he reached out to BAMF to help figure out what they could do to leverage what they had to start bringing in more leads.

However, there was another problem.

He had no time to spare.

Kodebaze didn’t just need leads, they needed them yesterday.

Quick deployment was another important consideration.

We assigned a special team to Claus’s case, and decided that we had to move, and we needed to do it fast.

What Needed to be Done?

There were a lot of things that needed to be done, and there was no time to fast.

These were the main things that we needed to cover:

  1. Getting an outbound lead generation campaign up and running
  2. Optimizing Claus’s LinkedIn profile for passive leads
  3. Putting out content to estbaish him as an expert in his field – to help draw in more interest in his brand.

This is What We Did

We got to work almost immediately so that we could start pushing out changes that would benefit Kodebaze within the week.

Due to BAMF’s one-week ingress period, we were able to save a lot of time and get him the necessary tweaks that he needed to bring in leads immediately.

Optimizing His LinkedIn Profile

If Claus wanted leads coming in using his content, he needed to establish himself as an industry leader. The furst step towards that goal was to optimize his LinkedIn profile.

We first worked on his profile photo, getting a quick professional photo of him while integrating some of his design elements. First impressions matter, so he needed to look great for his profile.

Next, we moved to the biggest piece of visual real estate – his cover photo.

We chose a more photo-centric design which helped highlight the human aspect of software development and integrated photos of Kodebaze in action. We spent some time with the marketing copy because we wanted to tell people what the company was about without having them search for it too long.

We then put in a couple of logos of his former clients. This helped build trust by association and also cemented Kodebaze as a company that’s been a business for a while.

SaaS lead generation, SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

We then replaced his connect button with a follow button to show that he was a thought leader.

Finally, the most important copy of all, his LinkedIn headline.

We needed to tell people about what he did, and it needed to be concise and fun enough to be recognized.

Find how to create LinkedIn headlines here.

A Dual-Purpose Content Publishing Schedule

We had our first round of interviews with Claus in the first week and this was integral to the content release schedule.

We noticed that Claus and his company have had a lot of achievements in the past, and there were always nice, inspiring stories behind them.

These stories definitely had to be told.

After determining what voice he had, we took the inspiring stories and combined them with his style while running it through the BAMF content system.

The results were posts flying out of his profile on the very first week.

He now had momentum on his side and people were starting to notice who he was and why he did what he did.

This content release system was going to serve two purposes:

  1. To lure new customers in through thoguht leadership and passive funnels
  2. To nurture new leads in the Kodebaze pipeline who were also his connections

In three months, the results were crazy – we’ll discuss them in detail in the next section.

SaaS Lead Generation

Kodebaze is mostly a B2B outfit offering services to other businesses, so like any other B2B tech business, getting leads was a little more difficult.

We decided to adopt the account-based marketing approach where we drilled down his ideal customer profiles, and created even more segmentation out of those.

The result was different audiences that we could design specific types of content for.

We knew that this was going to make all the difference because the more personalized the content, the more likely it was for potential prospects to respond to us.

However, we didn’t just stop there.

We also made sure that there were methods in place for follow-ups and lead nurturing.

This was essential because these leads took time to be sales-ready and we didn’t want to lose any of them.

The results of the lead generation were phenomenal given his tricky niche.


Claus is in a highly competitive niche, but seeing an uplift in his content views of more than 8.5X means that differentiating his content from the pack was effective.

SaaS lead generation, SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

In just a span of three months, we were able to bring in 230K LinkedIn content views.

If you look at the graph below, he started with almost no views on Linkedin. This dramatic increase is attributed to the custom content that we were putting out designed to appeal to his particular target market.

The momentum continued with Claus consistently scoring over 50K views monthly and another crazy uplift in June.

SaaS lead generation, SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

In a span of three months, he was also able to book more than 10 qualified sales calls.

We’re talking about SQLs here not MQLs. So this means leads that are ready to convert with a little nudge.

Again, given the highly competitive space that he’s in, this was progress indeed.

SaaS lead generation, SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

These calls weren’t from small names either.

He was able to get the attention of a major IoT provider and financial institution, and further diversify his client list to organizations that were also engaged in bringing in leads for other people.

SaaS lead generation, SaaS Lead Generation: Getting 230K Views, Real Leads & Lots of Growth (Case Study)

After three months of working with Claus, we can say that Kodebaze has the momentum necessary to continue onto their journey of growth.

Claus Villumsen


Claus’s niche is considered tricky.

But, no niche is impossible, even given the time period in which we had to deliver.

LinkedIn is becoming a go-to channel for B2B because it’s the largest professional social network.

You can be sure that everyone from potential suppliers to solutions-provider are on the platform.

No matter what the niche may be.

This is why I never believe in tricky niches.

With the right strategy, there’s a lot that you can do to leverage the resources that you have.

So, how’s your SaaS lead generation doing?

We’re here if you need a LinkedIn marketing agency that can help.

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