Service Cancellation Script with ChatGPT: Keeping Customers

Service Cancellation Script with ChatGPT: Keeping Customers

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
December 15th, 2023
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Service cancellation is a normal and acceptable reality in the business world.

And it can happen to you.

There are various reasons why people cancel services. Regardless of what they are, it is best to hear them out and respectfully apply retention strategies that will ultimately keep them from proceeding with their initial decision.

Most clients want to be well-informed. If they have had bad experiences, it is best to be able to address them directly so they can be enlightened.

Quite often, when complaining clients see the bigger picture, they soften and rethink their decisions.

To successfully keep them from canceling your services, you need all the help you can get.

By generating a service cancellation script with ChatGPT, you can follow a well-designed script that will empower you to change your clients’ minds and continue with your services instead.

You don’t even have to worry about the choice of words.

You can remain confident that everything will turn out okay at the end of the day. Thankfully, ChatGPT can do wonders for you.

We developed a ChatGPT script that can serve as your template.

The Prompt

Our prompt today is fairly simple and straight to the point.

Develop a customer service script for saving a client who is looking to cancel a subscription or service with *your company name*. The script should start with a polite greeting from the service representative. This will be focused on customer retention.

It should then smoothly transition into inquiring why the customer wants to cancel.

The script must include empathetic and clear language for requesting cancellation details, gathering necessary information from the customer, and addressing common objections or questions with a focus on retention strategies.

Additionally, incorporate a section where the representative can offer an incentive to persuade the customer to stay. The incentive will be: *insert incentive here*

Conclude with a friendly confirmation of the customer’s final decision, whether it’s proceeding with cancellation or accepting the retention offer.

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Feel free to turn your incentives into a list if you have to, this provides ChatGPT with more leeway to create better suggestions for you and allows you to cycle through retention offers.

Also, add the customer’s details if you can – mind you this is a little difficult to do in the call so be prepared in advance!

The Sample Output

Service Cancellation Script, Service Cancellation Script with ChatGPT: Keeping Customers
Service Cancellation Script, Service Cancellation Script with ChatGPT: Keeping Customers

Notice that the script highlights what is important to your clients: the best value for their money, their desire to share their insights about your service, and how you respect their decision.

You also see that the script will allow you to be more sympathetic to their situation or perception of things.

When they express that they don’t think your company perfectly fits their needs, you respond with a tone that sympathizes with their realization.

However, the script is also strategically designed to change their minds using a friendly approach. You present possibilities that will excite them, add value to their decision, and not rush them to make a final decision.

When they say they will think about your offer, you give them the space they need to rethink their initial plan.

Once you get their interest, could you not allow it to dissipate easily?

Always be ready with your available offers – additional services, products, freebies, and opportunities, among others.

Keep them interested. Keep them focused on the value of your offer.

Finally, offer to help. Offer to make the process a lot easier by accommodating and prioritizing them. There is no better healing balm for a dissatisfied client than making an effort to make them feel important.

Where to Go from Here?

Don’t forget that service cancellation requests are normal. It happens to everyone!

It is an awkward reality that you need to come to terms with.

It is best to prepare for it diligently.

Anticipate objections.

And have a plan in place.

The best way to change their minds is to clarify their objections. In doing so, you are allowing them to process their decision thoroughly.

When clients understand their options, they will highly likely change their minds and opt to avail of what you are offering.

Moving forward, it is best to revisit your services and packages and look for areas where you can inject added value to the overall experience of your clients.

However, if a client or customer really wants to leave, don’t force them to stay.

You could end up hurting your brand even more.

When you’re graceful with a customer’s exit, they remember it as part of their customer experience, and if they want to go back and use the same service, there is a higher propensity for them to go back to you.

And at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

Make the Prompt Yours

As with all of our prompts over here at BAMF, we highly encourage you to make them yours by adding your own personal touches.

This way you can tweak your outputs to sound more natural, and human and allow them to create a connection between you and the customer.

And you need that connection given how tricky these service cancellation requests can become when dealing with them


There is no perfect format when you want to dissuade clients from canceling your services.

What we do have in our hands right now is a very efficient and powerful digital tool that makes things a lot easier for us.

How easy?

Quite easy!

One of the most important things you need to remember is the importance of writing down the right prompts or keywords to describe the kind of approach you want to generate and project to your client.

Remember you also have the freedom to tweak as you please even after ChatGPT has generated a good template for you.

You can add simple words or lines that you are comfortable with and will best represent your company’s culture.

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